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    We Evolve Evolution
    Project: Start your own revolution

    There is one general pattern that explains everything from single thoughts in a person's mind to global power flows. If only a god can control evolution, then we're all gods. Like it or not, we are all controlling many kinds of Evolution, and it has led to global problems that nobody takes credit for Evolving. There was a species where males continually Evolved bigger antlers, which their females were attracted to, until the males had so much difficulty holding their heads up that they did not often enough see hungry sharp-toothed animals coming, and they Evolved toward their own Extinction. Each member of that species did what they thought was best at the time, like most people say they try to be a good person and they do what they can. Evolution doesn't care about trying. Evolution cares about results.

    Combinations of thoughts Evolve in our minds. When thoughts Evolve in society overall, they are called memes. Economies Evolve and compete between countries and internet money systems. Political systems Evolve using legal documents as their DNA, which new governments take ideas from. Software Evolves as people take some from here and some from there and build new software. Artificial intelligence software Evolves directly inside computers in limited ways so far, and is now doing much of our thinking for us like we use through Google and automated research. Language Evolves to include more complex ideas and ways of organizing words. All that directs the bio Evolution of Humans as we organize who has enough money to support kids, who should go to jail, who to fight wars against, and how we find and measure others to breed with.

    The world is only complex if you focus on the details. While you're worrying about who gets tax deductions and who to vote for and the unemployment rate and which college degrees are worth the most, you are weighed down by your big Evolved antlers. This isn't a jungle anymore. Tigers aren't the most dangerous thing around. We control many kinds of Evolution. The new tigers will eat you by Evolving systems that move valuable things away from you and toward themselves. 1.7 billion people are starving or lack other basic needs of living, and the global economy nearly crashed, while 1% of people have around 40% of the valuable things. Learn to control a few kinds of Evolution or you could be next. When a tiger is hungry, he doesn't think about the ethics or fairness of eating you. He just eats you.

    When you pay excessive tax, that's the tigers eating you. When you have skills but can't find a job, that's the part of you the tigers leave on the ground which is wasted. When a majority of votes is for something but your government makes only trivial changes and does whatever it wanted, that's the tigers growling at you to back off and stop acting like you tell tigers what to do. When part of your tax money pays for excessive military systems for the purpose of keeping a government in control of other governments, that is a tiger eating you and using his increased strength to show that he is the pack leader of the other tigers. You will let the tigers feed on your resources, or violently on you if you resist, so they can have more resources. You will let the tigers herd you as the sheeple you are. Talking about rights and ethics and traditions and how things have always been is like talking about which tooth the tigers bite you with.

    In the past Humans were lower in the food chain than tigers, but as we learned to work together we advanced past those animal kind of tigers. Similarly, as we have a new global communication ability through the internet, we can learn to work together as a group of 7 billion people and protect eachother from those 1% tigers who repeatedly eat mostly from the poorest 1.7 billion of our group and other times from our whole group. We should learn to use a few kinds of Evolution to protect eachother on a global scale. If not, hold your big Evolved antlers low and ask the hungry tigers not to eat you.

    Most kinds of Evolution are not about money, so everyone can do it. In recent years, the Human species learned to control new kinds of Evolution without using money, without getting investors or governments or businesses involved until it was already Evolving for some time, without breaking any laws, and without putting an extreme effort into it. Its about what you do more than how much or how often you do it. To consciously create a new kind of Evolution, also known as a game-changer, you first need to understand which parts of yourself were caused by any kinds of Evolution and/or which are good ideas on their own merits. You don't really want to drink soda with lots of sugar. Evolution wants that because sugar is rare where we Evolved. Drink the soda or not. Its not important. What's important is to know why you drink or don't drink it, in case Evolution wants something that leads to Extinction, like excessive attention to detail while ignoring how the world works overall.

