Comment on Gravity For Patterns a theory of everything

BenRayfield Thu, Mar 24, 2011
After all those years of thinking, I find that I re-invented a much simpler idea.

Gravity For Patterns is what you get when you apply Law Of Attraction to the laws-of-physics.

Example: While driving, I asked a question to whoever or whatever may be out there listening, and the answer came on the license plate of the next passing car. It was too specific to be a coincidence, and this kind of thing happens around me often. I think most people just ignore it. How was the answer (on a license plate) driving behind me before I asked the question? How was that car anywhere near me when I asked the question? Its a long sequence of events that lead to me asking the question, and similarly long for the answer to be there, but something pulled the question and answer together. That's Law Of Attraction.

Law Of Attraction is not just about similar things attracting. Masters and slaves attract each other. Anything that fits together in a consistent way will attract in the possibilities of the infinite multiverse.