Comment on Gravity For Patterns a theory of everything

Wed, Dec 22, 2010
No, you totally just said "The E8 math structure very accurately approximates the only known laws-of-physics." - I never said anything about you claiming certitude on it, although you sure seem to claim knowledge of the subject of physics and how it relates to the E8. I think if you really knew what you're talking about you'd be able to show us exactly how it does that (Which it hasn't been shown to at all quite yet).

The global consiciousness project is a laughable party for apopheniacs. I have a really hard time taking it seriously when they count shit like this as relevant:

It's not only that, it's very obviously flawed due to a number of other problems with their methodology. I just like the oprah & survivor examples I found a while ago cause it sticks out in my mind - Another example of bias, sure, but if only you hopefully can see my point...

I got more to say probably tomorrow (Headed out the door now to party it up for the solstice), and I'd like to add I don't think your idea for "gravity for patterns" is totally bullshit or irrelevant or stupid or any of that. I thank you for showing me the way me today to Tegmark's ideas: