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    Are We Asking The Right Questions?
    The more distant an object is, the longer the light from that object has been traveling to reach us. Functionally, when we see an object 9.9 billion light years away we are seeing how that object looked 9.9 billion years ago, allowing astronomers to peer into the distant past and derive some truths about the moments immediately after the Big Bang...

    how is this even possible? does light not face entropy? I mean how does light travel 8-9 billion light years and still remain unchanged? and how does it actually "propel" itself so fast with no ignition source? It has to be quantum related because it is truly spooky action at a distance.

    I guess I don't fully get it, so our universe is just filled up with a bunch of light from the past, we are literally "stuck" in past as we move through our universe constantly being bombarded with the light from the past?

    could dark matter be the light that has already happened?

    please share some thoughts here...

    Fri, May 23, 2014  Permanent link

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    jamesmudgett     Thu, May 29, 2014  Permanent link
    This is a very fascinating thought. I've heard once a theory that everything that will ever happen has already happened. I still just find it strange when some days seem to last longer than others.
    gamma     Fri, May 30, 2014  Permanent link
    Universe in an event with explosions, implosions, heat and gravity taking the charge, but it is a slow event. Your questions are actually, separatists' ideas that originate from your scale of existence.
    Autotelic     Fri, May 30, 2014  Permanent link
    gamma- you describe our universe as a slow event, but don't you find it odd that it is a slow event when light moves so fast? theory of relativity says if you travel the speed of light time stands still. our universal time scale is so slow, almost standing still when compared to our scales of existence. and that only happens if our universe itself is traveling just slightly slower than the speed of light, right?
    gamma     Sat, May 31, 2014  Permanent link
    interesting idea.

    space is unexplainably big, because nowadays nothing interacts with anything else mostly, and yet everything is sort of similar as if it is a part of the same event (explosion, production of stars and galaxies). space this big is hopeless for many different things, but then again, this is plain and ordinary if you look at the fact that another event will take place such as the collision of our galaxy with andromeda galaxy, even though its current state is invisible/late arriving. still, its probably still coming at us.

    but I think that universe is not slow going because of the time dilatation, because the colors would be shifted towards some end of the spectrum given the speed of emitting bodies. that is sort of an absolute feature of light emission and reception as a function of speed. baseline spectrum is given by properties of atoms, so cosmologists must be using fixed, absolute cosmos in their imagination in which motion is not relative to the point when they can no longer think about it. whole universe must be split in two halves - one that is shifted towards blue and one that is shifted towards red due to our motion relative to the farthest reaches of the cosmological event horizon, but our own speed is slow — this is probably the speed of Sun around the milky way.

    light travels without decay and without collision in particular because waves tend to go through each other in all directions mostly. light is not so far out before matter that is emitting it and moving forward towards some collision. cosmos has to have a sense of touch first before the sense of vision.
    Autotelic     Sat, May 31, 2014  Permanent link
    gamma- I really appreciate your thoughts on this as it helps me evolve with this train of thought im having. The part of your response about "but I think that universe is not slow going because of the time dilatation, because the colors would be shifted towards some end of the spectrum given the speed of emitting bodies." has got me thinking about what if our universe is just a way to move matter from point a to point b? Almost as if our universe is a tractor beam of some sort. If its true everything within the universe wouldn't necessarily have to share the same red or blue shift, our universe could be moving along as a whole at 99.999% light speed and there could be individual interactions going on- as in the same way a train moves along its tracks, but the passengers within the train can move freely and interact with each other in different ways. This could explains the weak force of gravity. Time is essientaly "the g-force" that's being applied from the movement of our universe. There is an arrow of time that our universe seems to follow and in my opinion this suggests our universe itself as a whole is moving slightly slower than the speed of light. I think I get it now, the universe itself is a giant particle accelerator... A non stop version of CERN filled with a lot more particles. The shape of the CMB would suggest we are inside that beam. If we made a bigger CERN and fired it up nonstop for a number years, and kept pumping in the basic elements, we could create a whole universe. I now think they are using CERN wrong. Forget about individual particle collisions, run it nonstop, drop all your elements in at once, or add them over time, either way we could create, operate, monitor and modify mini scale universes