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    The world is about to change in a big way
    Extremely more power will either go toward the 7 billion people equally or toward the corporations. This is the real deal. Everyone on the planet should be watching whatever news on it you can find, like

    Below is something I wrote a few months ago. I saw this coming but nobody listened and now conflicts are escalating as predicted. A direct confrontation with corporations is likely to cause further Patriot-Act laws and police-state types of oppressive government control permanently, which would of course cause bigger protests and later full rebellions, many countries would get involved, and World War 3 would start. But not the kind of war we expected WW3 to be. Nuclear war is bad for business. They don't want to kill people who may give them money.

    Here's a good legal offense... Slavery is illegal. Slavery is when a person is owned. Every corporation is owned. Every corporation is a person. Therefore every corporation is a slave. Therefore it is illegal to own a corporation.

    Months ago I wrote at:  titled "A compromise to avoid World War 3", which I will copy part of below. The specific proposal I made there was a good idea but now theres a more effective possible solution... The petition has enough signatures. What's needed is to let people know this is the action that would satisfy the protesters, and I think it would if they understood it and it is already the goal of many of them. As you can see in the Zeitgeist Addendum movie (see link and description below) and the link above, the law in USA (and other countries?) that corporations are people is used as immunity for owners of corporations. Whatever crimes the corporation does, it is the criminal person, not the owner, and all they stand to lose is the business and not even their savings. They could kill people with their intentionally unsafe products to save money and not go to jail. End corporate personhood and they will start obeying the law like the rest of us have to. Corporations should not be above the law, nor should anyone else. Technically they're not, but in practice they are, and we need something to offset that.

    I've been talking to some of these people for months, and watching important things relevant to the Human species overall, and put together the following a few months ago. I'm surprised their protests got this big. It may be a turning point in the balance of power between corporations and us slaves to money. Lets be careful to not become what we protest against.

    The most important part of "A compromise to avoid World War 3" below...

    Thousands of businesses cooperate to create an internet with far more bandwidth and technology than the existing internet, called Internet 2 (  ), and for it to be only for businesses and not for normal people, and their plan is to replace the existing internet with one controlled only by businesses, where they have no obligation to obey "net neutrality laws".

    Corporations are masters of governments. For example, in California USA, if I want to buy electric power, I am forced to buy it from Pacific Gas And Electric, and part of their budget goes toward creating laws such as for regulating the "standby mode" on electronics. They think it wastes electricity and electronics should have to turn off completely. What started as a way for government to save money by deferring electricity generation to a business, has become a tax on funding the creation of electricity related laws, by a private business. Where do I go to vote against Pacific Gas And Electric if I don't like the laws they put money into creating, my money which I am forced to pay for electricity? Corporations are a part of government that has no obligations of democracy.

    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. After reserching many charities,  (  ) calculated that, based on supply and demand for Human life, the cheapest Human lives are worth 1000 US Dollars each. That's how much it costs to save a Human life (in the most efficient charities), and people aren't willing to pay it until the price comes down. Based on this calculation, the value of the buildings destroyed in the 9/11/01 bombings was more than the value of the 3000 people who died, since the people were worth 3,000,000 US Dollars at 1000 Dollars each. If you disagree, put your money where your mouth is and save a life. The point is people don't care much if other people die.

    George Bush became president of USA. Then his son became president. George Bush THE SECOND. What is the chance that a man and then his son would be president if USA was a real democracy? Almost none. The system is powered by money, and the central bank system owns most of that money. To restore democracy, we must fix the money system so it tends to flow toward people based on what they do for society.

    Guantanamo Bay is a prison USA created outside of USA for the purpose of not being subject to the laws of USA in that prison, so they can torture people for information. George W Bush had it created. Obama did not shut it down. [EDIT: On Obama page on Wikipedia it says: "In his first few days in office Obama issued executive orders and presidential memoranda directing the U.S. military to develop plans to withdraw troops from Iraq.[110] He ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp "as soon as practicable and no later than" January 2010,[111] but during his first two years in office he has been unable to persuade Congress to appropriate funds required to accomplish the shutdown.", so if that's true then its another example of the central banks being masters of government.]

    Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse. Police in USA often say that. Ok, lets see how that applies to USA's Congress who admit that they don't read proposed laws before voting on if they become laws or not. That's why the Read The Bills Act was rejected. Laws in USA are created so quickly that is it impossible for any one person to read them, even if they read laws all day everyday. You can't know if a law applies to you if you don't read it because the system is not advanced enough to search for an abstract idea, while some parts can be searched by words. The system is overclocked, running out of control, and they don't know how to fix it. Something big could easily break, and the gears of society would come to a halt, unless we change the basic way things work.

    As most people laugh at Ray Kurzweil's history-based calculations that technology will continue to advanced exponentially and the future will be here much sooner than most people expect, those people demonstrate their ignorance by not knowing that today for 300 US Dollars they can buy a hat (Emotiv Epoc) which reads some of their thoughts, including emotions and thinking about moving and turning, which allows them to play video games by thinking. This kind of technology isn't far from what's needed to network our minds together into a bigger mind which would be able to control us the same way we control Monkeys, but this mind would also be us.

    The Zeitgeist movement gains popularity quickly. One of their best videos is this version of "Zeitgeist Addendum" which you can watch for free at
    From their website  (but they are not as centralized as it appears),
    The Movement's principle focus includes the recognition that the majority of the social problems which plague the human species at this time are not the sole result of some institutional corruption, scarcity, a political policy, a flaw of "human nature" or other commonly held assumptions of causality in the activist community. Rather, The Movement recognizes that issues such as poverty, corruption, collapse, homelessness, war, starvation and the like appear to be "Symptoms" born out of an outdated social structure.

    While intermediate Reform steps and temporal Community Support are of interest to The Movement, the defining goal here is the installation of a new socioeconomic model based upon technically responsible Resource Management, Allocation and Distribution through what would be considered The Scientific Method of reasoning problems and finding optimized solutions.

    This "Resource-Based Economic Model” is about taking a direct technical approach to social management as opposed to a Monetary or even Political one. It is about updating the workings of society to the most advanced and proven methods Science has to offer, leaving behind the damaging consequences and limiting inhibitions which are generated by our current system of monetary exchange, profits, corporations and other structural and motivational components.

    The Open Source movement (software which everyone has the right to use, copy, modify, and distribute with much less legal restrictions and usually for free) is as strong as the businesses who create software. Open Source tends to be peer-reviewed more, instead of hiding its flaws inside of .exe files without the text files which they were generated from. Open source programmers have learned to work together to advance their common goals. Businesses, being motivated more by profit than by good products, only let others build on their work as long as the business stays in control, able to pull the plug on the whole project if they don't like where it goes. Open source gives every user the legal right to take the project wherever they want, and the creator has no legal right to stop them or change the contract later. The contract normally says things like give credit where its due, don't connect this to proprietary (not open source) systems, or some give permission to do anything at all as long as the author's name stays on it. The majority of Open Source software is at  and the website for SourceForge is one of the open source softwares. If businesses can't learn to work together more than is profitable, they will not be able to compete. People would not use Bitcoin if it was not open source.

    I heard that around the time central banking was created in USA, some president tried to shut it down soon after it started. This is something I'll need to research later and update this writing, or you could research it and respond. This is how a decentralized society works.

    Military Industrial Complex:
    "This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every statehouse, every office of the federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together."
    —Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961, former president of USA.
    His predictions are now reality.

    In the year 1999, Napster became popular, allowing anyone with internet access to share music files, if they had legal rights to those files or not. This was followed by many decentralized and sometimes anonymous networks, and eventually led to the combination of Bitcoin and Tor networks to move large amounts of money from anywhere to anywhere anonymously. Since it started, governments have been fighting decentralized networks, but legitimate uses of these networks has slowed their attacks. As part of these attacks, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have failed to upgrade their systems to IPv6 even though it has been available for over 10 years, and without it the workaround is Network Address Translation (NAT) which creates severe problems for decentralized networks. Specificly, most people are behind NAT addresses, and communications go out but they don't come in unless they are an immediate response to a communication that just went out. When 2 computers both have NAT addresses, neither can send the first communication to the other, so they can't communicate at all without going through a non-NAT address, also known as a server. Wasn't the internet supposed to be a network of computers where everyone has equal ability to network to everyone else?

