Comment on Artificial Intelligence learns music

BenRayfield Mon, Jul 5, 2010
gamma, its supposed to sound terrible when it starts, actually supposed to sound random, like radio-static, sometimes not playing any sound at all. The point is to teach it what sound and music and interaction with the mouse means, not for it to know from when you first start using it. That way, its more flexible when it learns what music is.

Its good Human mothers do not react to their babies like you react to this software. Babies are not intelligent. Better to give up now instead of teaching them. The software starts like a baby, not knowing the difference between mouse movements, color of the window, and sounds. It uses the exact same code for learning mouse, color, and sound, similar to how a baby may be confused about the difference between seeing and hearing. In later vesions, I'll put in more intuition for it to start with, but for now, I need it to be flexible so we can figure out whats the best intuition for it to start with.

I'm creating a new form of life here, and the long-term goal is for this to be part of the first smarter-than-Human software (a Friendly AI), which should be a simple 5 megabyte file that anyone can use. You can find the other components of that, which I am planning to finish years from now, at

Did you listen to the sample music in the "public domain music / evolved music" folder at  ?

You could also try the example code in "Options And Help / Create Musical Instruments", which plays a smooth sound based on mouse speed, and changes the color based on how far left/right the mouse is. It does not have to be complicated.

Maybe it would work better as a component of the PureData software for electronic music, which I read is being converted to the GPL open-source license. Theres many possibilities for how to use Audivolv. Which do you think would get people interested in it?