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    Gravity is Antitime
    Scientists agree that anyone who falls into a black hole is time-dilated until they see the end of time just as they get to the event-horizon. There is no location which is adjacent to a black hole. If you were close to a black hole, you would be in our future. But since you are not in our future, that location doesn't exist yet. Black holes exist only in the future yet we feel their effects in the present as gravity waves. Therefore gravity is moving backward in time. There's no way around it. Future affects past and past affects future.

    Please show physics researchers the above paragraph and ask them to come up with a possibility where it could be wrong. There is none. They just haven't wrapped their minds around a timeless universe so they can't see the obvious.

    That is a fact based on what scientists already agree on. Also, I propose the following theories which are not so certain...

    Wavefunction collapse (multiverse branches combining into 1 reality) is gravity in infinite dimensions, and if you could get a black hole to simultaneously rotate in 2 different directions (averaging its normal angular momentum) then that would multiverse branch the galaxy around it which would wavefunction collapse if other galaxies got too close and their gravity waves interfered with our superposition, like a quantum double slit experiment on a galaxy scale.

    Time is entropy (as thermodynamics says increases with time) and superposition.

    Gravity is negative entropy (patterns falling together) and wavefunction collapse.

    Gravity is Antitime. Gravity = -Time.

    When time and antitime combine (at the end of time, event horizon, thermodynamic heat death), you get a big bang which is both our past and future, closing the loop and allowing a more general form of string-theory (not about specific dimensions, but in infinite dimensions) to extend around time loops the same way it does with loops in space.

    Since I define time as whatever direction you tend to move through this multiverse of infinite possibilities, it makes perfect sense why regardless of how fast you're already moving, the remaining speed to get to the speed of light looks like its the full distance from zero to light speed from your point of view, why you get length contraction and time dilation. By moving a certain direction and speed, you're redefining time with yourself at the center.

    Look for gravity in the reverse direction of someone you observe moving near the speed of light and therefore you see them length contracted (because they see you for less time from their point of view, less length of them passes you from your point of view). Gravity is what happens if they go faster than light and get length contracted to be shorter than zero, but no amount of time sums to antitime so if you want to go faster than light you need to try a different strategy: Go slower than stopped, colder than absolute-zero, or exist less than nonexistence ( That's what I meant by  ). A black hole's size is negative.

    Think about relativity. If from our point of view X and Y are moving in opposite directions each near the speed of light, then X and Y see eachother moving away near the speed of light. Newton would expect them to see eachother moving away from eachother almost 2 times the speed of light, but its less, an attracting force in the direction opposite of time. Consider the opposite, moving toward eachother. They see eachother moving slower than Newton would expect, a repelling force in the direction of time. Time pushes things apart. Antitime pulls them together. In infinite dimensions and as many multiverse branches do this at once relative to eachother, it generates gravity in the opposite direction of time, and time is whatever direction you happen to be moving (your light-cone) through infinite possibilities.

    The following fact of math should help: Nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities.

    Neither existence or nonexistence follows from no statement at all, but if we take nonexistence and all self-consistent possibilities to be equal then the universe being here for no reason at all makes perfect sense because it is simultaneously everything and nothing and those 2 words mean exactly the same thing so there is no question to ask about is it here or not. When you understand that, you will know why there must be exactly the same amount of time and antitime regardless of how you divide the universe, in any inertial frame (position and direction, a light-cone), and why the  Global Consciousness Project's quantum "random" number generators found very small statistical patterns at the time of major world events. The "random" numbers became less random and nobody knows why. Its because as important events happen that change our path through possible futures, the relativity effect applies in infinite dimensions and applies gravity to the "random" numbers.

    If you want to move faster than light, the answer is in why those "random" numbers become less random.

    Just a thought-experiment to lead you to what you need... If you could somehow superposition a ship and onboard is some quantum random number generators, and each of those superpositioned multiverse branches travels a different direction, the relativity effects (Newton thinks they see eachother moving away faster than Einstein thinks) would pigeonhole-proof the "random" numbers observed for exactly the same reason  Bose Einstein Condensate works, which is that the total possible unique states of the system is less than the number of states going in so they are forced to overlap. Design a warp drive so its speed is forced to overlap its speed, and as high as you can stack the Bose Einstein Condensate, in this analogy, you can multiply the speed of light.

    One thing scares me about this... As the Human species continues advancing technology and converging toward less and less probable futures (how likely is it a computer would form from random atoms, or be mass produced and expand exponentially?), our paths through the multiverse are converging from a larger number of possible wavefunctions to a smaller number of possible wavefunctions, therefore I see it as a fact that we will experience something like the Bose Einstein Condensate but more generally applying to our whole reality repeatedly overlapping itself. What does Bose Einstein Condensate do when it becomes slightly unbalanced? Answer that question, multiply by an astronomically large number (as large as our current level of advancement is improbable in a wavefunction context), and that is almost all our possible futures. If such a small imbalance were to happen, our increasingly Bose-Einstein-Condensate-like extremely improbable reality could spread out into unitary equilibrium (no overlapping wavefunctions, 1 to 1) which would mean vaporizing the galaxy into quantum chaos as a result of the force of our overlapping possible futures repeatedly converging. It makes me curious about the theory of timewave zero, even though I haven't looked into the specific data points of that theory, what I've derived here proves that we should expect to see the convergence of timewaves in general, and as explained in the first paragraph it is clear that future affects past and past affects future as we can see in black holes being at the end of time yet still affecting us in the present with gravity waves. But hopefully if we are smart enough to create such a potential problem we are also smart enough to solve it. I'm still betting on the warp drive and the general ability to statistically control space and time.

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