    The Pirate Party advocates getting rid of intellectual property laws, like patents and copyrights, so everyone benefits from the many things which already exist and has the freedom to build more things without making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    The Patriot Acts are created in USA which give government legal ability to do almost anything they want, including kill suspected terrorists on sight without a trial, and spy on financial records through automated systems on a large scale.

    "My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in government."
    —Barack Obama, president of USA, 2009,
    Looks like Obama may want to help with this. What's more open than open-sourcing the economy based on a common identity-verifying system?

    The "Anonymous" group hacks at computers of Federal Reserve.
    [UPDATE: I've talked to some Anonymous members and most did not approve of that action]

    Wikileaks distributes secret government documents, which motivated many people to make changes in their governments.

    Through the internet, revolutions are organized, like happened in Egypt to replace its government.

    Wikileaks hacks at various financial computer systems as a response to such systems freezing the money accounts of Wikileaks.

    News, radio, and some of the most popular forms of communication are censored. You don't see dead soldiers brought home from war, for example, on the news. They don't want people to pay attention to the wars in that way.

    A "kill switch" is installed into large parts of the internet, so authorities can control the internet. If your website does not obey their rules, contain only approved content, then your website will not be accessible to others.

    Some groups threaten others for displaying pictures of Mohammed, which their religion commands against. Talk starts about further censoring communications.

    Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, but I've heard he was forced into it. Compare that to everyone being a slave to money and now through cryptocurrencies [UPDATE: or ending corporate personhood laws] we can free the slaves again.

    Bitcoin is created as a response to the financial system and forcing of identity on transactions of money. Combined with the Tor network, it can be used anonymously to move millions of dollars from anywhere to anywhere. Bitcoin devalued the Dollar by many millions and moved that value into Bitcoins, but competing currencies have been doing that for hundreds of years.

    Currently there are no tax laws about Bitcoins or World Of Warcraft Gold, since they're just numbers in a computer that people trade. Through the bridge of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, governments will be tempted to tax game money, and if they do it will lead to destroying themselves with complexity. World Of Warcraft Gold is a real currency, like Bitcoin, just implemented a different way and connected to a game before it became a real currency. Want to buy some?  This currency is normally used to buy things in the World Of Warcraft online game, but since it can be exchanged both directions with dollars, it should be subject to the same laws as Bitcoin, and the last I heard, if you get paid in Bitcoins you are supposed to report it on your taxes (some people say, but its debated). Can anyone give me a good legal reason why Bitcoin and World Of Warcraft Gold should be taxed differently? If not, the next purchase of armor or a flying dragon to ride on, should be reported on your taxes. When the auditor asks, tell him "Yes, I bought a flying dragon for xx World Of Warcraft Gold, but I didn't get a receipt." There is a contradiction here. Either we are going to have to start paying sales tax for buying an extra life in a game in a simulated economy with game money, and non-player-characters taxed for spending that same game money, or Bitcoin doesn't get taxed. Which is it? In World Of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment is God, and nobody would bat an eye if one of their characters walked on simulated water. If employment laws merge between virtual worlds and the real world, bad things will happen, and the paradoxes will expand without limit. Do your lawyers dare tread in the World Of Warcraft? I really hope so, because one of those non-player-characters was racially discriminating in who he hired for his simulated dragon store. That racist a-hole said he wouldn't hire my character because he had green skin, a hump back, and large claws, which is typical of my simulated species. My whole simulated life, I've had to deal with discrimination against Orcs, and this is the last straw. I am suing for the lost potential World Of Warcraft Gold, in US Dollars please. Second Life is a more advanced game where such employment laws would be more likely to apply, especially in future versions.

