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    The Revolution: Auto-Modernity
    Project: The Voyager update project
    To make an extremely complex idea simple, the educational system in todays contemporary society has both ignorantly and stubbornly refused to adapt to the culture of its time. With this I mean that a large percentage of educational systems are still centered around premodern modern and sometimes postmodern teaching styles. While students of all types, age, gender, race etc. stay unbelievably current with technological, social, and political issues through means of communicative technology, our education system remains partial to premodern and modern ideas of overly authoritative educators, little or no student input/discussion, expensive books, etc. This fault cannot be pinned directly on teachers, students, or educational institutions in general, as its inner workings stretch across a vast plane of issues holding all entities partially equal. Beginning with the students, we see a lack in participation and overall vocalization of thoughts and ideas Giving them credit, this trend was created by the first premodern traditions of education in which student expression carried no value. Next we move to educational institutions and their authority over the programs physical and social structure. Not only do most institutes not provide adequate, 21st century, multimedia friendly classrooms, but they also continue to hire educators who themselves teach only in premodern styles, lacking in current societies standard of technological skills. This moves us to the third and final fault bearer within the educational system, educators, who, bless their hearts, were born in a different generation than we (their students) were. This would be no problem what so ever should they possess the willingness or motivation to stay current with societies technological progression. While everyone would agree that most professors at the collegiate level are extremely knowledgeable in their subject area, their teaching styles are just outdated. Yes, lecturing for hours on end with simple chalk board notes does teach students, but we must reach for greater methods, as interest and excitement make for more affective learning. This in itself being something that always bothered me, the fact that teachers would preach to students, pushing them to strive for efficiency and accuracy, when they themselves were not doing their job in the most effective way.

    Now that I have vaguely outlined this mass problem, I move to a more important idea, one that lends itself to future development, THE REVOLUTION! While premodern, modern and postmodern societies all made huge leaps in technological, and social change, the automodern societies relevance is so great that it cannot be compared on the same scale. The technological boom of this era crafted many amazing new utilities, one of them being the most important creation since sliced bread, the ability to communicate freely anytime, anywhere, with anyone in the world. While this technology has and continues to grow exponentially, it infects the open minded youth, with the power of a multiplying infection. Those involved become addicted to the ideas of creative freedom/expression, and with this evolve with and actively shape the progression of the technological world. Moving on, my main point in raising this topic is to argue that the youth of the automodern society, will bring the renaissance of a contemporary student focused educational system which places great importance on every individuals expression, a comfortable and well equipped learning place, as well as an educator who is still an expert in his or her field but also an advocate of student perspective, multimedia, cultural relevance, and an evolving educational system.

    I believe it was Gene who said, " academia places too much importance on preserving tradition; It's almost scary."

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