    There is a small crack in the the system that keeps the 1% tigers eating the rest of us. Its not important by itself. Whats important is it cost us no resources to do and it cost the tigers 40 million dollars (40% of 100 million) which spread to our group, and we can do it again as many new kinds of Evolution, many new systems, ways of organizing people, social networking, or add your own ideas. This small crack is Bitcoin. Its a peer-to-peer software that nobody can control, by design, and its open-source so anyone can see how it works. It displays numbers and connects to other Bitcoin software on the internet automatically. Everyone's number starts as 0. You can send or receive these numbers by typing the bitcoin address and a number. You can trade bitcoins to/from dollars at places like  and watch their value like a stock price at places like  The maximum value of the total Bitcoin economy ever was around 100 million dollars. That didn't come from putting dollars into it. Like any other money system, it came from peoples' confidence in Bitcoin to continue working as a system of money. At first there were 0 bitcoins. The rule for how to create bitcoins is there will be a certain number of bitcoins created each hour, which has already been set-in-stone built into the software and you can see graphs of it, and they are divided between the computers proportionally to how many useless calculations (called "proof of work" in the Bitcoin design doc) they do. Its not a perfect system, but at least its open to everyone instead of the Federal Reserve doing it. If more "proof of work" is done in a certain hour, each "proof of work" creates less bitcoins, so the total bitcoins in the whole network increases the speed it was designed to increase. Unlike government-based economies which they continually fine-tune, Bitcoin is designed so nobody can control it. There is no way to change the rate of bitcoin creation total in the network. Its designed to level off at 21 million bitcoins. Bitcoins can be divided down to .00000001 instead of .01 for dollars, so 21 million will split well enough. You can keep Bitcoins in a USB stick. Its best to run Linux on a USB stick and boot into it whenever you want to spend, so your normal computer use does not put it at risk of viruses. If you only use Linux for Bitcoin, its unlikely you'll get a virus. For small amounts of money, go ahead and install Bitcoin on your normal operating system. As the number of bitcoins gradually increased from 0 to millions, and they started being traded for dollars, people noticed that others were making lots of money on their investment in bitcoins (and it still could go up again, it tends to oscillate on an exponential scale), so they were motivated to trade dollars for bitcoins. A few businesses, and many people, accept bitcoins as payments, but for now its more like a stock market with 1 stock. If Bitcoin succeeds or not in the end is not important. Whats important is that Bitcoin devalued dollars by 100 million and moved that value into the pockets of those who invested in it. Its not a pyramid scheme any more than the stock market is. Those who get in early take a risk and maybe a much bigger profit. Bitcoin is a software, numbers on our screens, but through these strategies people accepted it as money. The 1% tigers, who have 40% of the valuable things and continue to bite it off of our group, got bitten back as their 40% of 100 million dollars spread to our group of 7 billion people, and we can do it again as many new kinds of Evolution, many new systems, social networking, or add your own ideas. This is a unique and recent paradigm-shift thats important for everyone to understand. Its just getting started, and Bitcoin is only a detail of it.

    As we know from stock markets, prediction is a kind of money. If Bitcoin's numbers on our screens can become money, costing us nothing to create that money, then a global unbiased peer-to-peer system where we collaborate to more accurately predict global power flows, would be a kind of power in itself. Like Bitcoin sucked 100 million dollars of value out of the existing economies, such a global prediction system could suck political power out of the existing organizations. Like corporations pay off governments to make laws supporting those corporations, we can use Bitcoin-like strategies to create our own ways of organizing the world, coin political power into a new kind of money, buy the world, and set everyone free. Wikipedia, because its unbiased by strategic design, describes the world more accurately than government research. A hybrid of Bitcoin and Wikipedia and  and add your own ideas, would be a game-changer the 1% tigers dominating our world would never forget. Lets work toward a global democracy where everyone has equal power, instead of 1% of the people having 40% of the power.

    The most important thing to learn about Evolution is Selection Pressure. All other things about Evolution are a result of interactions between many Selection Pressures. Bio Evolution is Selection Pressure toward survival, but the many kinds of Evolution in our world can be designed toward any goal we can think of from many angles at once. There are many examples of Selection Pressure and Evolution, but they all work basically the same way.

