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    Daughter Bubble Cascades by Folding

    Harvard ENSC E-155
    Professor Fawwaz Habbal & professor Anas Chalah
    Student: Ayoub Qanir

    March 5th, 2012 | Daughter Bubble Cascades Produced by Folding of Ruptured thin Films

    (1) Main Goal of the paper
    What are the dynamics of daughter bubbles and how certain parameters impact their formation and dispersion?
    The paper meticulously breaks down the process of daughter bubbles’ formations and their transportation process. Also, the authors identify the main variables, Reynolds and capillary numbers, which impact their formation.

    (2) The Application
    -The transmission of diseases via aerosol droplets from bursting bubbles, in pools and hot tubs.
    - The ability to suppress the formation of daughter bubbles by tuning the Reynolds and Capillary numbers.
    -The gas carrying bubbles rupturing in the vast oceans and their impact on our climate.

    (3) Strong and Weak Points
    Strong Points
    -The paper is supported by gripping video material operated at micro-scale—allowing the reader to better digest the data and have a great visual reference of the study.
    -The dynamics and step by step formation of the bubble cascades are very well broken down.
    -Great deduction from the experimental simulation—breaking down the specific conditions affecting how much gas is entrapped in daughter bubbles after burst.
    -The paper breaks down the importance of Reynolds and capillary numbers and their impact on daughter bubbles’ formation.
    Weak points
    -The paper fails to further develop everyday-life encounters with he daughter bubbles formations.

    (4) My Suggestion
    -It would have been great if the paper also targeted a less proficient audience and walked the reader through a bit of an introduction into the studies and research of daughter bubbles.
    -A real life example of pool diseases’ transmission was brought up, though not developed further enough.
    Real life examples and references given as support materials to the findings tend to help readers retain more information.

    (5) Possible Future Applications
    If we are able to develop and produce environmental-friendly micro-devices that we could release into the ocean—These devices would constantly sense, identify then report (via integrated sensors and signaling mechanism) back to databases where we would study specific levels of mercury propagation via bubbles bursting or any other specific chemical element or micro-organism. These methods could potentially assist us in oceanographic studies as well as understanding climate evolution and sanitation.

    (6) My Final Decision
    Great paper with strong shoulder material—A fascinating series of visuals coupled with solid mathematical simulations—certainly worth publishing.

    Grant: Approved


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