    ***End of history events, ordered by how they relate to eachother instead of time.***

    ***How does all that fit together?***

    Its a battle between centralized control and decentralized organization of society, which is fought politically, economically, and sometimes violently. As long as Humans have existed, there have been hierarchies of control: countries, presidents, kings, cities, department of motor vehicles, money systems which you're not allowed to compete with, etc. As technology advanced, organizing society in decentralized ways became possible. The authorities represent centralization of power. They work against decentralization because it reduces their power. As they recently learned from Bitcoin and various attacks through the internet, they are not as powerful as they thought, and as technology continues to advance, they will continue to lose power to decentralized ways to organize society. They could shut down Bitcoin, but they couldn't stop 10 more advanced variations of it from being created.

    There are a few random elements also. In reaction to threats if pictures of Mohammed are displayed, there was an "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"  and an episode of "South Park" in which Mohammed appeared delivering a pizza, as if it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. We can solve the problems between centralization and decentralization, but these more random things (people don't want you to do x for religious reasons, so others do x) may never be solved. The best we can do is try to avoid escalating such conflicts, like by not making demands that others obey our religion and not reacting to such demands. If people didn't think that USA's government may outlaw pictures of Mohammed, then those reactions to it would have been much smaller. These many random elements make a complete consistent solution impossible, but we can build a society much better than what we have now.

    Authorities reduce freedom and increase military spending and spying. Terrorists become more angry and recruit more members. Both use more advanced technology and demand the other change. This escalation of conflicts is not going to stop on its own, and nobody will like what it leads to.

    ***That's history. What's next?***

    If they make Bitcoin illegal, terrorists will attack, maybe not right away, and we don't know any details, but making Bitcoin illegal would be viewed as a severe attack on the decentralization of society. Does that make you want to make it illegal right away? I expect it does, because we are a very confrontaional species. But this time, lets wait and let the identity-verified system compete with Bitcoin and outperform it because businesses accept it into their infrastructure more than they accept Bitcoin.

    Through the internet, many people have realized how the world really works, and we want our fair part of the power. We want a real democracy, and since money is power, we want the central banking dictatorship demoted to a free market where anyone can coin their own money if others agree to accept it as money, the same as currencies have been competing for hundreds of years. Because of new technology like Bitcoin (and its many million dollar economy), new currencies can be designed to do things that old currencies can not, so money does not have to be just a number anymore.

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    Phyllotaxis     Tue, Oct 4, 2011  Permanent link
    You belong here.
    {i}Pan~     Fri, Oct 7, 2011  Permanent link
    I'm fairly certain that the only thing that can stop this now would be a massive culling.
    CoCreatr     Sun, Oct 9, 2011  Permanent link
    Yes. We are in the middle of an open source protest.

    Yes. WW3 will not be by nukes. Redirecting and amplifying natural disasters like weather, draught, and earthquakes the 0.1% can fight an undeclared and undetected war for years, weakening a society to the point of easy takeover.

    Yes. We are coining or rather co-creating open money already. One recent example
    #PunkMoney: How to Print Money on Twitter.

    Connecting, communicating, and co-creating the future we want brings us to the next edge.

    sonicport+techfolder     Sun, Oct 9, 2011  Permanent link
    I needed to hear someone say that.

    I watched a chick flick tonight based on boundaries in love and yes we saw it coming, but we needed some time to think about it through real-time experience.
    CoCreatr     Sun, Oct 9, 2011  Permanent link
    thought so :-)
    sonicport+techfolder     Sun, Oct 9, 2011  Permanent link
    I don't know the identity of these frogs.

    They've started poking out from between the pine leaves a while back now. The moss is unusual too, one of the most primitive species in the entire ecosystem. I wish I could use my knowledge of self-science to dive any deeper, but alas I had to go back into my hole and think it over.

    Kayley, your best mate is babysitting for ya. Can you just go out and get on and have some fun okay?

    I need to think it over mum.