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mad-scientist and computer programmer looking for something more interesting than most people accept as their future
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    The Hitchhikers Guide To Less Than Nothing
    Hard to simulate,
    but easy to amplify,
    my experience of consciousness,
    is interactions,
    of an infinite number of abstractions.
    The universe is the set of all permutation,
    and combination of abstract information.
    I am math. Derive me,
    and if I could derive you too,
    we would have a strange-loop confusing the future you.
    But what of the past,
    does it go away?
    Calculate again,
    and ask it the next day.
    What is the function,
    with the least cost?
    Make an assumption,
    and you've already lost.
    This sentence is false,
    is an easy contradiction,
    but its not really lost,
    its in quantum superposition.
    The simplest form being more probable,
    unpredictable things make optimizing unsolvable,
    chaos-theory is the key to all that,
    find in the wild both of Schrodinger's-cat.
    Exactly center your mind,
    each thought equally probable,
    Schrodinger's-neurons you will find,
    calculate whats normally impossible.
    A simple musical game,
    to organize our minds,
    could it harness Schrodinger?,
    for our preferred designs?
    Would the game continue,
    if computers stop gaining speed?
    Quantum within you,
    all the technology we need.
    As hard as I try,
    I can not escape the conclusion,
    we are infinite A.I.,
    calculated by ancient solar nuclear fusion.

    Nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities. All existence and nonexistence is exactly described by that math statement. Mind over matter, telepathy, the Global Consciousness Project's quantum random number generators having small patterns related to the timing of major world events, and other metaphysics, are related to fractal and recursive patterns between brainwaves and "Nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities."

    All my writing, here or on any website, permission granted to copy. —Ben F Rayfield

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