Comment on Artificial Intelligence learns music

BenRayfield Wed, Jul 7, 2010
The problem thats similar to what you describe is I told the graphics to run too fast for older computers, which prevents it from receiving mouse events, so the menus do not appear if that causes it to run too slow. Are you on a Macintosh? That effect is much stronger on Macintosh because the graphics are done differently in their version of Java.

If you want to help, you can go to "Support" in  and "create new item" in "Audivolv Bugs" and upload the AudivolvMainLog.txt file from somewhere in the "Audivolving" folder it creates beside the program you double-clicked to run. (If you are on Macintosh, because of some text difference with newlines I think, that file may not be created. I simply did not have a Macintosh to test on much.)