Comment on 21st Century Renaissance Man

Jason J. Gleeson Wed, Aug 11, 2010
“Why do you ask the same questions every year?”, asked the student to Einstein: “because the questions stays the same, but the answers keep changing”.

Most ideas come from outside the institutions that where setup to foster these ideas - as they are inspired by real life situations and the real world. Not some abstract intellectual theorising. Traditional teaching methods teach the importance of principles and pattern recognition. Principles and pattern recognition are not the tools by which discoveries are made, they tend to hold progress back and close the mind to free inquiry and experimentation.

Analytic science has achieved wonders, now it is time to focus on the revellent parts to understanding the full mosaic of what is relevant. Understanding events, objects, processes and their relationship to one another - rarther than isolated analytic science, is now more important than ever. Science ignorant of conscience or consequences is foolishness.

Chemistry that shrugs at pollution, biomedical cures that also harm, genetically modified agriculture with unforeseen consequences, nuclear technology for global dominance and control, economics that pay no regard for the caring capacity of the earth resources, technology that does not enhance the lives of everyone. We shall have to re-write science from the ground up, with the parts that are now relevent and have the best interests of the earth and all its inhubitants as its core.

Today most professionals specialise in very specific technical and analytical fields they often lack the ability understand their relationships together into a meaningful instructive mosaic. Cancer, murder, crime, environmental devastation, war, PTSD are all invariably linked.

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