Comment on Global Telepathy Network

BenRayfield Thu, Dec 16, 2010
I wrote more about the physics of it at

Continuing this paragraph... "The uncertainty principle is about what you can't know about particles/waves in physics, like the patterns of electrons in somebody elses brain thousands of miles away. If ESP occurs between your brain and that brain thousands of miles away, and it happens often enough to know it wasn't random or an accident, then the patterns between the 2 brains are more accurate and reliable than the uncertainty principle says can happen." ...

Uncertainty principle and ESP do not contradict each other if infinitely manyworlds multiverse theory is true, since that would generate gravity-for-patterns (where patterns are like shapes outside of space, time, mass, and energy) instead of just gravity for mass, and the patterns in the 2 brains would find a path between each other through the multiverse. Gravity-for-patterns is simply the effect of there being an infinite number of ways to simulate any specific reality, and to simulate the simulation, recursing to infinite depth, and all cancelling out if observed together. Whichever part of all infinite possibilities matches reality more would become more probable, therefore whatever patterns were in such reality would become more probable to happen again which I call the gravity-for-patterns force. I don't think Uncertainty Principle is incompatible with ESP, but for both to exist there has to be gravity-for-patterns. Somebody should check to see if quantum-gravity is equal to gravity-for-patterns, because they have no explanation for it so far.

Continuing this post  ... Since the laws-of-physics are only a pattern thats been repeated until it became extremely strong, the laws-of-physics can be rotated like any other shape or pattern. If a bayesian network is used to influence brains which are used to influence gravity-for-patterns (like Tesla's "earthquake machine" but for vibrating the near parts of the multiverse instead of vibrating buildings), then patterns can be built on top of patterns... eventually rotating the laws-of-physics (only near you, not everywhere) enough to create a warp field (a part of space and time where the average of all possibilities is moving forward faster than light). It shouldn't take much energy because its about the patterns building up (like Tesla's "earthquake machine") instead of pushing in 1 direction until it works (which would take infinite energy... really inefficient). Unlike Tesla's "earthquake machine", the effects should increase exponentially (starting too small to notice and doubling repeatedly) until it works or until your system for doing this is destroyed by its own inaccuracy. In other words, this is how to build a warp drive that runs on vacuum energy (also called zero point energy).

The global telepathy network is a series of experiments that lead to advanced things like that.

I wouldn't want any military to learn how to do that, but its not a problem because of how they force people in their organization to think... in a hierarchy way instead of a peer-to-peer way. Hierarchies are like "pushing in 1 direction until it works", and that same way of thinking influences their technology designs. They try to control everything. They call it "security". That kind of technology design lacks the symmetry to make it work, so I'm not worried about militaries learning how to use it. Theoretically, the only limit to how much power it would generate is the accuracy and intelligence of the patterns you use, and militaries will never get as much from it as a small battery. They are too unbalanced.

A global telepathy network is the opposite. Its symmetric to many variations of itself in the multiverse. It doesn't push toward certain possible futures and against others nearly as much as hierarchy-like patterns do. That's why its 1 of the experiments I'm planning. It will generate such a gravity-for-patterns force strong enough to be measured for long enough to figure out how to build machines to do it.

Its a long sequence of experiments that leads to building starships. I expect the warp drive will be similar to programmable crystals, like a more accurate version of LCD screens (liquid crystal display) that is controlled by programmable lasers. Don't forget that the cheap watches people laugh at today would be called magic hundreds of years ago. Its purpose would be to grow crystals in multiverse directions and control them with the "patterns" described above.

Most people read "programmable crystals" and don't realize that technology has existed for a long time and costs almost nothing to build. They think the same thing about the other technology I described how to experiment with and eventually build. Its all cheap stuff.