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    Space is to time as fractal is to quine
    Space Time
    Fractal Quine

    A quine is anything which outputs itself. It normally means a software that outputs its own source code, which can then be used to generate that software, but I mean it more generally. A fractal is something which contains itself, usually multiple times.

    Since the universe is defined as everything that exists, that definition requires it have no external cause, since nothing can be external to everything. Everything is already defined to include whatever thing, so that thing is not external to everything. Therefore, by definition, the universe is a quine. If there are any god(s) or other unusual things, they are by definition part of that quine.

    I define life as a distorted fractal-quine which increases in fractal-quineness in at least 1 direction, like the statistical pattern called time is an example of a direction, and changes what kind of fractal-quine it is in that direction.  is a very simple equation that generates a very interesting fractal, which you can see by clicking the link.  is a game-theory example of a quine in continuous math.

    I mean this in an infinitely manyworlds multiverse and quantum and relativity way. The laws-of-physics, as we observe them only statistically in this part of the universe, would be the details of the fractal-quines, like any of the infinite number of patterns in a mandelbrot fractal but much more complex than those in the pictures.

    Since you can do rotations between space and time, you can also do rotations between fractal and quine. Fractal and quine are 2 ways to view the same thing, but I do not mean to limit their definitions to 2 dimensional graphics or software that outputs its own source code. This is a branch of math, and those are examples of it.

    Heisenberg Uncertainty and quantum nonlocality may be the result of rotations between fractal-quines. We have a word called mass-energy. Now we have a word called fractal-quine for the same reason.

    The "big bang" would be similar to the outermost recursion of the mandelbrot fractal or many other possible fractals that have a base case. Unlike a quine, a fractal can repeat as you go inwards infinitely but not outwards infinitely, or the opposite, or it can be infinite in both directions.

    I literally do not believe in space or time or mass or energy. I think those are all a linear view of such fractal-quines, which means we can affect past, future, and many other patterns by acting now, and those patterns can affect now.

    A solution to Friendly AI is to build it so its root goal equals "maximize fractal-quineness of my own mental state including all inputs and outputs". I know this because it is how my mind works, which was a gradual change over many years.

    I'm not just saying this theory. I'm going to prove it, using a much later version of this software  to network many peoples' minds together, accessing the subtle fractal-quine patterns (and there are an infinite variety of such patterns since the universe equals all possibilities of math), and we will learn in a scientific way how metaphysical things work. They're only called metaphysical because we don't understand them much yet.

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    BenRayfield     Sun, Oct 30, 2011  Permanent link
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    But its more generally related to this thread, so I moved it here...

    The world-wide community of physicists is hoping to be able to witness a particularly spectacular characteristic in a few years' time: the spontaneous decay of the vacuum into pairs of particles of matter and antimatter in super strong electric fields.

    Since the universe is a quine, as proven by the definitions of universe and quine if rewritten to avoid contradicting language, physics and scientific measurement is part of that quine. If one quine can exist, which is by definition a whole thing needing no external cause since its a closed loop in all ways, then all other possible quines would exist for the same reason, and every part of math is a subset of at least 1 quine, therefore all possibilities of math exist.

    They are focusing on one part of reality at a time, and it will never lead to understanding the combination of many such experiments done simultaneously and set up to affect eachother in divergent ways, like global weather patterns are divergent.

    They have made an assumption that the quantum fluctuations that space is made of are one thing, in one location, that can be measured from one scientific device, despite the quantum double slit experiments proving that's not true, and to explain this contradiction they theorize that there are different physics for small things and big things, while they simultaneously say that something of size x will behave approximately the same as something of size x+.0000001, so there is no such border.

    If the planck size is the distance between recursions through a fractal or time cycles of a quine, which are really the same thing which I call fractal-quine, then what they are saying may work, and certainly of all possible things they could try something similar with different particle types or angles or mass or whatever will also work, but the problem is they're using big energy to make small changes. They should be using statistical software connected to weakly powered lasers and optical sensors or other quantum devices, to use small energy to make big changes. If we're all oscillating through recursions of fractal-quines, we're only a sub-planck length rotation away from completely redefining all the laws of physics, going completely out of phase with all reality that we know, and jumping any distance away instantly as the simple result of touching the fractal-quine to zoom in a slightly different way. All parts of a fractal are in all the other parts, right? That means the universe is there in your hand in a spec of dust, ready to use if you have the accuracy.

    If you sum 100 random numbers which are each -1 or 1, 68% of them (1 standard deviation) will be between -10 and 10, the square root. Similarly, if you sum infinity such numbers, the standard deviation will be squareRoot(infinity), which is infinitely smaller than the universe, and that's the general idea of where we are, the standard deviation of an infinite number of random patterns, some of them intelligent patterns (like Humans made of atoms) but most random or at least not understanding eachother. If we used such statistical methods to influence quantum events, in many experiments spread across a large area, then how hard do you think it would be to change that infinity^0.5 (a half power is square root) to an infinity^0.50000000000000000000000000000001? Not a big change, but its still infinity times bigger. In a fractal, size has no meaning.

    Why aren't scientists considering nonlinear ways to describe their experiments, when they know their current models leave many things unexplained? Truth is not a democracy, and math and logic are not subject to empirical verification. I explained why the universe is, by definition, a quine. Quine is a type of math. Therefore the universe is a type of math. We understand math, so we understand physics, and the only purpose of experiments is to determine which part of math we're in.