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    Warning From Flatland

    Flatland, the fictional place with less dimensions designed to show us how to think about other dimensions in our own physics.

    What if you had a nonlocal search-engine that attracted search-results that had bigger density (and extra info if you want: spikes of energy emitted proportional to a slow decay curve)? It would select all the pieces of weaponized uranium on the planet. And what if you had a new kind of quantum device that statistically generated some kind of interaction between such search-results and a power source? Boom. Nuclear extinction, unless you target it more specificly.

    Because of my telekinetic ability (Example video:  ) and other things I've seen in how the multiverse works, I know such a device can be built, and things a lot more dangerous than that. I don't know exactly how to build any of that, but I've seen much stranger things.

    The Human species has survived so far because governments regulate nuclear technology, but as technology continues getting easier for small groups of people to build, and advancing with more understanding of science, governments will not always have the ability to regulate the most dangerous technology.

    Therefore, a question to the Human species: When such tools of mass destruction or mass creation can be built without any special materials or lots of money and by small groups of people, and regulation fails to control that ability in everyone, what is your plan to cause those people to choose not to destroy things?

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