    An example of Selection Pressure on thoughts is when you're getting ready to do your taxes. The thoughts about how to do taxes Evolve in your mind. One of the first thoughts is to not do it, but that is associated with government acting against you, which is associated with other memories of pain. The thought dies. You may think about asking your friend to explain something about the taxes, or you may consider going to a professional tax person. Both those thoughts are connected to possibly making progress on the taxes. One is associated with paying more money and getting more accurate results. The other is associated with a faster answer and positive emotions from memories of your friend. A thought Evolves from the combination. You go see your friend to take a break from the taxes and later the 2 of you drive to the tax professional and then do something fun. When combinations of thoughts combine and split and compete toward some goal, that is Evolution of thoughts. It works best when there are many small variations that cover a subject completely, each overlapping on some ideas and contradicting eachother in other ways. Why did those thoughts happen? To avoid the government acting against you when you don't do your taxes, you created Selection Pressure to find a set of thoughts that fit well together and results in your taxes being done.

    A game where you can learn Selection Pressure: If you download my free open-source Audivolv software (version 0.1.7), you will see a "Sounds Good" and "Sounds Bad" button. Each time you choose good or bad, it Evolves a new sound effect that is controlled by mouse movements. As you go through cycles of playing sounds with the mouse and choosing sounds good or bad, you apply Selection Pressure on the Evolving sound effects which start as random radio-static-like sounds and evolve to become more musical. Restart the program to start Evolution over. Its a very simple kind of software Evolution, but you can learn how to control Evolution from it.

    Brains evolve thoughts toward being associated with memories of positive emotions and away from negative emotions. Politics evolves by trying to be associated with positive things and not be associated with negative things, but that also interacts with money so many Evolutions have to be viewed together to predict it.

    Selection Pressure on votes in USA causes people to vote for 1 of 2 political parties (together called Republicrats) which continue to win for exactly this reason. What reason? Its a cycle without an external reason. If you don't vote for 1, you are increasing the chance the other will win. This is similar to Bitcoin not needing an external reason to go from 0 to a 100 million dollar economy without using any money to start with.

    Selection Pressure is a general tool that causes Evolution or Extinction. Tools are not good or bad by themself; Its how they're used. When masters whip slaves who pick cotton the worst, they create Selection Pressure to Evolve the thoughts in the slaves' minds to pick cotton better. All the cotton pickers want to avoid being the worst picker, so they compete. Most people today want to avoid being the worst employee and becoming 1 of the 1.7 billion starving (or lacking other basic needs of life) people, so they compete.

    Police usually give speeding tickets to the people they see drive fastest. Therefore most of those people tend to drive slower, and most other people tend to not drive much faster than others. By giving that small fraction of people speeding tickets, most people are caused to drive slower. Its very efficient since it causes most people to drive near the speed limits even when they've seen no police for days, because the Selection Pressure has been adjusted over time to find the right price of tickets which causes people to drive at speeds government prefers. They set speed limits a little below the speed they want people to drive and adjust the remaining speed with Selection Pressure caused by ticket prices. To save money, they could have half as many traffic police and increase the fines, but there is also a Selection Pressure against that by people who see such fines as an absolute number instead of relative to what fraction of speeders get caught. This is not Selection of people. Its Selection of the thoughts in their mind about how fast to drive. The Selection Pressure is not enough to stop someone from driving fast to a hospital in an emergency. Selection Pressure is a gradual influence that can be adjusted instead of a yes or no rule. This makes Selection Pressure a flexible tool for adjusting the world, like turning knobs on your stereo to get it to sound just right.

    When government offers a tax deduction for doing something, it is creating Selection Pressure toward that thing. Its adjusting the world so those who avoid that thing are disadvantaged and those who do it have an advantage. When government creates a law against jaywalking with a small fine, it is creating a small Selection Pressure toward using the painted paths at road intersections.

    Corporations put Selection Pressure on parts of government by moving money where those parts of government want the money to go, more often when government does what corporations want. This is called lobbying when done in public and bribing when done in private.

    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and cell phone businesses and others who own the global communications infrastructure, put Selection Pressure on global communications, including between free open-source software over the internet, to be organized in a hierarchy. People or technology higher in that hierarchy, for example as the Patriot Acts in USA say they will do, spy on, take statistics on, and turn off such communications whenever in their opinion they think it should be done.

