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    Not Alone, Just Isolated
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    With the discovery of the three Super Earths found recently, I started thinking. Maybe the question is not 'Are we alone?', but are we just isolated?

    As Washington astronomer Alan Boss says, the discovery of the three new planets is "really making the case that we live in a crowded universe." If that's the case, where are all the aliens and extraterrestrial contacts? We are at the point where we are able to leave the confines of our planet, scour the solar system and shoot satellites into deep space, so why haven't we ran into anyone?

    Earlier this year a Amazonian tribe that had been hidden away in a remote part of the rain forest was discovered by a plane flying low over the canopy. Here were are people that have remained unknown while the developed world moved on around them, leaving them in a primitive time capsule. If this is possible on our own planet, why not in our galaxy?

    Just like this tribe, our planet may be sitting in a remote area of the Milky Way unaffected as the rest of the galaxy is abuzz with interplanetary trade and commerce.
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