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    Sat, Dec 22, 2007  Permanent link

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    folkert     Sat, Dec 22, 2007  Permanent link
    Perhaps by now, as most people know fashion photographs are manipulated to the point of the model being a mere inspiration for the eventual image, we no longer have to classify this as "a lie". The next step in this process is a fully computer generated "photograph", which interestingly enough seems not at all subject to the same criticisms that this type of image manipulation receives right now, simply because the "source person" was never born.

    3LSZVJA9     Sat, Dec 22, 2007  Permanent link
    And the advantages are?
    joushlol     Sat, Dec 22, 2007  Permanent link
    you should put this in the great enhancement debate project. i think it would fit nicely.
    A0013237932294     Sun, Dec 23, 2007  Permanent link
    3LSZVJA9, i think (at least for some) the advantages are that artists, designers, architects, scientists, etc. will no longer be restricted by the limitations of the human body and the physical reality that surrounds it. it's possible to have any number of circular conversations about whether that is right or wrong, north or south, but the indications are that this is the direction things are heading. to me it's not so much about computer generated botox as it is the fact that we can create models of hypothetical realities that advance our understanding of our present situation. scientists can run algorithms instead of performing another vivisection. architects can create computer models instead of waiting for something better than titanium to come along. and as we've seen above, photographers don't have to wait for the right 'source person' to come along to create the image they're after.

    of course it seems a bit crass when it's presented as a way to sell make-up or clothes or whatever constitutes that hot new product of the moment... but i think when you take that mentality and apply it to other fields, new possibilities open up.
    3LSZVJA9     Sun, Dec 23, 2007  Permanent link
    thanks folks.

    Now please see Lyotard and the differend.
    I'd really like to continue this conversation after that.
    Ruud Kempers     Sun, Dec 23, 2007  Permanent link
    Let's call it a great campaign... At least for Hillary.

    .....we no longer have to classify this as "a lie".
    3LSZVJA9     Sun, Dec 23, 2007  Permanent link
    Dorian Gray anyone?
    3LSZVJA9     Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link
    It looks that they can erase much more than they can add.

    "The face is at once the irreparable being-exposed of humans and the very opening in which they hide and stay hidden. The face is the only location of community, the only possible city."
    Giorgio Agamben
    aeonbeat     Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link
    it is still covering the truth, but i don't think it makes it harder to see beauty
    rene     Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link
    In the movies the expressions of actors are digitally manipulated on a regular basis. From the standpoint of the director this is no different than any other trick used to coax a performance out of them. For Alfred Hitchcock, actors, like props, were part of the film's setting, and any good make-up artist or lighting cameraman knows how to make a mere mortal appear like a larger than life movie star. Today's audiences are in agreement that the computer generated Gollum is by far the most compelling character in Lord of the Rings, and in our favorite action scenes the actual actor's performance is completely reconstructed in the computer. The only reminder of the star supposed to play the hero may be his face, which is still hard to simulate because the audience is as horrified by the slightest digital artifact as they are by a facelift gone wrong (i.e. Michael Jackson). But in the age of gaming fully articulated CG actors will inevitably take over from their human counterparts who are handicapped by the fact that they aren't interactive, which becomes even more of a set back as we keep migrating our own avatars into the digital domain.
    entellius     Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link
    Nice Dude. That was cool. Do you offer this service?
    3LSZVJA9     Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link
    Rene: Thanks.
    I'm working on an answer,
    I think we are discussing parallel issues.
    But now I want to merge them both.

    Folkert: a friend pointed this out to me.

    (the source person)

    3LSZVJA9     Sun, Dec 30, 2007  Permanent link