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    There is no heaven or hell
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    From Allbeit's personal cargo

    There is no heaven or hell
    We all go to the same source when we die. There is no heaven or hell, we all come from the same source and that's where we go and where we have already always been. Does anyone really think that every person has their own parking spot in the universe? That souls are stored after death in specific resting places, just waiting for someone or something to decide whether one is worthy of being brought back or not, whether one has been punished or rewarded enough? There does not exist an individual separate soul that can be stored anywhere. There exists only one "individual" and that can be called god. You are not separate from this, thus where else can one go after departing the body other than where they have already always been. The journey is here and now, tomorrow is no different.

    painting by: Alex bodnar

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    jo be     Tue, Mar 30, 2010  Permanent link
    maybe every soul doesn't have a parking spot, but say that depending on how the soul is navigated in space time and in the next incarnation the journey starts at a higher echelon.
    Infinitas     Tue, Mar 30, 2010  Permanent link
    We, our souls, have a parking space here on Earth...why would it be (could it be) any different after death? Just as we are in one state of being here on Earth, who can we prove or disprove that there are or aren't other states of being in different dimensions of the Universe?

    But yes, we are inseparable from the Wholeness, before and after in the present.
    Bauke     Wed, Mar 31, 2010  Permanent link
    We all go to the same source when we die. There is no heaven or hell

    We don't go all to the same source when we die. There is a heaven and a hell.

    No flame intended but to be honest, that sounds just as dogmatic as the religions you're referring to. I think these topics require a certain amount of modesty.
    Allbeit     Wed, Mar 31, 2010  Permanent link
    just as dogmatic?

    Lets look into it for a moment, no water intended but it may put out the flame.
    To saying that "We all go to the same source when we die. There is no heaven or hell
    We don't go all to the same source when we die. There is a heaven and a hell",
    there is a big difference . I am saying that the source is one, whole, complete and undivided. I am not saying anything specific about it other than that.
    You are saying specifically that there are two distinctly different places, heaven and hell, but also implying an authority that rewards and punishes.

    Modesty doesn't help people to drop their bs, in all other areas modesty is right. not when trying to wake up a sleeping person.

    Bauke     Wed, Mar 31, 2010  Permanent link
    Hi Alex, thanks for the reply.

    In my opinion there's not much of a difference. You're saying A, I'm saying B. You're saying plus, I'm saying minus. I just wanted to say the opposite (not necessarily my personal beliefs) to show you that I didn't see and still don't see a difference. Many religious institutions claim to know the truth, they want to wake people up and show them the light. You're saying the same but just on the opposite side, and a little less specific ofcourse ;)

    Maybe you have encountered people trying to convince you that their beliefs are the truth. You probably found it annoying and felt like you weren't able to discus things properly with them. This is because of a lack of modesty. They already presume they know the truth. If they would begin their sentences with 'I think...' or 'In my opinion...' they would open their minds for other (your) viewpoints.

    When you're saying 'There is no heaven or hell' you're leaving no room for discussion either.
    If you try to wake up people by bluntly saying 'the truth' I can assure you that not many will wake up. However most people would gladly discuss your point of view if you opened up for their point of view as well.

    That's why I think a bit of modesty on a topic of which no human being will ever know the truth couldn't hurt. I hope I cleared things up a bit. :)
    nagash     Fri, Apr 2, 2010  Permanent link
    We all go to the cosmic MENU when we die. There is the holy triad, or the three-folded path that your soul must follow. The first path, the top of the pyramid, is "continue" and open an alternative dimension; the second, the right way, is "new game" and that's how you reincarnate as whatever you could imagine. the third path, the left one, is the eternal sleep. And that, my friends, IS the absolute truth. Stop arguing and keep playing!
    Infinitas     Sat, Apr 3, 2010  Permanent link
    Nagash, do we get to choose?
    nagash     Sun, Apr 4, 2010  Permanent link
    Of course, we are the players :)
    Bauke     Sun, Apr 11, 2010  Permanent link
    Nagash, that reminds me of this mini-game. You should try it!

    But is (friendly) discussion discouraged on SpaceCollective?