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    Cloned Consciousness

    How to get your consciousness into your duplicate? "Uploading" is what its called, but does it leave you as you are and let your copy live on? Here's a solution:

    This includes medical technology that does not exist yet. Its more of a thought experiment about consciousness being in 2 places at once.

    We know that a person can live with either half of their brain dead, therefore consciousness is in each half of the brain, and probably can be divided more and still be in each part.

    We know brain parts will automatically wire together. They'll even wire to a computer if done the right way. After wiring together, the brain parts start to think together. They redundantly copy their information between the different parts, often in ways specialized to each part, but still redundantly copied (many backups).

    After you grow the clone, do a half brain transplant between you and your clone, so each has half of the original brain and half of the cloned brain. Then you are equally in 2 Human bodies. Each body has most of your memories, and the cloned brain half will learn from the original brain half. Eventually the 2 Human bodies both think like you with both brain halfs.

    What would you experience then? Would you be in 2 places at once? Your original brain is in 2 bodies that have mostly the same memories and thought patterns.

    What if instead of a clone, the other brain (which you get half of 2 times) was a Human level artificial intelligence that duplicated the behaviors of each half of your original brain? Being in 2 bodies each with half your original brain and a computer half that duplicates your original brain half, what would you experience? Would you know the difference? Would half your brain be conscious and the computer part not? How can it be different if both bodies are you and both have the same behaviors, even though one has your Human left brain and the other has your Human right brain?

    Don't think its possible? My father had a series of strokes a few years ago which killed most of the left side of his brain. He was in a bed for those few years before he died. Mostly he could only move and feel on his left side. His remaining half of brain started taking over the functions of the other side of the body a little but it never allowed him more than 10% his original movement on that side. He was mostly the same person but with some memories and speaking skill gone. Brains store things very redundantly so having half a brain lets you keep most of your thoughts.

    For the religious people who think there is 1 soul to 1 body, I have this question: If you swap brain halfs with an other person, is your soul in 2 bodies at once? And what if 1 was a murderer and the other a saint? Where does the mix go? My answer to these questions is that there is no such thing as an individual unit of consciousness, just an ocean of it and I'm a drop.

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