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    Mobius Of Truth
    This sentence is false. If its false, then it must be true, and then since its true, it must be false, and it repeats endlessly. Its like saying if you're on the inside of some bizarre kind of bottle, then you must be on the outside, but if you're on the outside, then you must be on the inside. And here is that bottle, which does not intersect itself if created in 4 dimensions but it does in 3:

    "This sentence is false" is not a contradiction. Its a mobius. This half klein bottle is a mobius, a flat surface twisted half a turn and connected to itself, then bent into a half bottle.

    I don't know what "impossible" means anymore, since x and not x can both be true.

    Mobius logic is the natural result of the expansion of our ideas of numbers and normal logic. Number used to mean just the integers, then negative numbers and fractions, and eventually the square root of negative numbers was accepted as a new kind of number. squareRoot(-1)^x rotates around a circle where dimensions are the real part of the number and the imaginary (squareRoot(-1)) part. X from 0 to 4 is a rotation of the circle.^.5  says when x is .5 the position on that circle is .707+.707*squareRoot(-1). squareRoot(.707^2 + .707^2) is 1, so its on the circle. If we can accept the square root of negative numbers as numbers, then we can accept the simultaneous truth of x and not x as a new kind of logic, mobius logic.

    Where does x and not x happen simultaneously? In parallel versions of reality, some where x happens and some where x doesn't, in the multiverse. You want evidence? squareRoot(-1) is in the physics equations, like this one:

    My solution to Russel's Paradox  is that the paradox is the same question as which points are inside and outside the klein bottle. There's only 1 side. So the set of all sets that do not contain themself, is not a contradiction in mobius logic, and can be rotated and combined with other paradoxes to form more interesting paradoxes or cancel-out the other paradoxes like multiplying by powers of squareRoot(-1) until you get a real number.

    The question is not what is possible. It is what definitions in your mind restrict your ability to form a model of what you think is possible? Because if x being simultaneously true and false is not a contradiction, then nothing is a contradiction and everything is possible if you rotate it the right way.

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    {i}Pan~     Sat, Aug 13, 2011  Permanent link
    nothing is a contradiction and everything is possible if you rotate it the right way.

    Quoted for Truth.

    The Discordians have another way of putting it:

    Nothing is True, everything is permissible (or maybe I have that backwards - maybe it's "Everything is True, Nothing is permissible).