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    Cheap Robots
    Project: Polytopia
    A little change to what the porn industry invented gets you the cheapest robot body. Baloon women are normally bought to have sex with, but they would also be useful as robot bodies if tightening muscle-like strings were embedded in their rubber (or whatever they're made of) bodies, webcams put in the eyes, a speaker in the mouth, etc. Human muscles only tighten, never push. Optionally, so you don't have to blow it up so tight, you could build a plastic skeleton shaped like a Human skeleton, with joints at the knees, elbows, etc, and put this rubber skin around it, connected at many places in the center. It would be very cheap, like those blow up beds that have plastic connecting some of their top parts to some of their bottom parts. The most expensive part would be the tightening muscle-like things and the wires from that to the laptop-computer on its back (or somewhere inside?). Or is there some reason a robot has to be made of hard expensive materials? This cheap robot would weigh 10 pounds but be Human size. Some advanced technologies were invented for better porn, like higher speed internet connections. Here's the next one, a robot so accurate people will insist it wear clothes in public. For its mind, here's one way to do it:

    The  Military Industrial Complex has resulted in militaries having the most advanced and most number of robots and related research, but I expect that will change soon when pornographers realize how much men will pay for a sex-capable robot woman who can move and has some thoughts of her own. It could expand to a multi-trillion dollar industry, proving that love is stronger than war, especially the kind you do in a bed. But my main motivation for writing this was to explain a way to build cheap robot bodies using existing technology, and then I realized what long-term effect it would have.

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