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    Global Democracy Is Forming
    Starting from the need to agree on a list of demands, the Wall Street protests have formed their own government. They call it a "General Assembly". They vote on amendments to their list of demands by raising hands and counting. They have leaders but the function of the leaders is to count votes, act as news reporters, and propose major votes like accepting or rejecting the list of demands of the entire movement, like from a central Wall Street protests list of demands from other locations. These protests which started as chaos of everyone saying what they wanted for themselves have become a more unified voice made of what the most number of people agree on. A global direct-democracy is forming, communicating through videos and text on the Internet, without the formality and offices of existing governments, simply based on what people agree on.

    Live videos of many such protests and General Assemblies when they happen can be watched at  This is from my viewing of New York and Chicago and a few others for short times.

    Everyone should be watching this, at least sometimes, and should watch at least 1 of their "General Assembly" meetings.

    Governments take away our right to vote on things that are important to us, like when was the last time we had a vote on if drugs should be legal or if corporations should be allowed to pay money for the purpose of changing laws, and despite that, democracy forms on the streets and spreads globally, gradually becoming a unified voice.

    I know this is the start of a global democracy instead of only an isolated special interest group because I've been watching major events that affect the future of the Human species, from history to the present moment, and its a battle between 2 major forces: (1) centralized control of everything, and (2) decentralized control of everything, like control by the 99% of people instead of the 1% of rich people as they often repeat in the videos "We are the 99%". Its because the central banks and financial industry is the root cause of all the problems, second only to Human nature itself. The majority is stronger, and by sticking to what we agree on instead of our differences, we can have a peaceful global direct democracy.

    Its a very interesting time to live in. Nobody should be bored. Watch what's happening and make predictions of where its going.

    Sat, Oct 15, 2011  Permanent link
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    CoCreatr     Sun, Oct 16, 2011  Permanent link
    Yes. Exciting times.

    Here is how the human microphone works.

    Seeing a bit of Robert's Rules of Order at work, too.

    Watch commentary by Keith Olbermann and Lawrence Lessig.

    Need another BIG WHY Occupy is going on?

    Watch what's happening and contribute to where it's going.

    AsylumSeaker     Sun, Oct 16, 2011  Permanent link
    FINALLY, progress on what's really been needed all along - the creation of a new language.
    AsylumSeaker     Sun, Oct 16, 2011  Permanent link
    Another great video: 
    BenRayfield     Sun, Oct 16, 2011  Permanent link
    AsylumSeaker, they've got the right idea. They were denied microphones in many locations by laws, so they set up a system where one person would say their next few words, those close would repeat them all at once, then an outer ring of people would repeat what they heard from the inner ring. Near the start of that video they said: "Mic check", "Mic check", "Last week", "we came", "to a consensus", "on a document", "called the declaration", "of the occupation", "of New York city", "Our process", "is direct democracy", "We are all", "part of this movement", "We amplify eachothers' voices", "so we can hear one another", "There is no", "hierarchy".

    I recently wrote about one way to organize a global direct democracy with absolutely no hierarchies, no person above another, not as an employer, king, money lender, or any authority, and a way to use such a decentralized organziation of society to motivate people to enforce the laws on eachother if they want to or not, whatever laws are voted in by the direct democracy voting process. The Wall Street protest movement is moving toward something like this, so maybe they could get some ideas from it, but they appear to be doing very well on their own.

    Here's another video, which people may be interested in for a different reason. Its some girls protesting Wall Street topless saying they can't afford a shirt. There's no reason protesting and fun shouldn't go together.