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    Imagine if our medical and life extension technologies became so advanced that people live forever and can’t even commit suicide because the living will bring them back to life.

    I think I'd like to write a story with this as a scenario, anyone want to help me brainstorm?

    Wed, Jul 11, 2012  Permanent link

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    dragon     Sun, Jul 29, 2012  Permanent link
    Sure. Much more interesting than my lecture.

    1. Ruling class? What sort of leaders consent and enforce such a re-birth policy? Oligarchy? Is there still money? A gap between rich and poor? Do the creators of the technology enjoy special privileges?

    2. Babies. Review that movie (Aeon Flux?) which has a similar kind of death and re-birth continual recycling of DNA policy. Who decides on what size the population can reach? Does someone hold absolute birth control?

    3. Is it managed by a computer?

    4. So you 'can't' commit suicide, how about murder? What of criminality? Does a serial rapist spend an infinite period of time in jail or are their rebirth credits revoked? Thinking of the film; "in Time" where people could live forever, but their time is a commodity they need to trade.

    5. Nirvana? The ceaseless cycle could certainly be exhausting.

    6. Morning coffee w/ eggs. Do you eat with your family? Coworkers? Do you need to eat pre-described combinations of nutrients and medications at set times?

    7. Do we reach the sky and ceaselessly explore the Universe?

    8. Emotionally, how do people cope with immortality? Think of modern portrayals of Vampires. Are they endlessly hedonistic?

    9. How could you stop yourself from having to be a toilet cleaner for a million years? Or a cigar roller? What about an algebra professor constantly reteaching polynomial equations? Is there a minimum intelligence level required for being alive? Or are we going to have disabled people, constantly in need of care?

    10. High degree of mechanical automation for many jobs is obviously achieved before such a technology. What do people do with their time? Can we sit and play the same chess game for years at a time, watching seasons wax and wane?

    11. Finally, what about the rest of the planet? Do we still believe that everything was created by God for use by man? If not, how do we justify or control such massive levels of consumerism? Such domination of the other kingdoms of life? Do we make penguins who can live forever too?

    Should help you get started :)
    sonicport+techfolder     Mon, Jul 30, 2012  Permanent link
    Harold Brian Darling: Can we perhaps redefine the meaning of the word consciousness, for the most materialistic period in human philosophy ever recorded.

    Peter Greenall: all consciousness is based on 2 things

    Harold Brian Darling: Planck units
    Planck time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In physics, the Planck time, (tP), is the unit of time in the system of natural ......

    Harold Brian Darling: Think of it next time you call someone a planck.

    Harold Brian Darling: It is the unit to be used to measure the frequency and difference of change between one brain scan and the next, when recreating human consciousness on a PC.

    Harold Brian Darling: Of course fighting it all would create exactly the same data.