    People put Selection Pressure on the thoughts of those who own the global communications infrastructure to not turn it off for long times or in large areas, but this Selection Pressure is not enough to stop it from being organized in a hierarchy.

    Wikileaks put Selection Pressure against the illegal actions of some parts of governments and corporations, and to protect themselves those governments and corporations had already set up a legal system to protect their secrets.

    Governments and (indirectly) corporations and criminals put Selection Pressure against their secrets getting out. Governments and corporations create this Selection Pressure by creating laws (laws protecting "national security" or "proprietary secrets" for example) and threatening you if you break those laws. Criminals create this Selection Pressure without creating laws and skip straight to the threatening of whoever tells their secrets. The Selection Pressure they have in common is defined by it being against others learning their secrets and the Selection Pressure being applied in the final step by the use of threats. By definition, governments are not criminals, regardless of how many wars they start or what their reasons are, but they do have that in common.

    Social pressure to ignore the 1.7 billion people who are starving or lacking other basic needs of life, is a Selection Pressure that organizes society in that inefficient way. These 1.7 billion people do not put much Selection Pressure on anything because they do not control anything which people tend to respond to, like money or political power or products or proof of specific political corruption or patents or college degrees. They could be doing productive work.

    Selection Pressure applied to groups works better than applied to individuals because it selects toward working together, as explained here using Enron and chicken breeding as examples:

    The Zeitgeist Movement, the group called Anonymous, the Wall Street Protesters, and the Open Source movement, are all coming together toward a peaceful decentralized reorganization of the world, with no leaders or followers, ideas flowing between us based on the ideas instead of who they came from, using social networking and Bitcoin-like strategies and Wikipedia and the scientific-method and globally transparent honesty about how our organizations work, instead of hierarchies. This has been coming for many years, and its just getting started. I predicted it in "A Compromise To Avoid World War 3" (search for it, in a few forums) which I wrote around mid 2011. I was surprised these things happened so soon, but I knew what it was when I saw it. The world is changing.

    This is a global competition between 2 ways of organizing the world: a hierarchy where a small group of people controls everything, or a group of 7 billion equals. Learn about these many kinds of Evolution, which are the result of repeated Selection Pressure. Learn to predict them, influence them, and create new kinds of Evolution like a hybrid of Bitcoin and Wikipedia and  or whatever you think will balance power in the world. An unbalanced system is why the global economy almost crashed in recent years and will happen again. Ignoring global problems as somebody else's responsibility to solve will not stop those problems from Evolving into something that becomes your personal problem, or you can ignore this, hold your big Evolved antlers low, and ask the hungry tigers not to eat you. The future is networks, not hierarchies. Today you can buy a mind reading game controller at  that reads some emotions and thoughts about movement from your mind to control video games. Our communications will become a global network like brainwaves of the Human species. I'm not just saying that. I'm 1 of the people building free open-source software to network our minds together (Human AI Net), but that is only a detail of a complete change in the way the Human species organizes itself globally. Stop saving for retirement unless you're old. Money and political power as we know it are on a now slow but exponentially accelerating path to becoming obsolete. This is really happening. Wake up and observe how the world works, which is people controlling many kinds of Evolution, before you get left behind. We Evolve Evolution.

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    superconcepts     Mon, Nov 7, 2011  Permanent link
    This is actually a competition between *3* ideologies, the two you mention, (a hierarchy where a small group of people controls everything, or a group of 7 billion equals), and a group of 7 billion competitors - the one that libertarians strive for.

    But i would add that this third option will always inevitably end up as the first one, as power always conglomerates and monopolizes.

    Networks are truly the solution.
    BenRayfield     Tue, Nov 8, 2011  Permanent link
    You're right. I categorize the possibilities by where they lead, so there's 2. If we continue acting like animals, it must lead to a small group of the new kind of Tigers (which "eat you by Evolving systems that move valuable things away from you and toward themselves") dominating the rest. If we create more of the behaviors that caused Humans to rise above tigers in the food chain, which means to start acting like a group of 7 billion people, we can rise above the new kind of Tigers the same way. The problem is most Humans are lower than a small group of Humans in the food chain, and that is clearly not going to be allowed to continue.