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    Project: The Voyager update project
    So, it’s friday night (7:31) and I’m sitting here sunburnt and still buzzed from a day spent celebrating a long quarters end. I’m loving the falsity in that I’m not really finished, and all I can do now is think about this musician I’m listening to and how our damn recipes for procrastination would differ. Think about it, an up-and-coming musician, and an average second year college student. How would he define procrastination? What does he do when he procrastinates? More interesting, put our recipes side by side and analyze the differences, or even better ask yourself how people will procrastinate ten years from now. oooooo deep....

    This is what we aimed for.... flipping the universe as we know it inside-out and examining the seems. It made much more sense for us to stick with humans and what we know than to conjure up some ridiculous intergalactic space message that may be flawless in theory but most likely mechanically and or physically impossible. Many argue politically that we should not try to solve the problems of foreign countries until we have succeeded in solving our own. We took this approach to the idea of searching for or attempting to communicate with extraterrestrial life. Yes, according to the Drake equation there is a possibility of intelligent life in the universe, but just as theories of panspermia and exogenesis unveil the idea of earth being a receiver of life from an outside source, we chose to step outside planet earth and look back in with one eye closed.

    During our presentation and critique Rene seemed a bit upset or bothered rather that only one group really attempted to reach out and communicate with the traditional alien. Despite evolution of our philosophical foundation and dual interest in leadership, he said that we lacked project philosophy and an overarching brand. I would argue the opposite, as our project steps outside the traditional idea of humans being normal and aliens being unknown. We took a stab at ourselves and created a brand built around a process. That brand is the how-to, do it yourself, dummies guide to building the shit that resides inside this slowly depleting O-zone .Reaching inward as opposed to outward led us to focus strictly on humans and their understanding of the world around them.

    While researching esperanto, our first group project, I learned that it was to be primarily used as a second language and was to be “a cultural handshake.” Throughout the next week our group began attempting to fill the variables of “us, message, alien” and all I could think about was how genuine the idea of a cultural handshake was. I presented this as the purpose for our message and the group took kindly to its connotation. While we liked the sound of it, what did it really mean? A question we never verbally answered. After reading Tiffany Pans recipe for a Rap Star the first chuckles arose from our somewhat frustrated group and it was at that point that the idea of our project being a recipe book finally gained some real humor and validity. While I believe that our final project stayed true to the cultural handshake, the humor added a twist, that being a finger scratch in the palm of the receivers hand.

    Regarding this class:
    As a non DMA major applying to the program this spring, I origionaly looked to the motion class to fulfill the one class prerequisite but as it was very full, I moved to brand lab. I showed up approximately 45 minutes late as motion started at the same time brand lab did and Benjamin had just about finished his summary of the class. He called for a break and I explained to him my situation. Thankfully he granted me access to brand lab, and I with a smile on my face I was the happiest kid in the world and had no idea what class I was in. I nudged the person next to me and asked what this class was all about, and he replied, “I don’t know man it’s called brand lab, but we’re making some kinda space message.” I was Pumped!

    Space Collective was really cool (at first). I was thrilled that we were being invited to join this exclusive online community of masterminds and essentially help build a message that was gonna save the world, but as the quarter progressed and we were continually urged to post to SC, I grew skeptical, and wondered why we were doing this other than for the benefit of our own class. When Rene first introduced SC, he made it sound like we would be getting feedback and interacting with the site users regularly. Unfortunately this didn’t happen, yet it remained a great utility for inter-class-communication and display. speaking more to the overall goal of the class, I was quite offset by the loose structure, and open interpretation. While it took several weeks for me to finally grab hold, my mind slowly accepted that yes, we truly were left decide our own direction and brand. Although I entered this class with an open mind, this was hard to grasp at first as I was worried about my grade and wondered how progress would be calibrated with such loose policy or direction. After accepting what this class was, our group became very comfortable, and through that relaxed atmosphere jokingly formed the idea of the recipe book, which would later be cemented as we decided to turn inward.

    regarding the project
    humor = Our project is a cookbook.... need I say more. I guess the true humor stems from magnifying polar perspectives on an idea. Origionally it was Tiffany’s recipe of a Rap Star that made us laugh, but as we shifted from author to curator, we realized that not every recipe would be written with such whit. We would now rely on juxtapostition as our source of humor.

    ~recipe for Gay
    one from a hillbilly one from Ellen

    insight = Going back to this handshake, if in 10 years we truly are so incredibly different that we don’t remember what its like to be human, we truly could make these recipes in an attempt to recreate insight/life in 2008.

    sincerity = Through the emphasis of process opposed to product, this guide or Handbuk creates a sense of great involvement. More than what the recipe is for, the humor and insight portrayed will rest in the hands of the author and the voice he or she uses to describe the process, Although, the most sincere characteristic of our project is the fact that anyone can submit a recipe for review and all recipes used in the book will be “user generated”

    usefulness = I still see our book on the shelves of Urban Outfitter, yet I think we were wrong for even attempting to identify with their brand. The more I think about it, Urban Outfitter brand is in itself a clusterfuck of many brands. Focusing mainly on their non-clothing items, we see an array of different styles and brand tones. I feel like they pride themselves on being that trading post or cornicopia have you.

    For all intents and purposes, our book is entertainment for the masses and would be distributed worldwide in different languages. Something we briefly talked about, but, I think could be quite humorous.. comparing recipes from people of different cultures.
    ~recipe for cold
    one from an eskimo, one from a surfer

    Love you guys,

    Great Success

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