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    War exists because Law and War are synonyms
    Lets test the theory that laws have a significant effect on the world. When was the last time you read a law, saw anyone reading a law, know the name of anyone who has read a law and just to make sure you're not being delusional here you have to say which law it was, or have seen any evidence of the existence of any specific word in any specific law? Can you even remember the text of 10 different laws? Do you know where you can go to look up laws? There are websites for many of them, but have you ever been there? Has any politician ever read the words of a law in a public broadcast which you watched? It takes a delusional mind to think x is how the world works while not seeing any evidence of x except that others agree x exists but even they can't answer when asked for details.

    Laws don't have much effect on the world compared to game-theory, and governments know this, so instead of being satisfied with "drugs are illegal and we'll arrest you if you have drugs", they have the "war on drugs". Instead of enforcing intellectual property laws, they have the "war on piracy". They have replaced "constitutional amendment" and "law" with "war". To make a law against x, they broadcast "war on x" until its burned into most peoples' minds.

    There is a very simple reason we can't have world peace: Law and War mean the same thing therefore to end War is to act against the Law. That's not just insane. Its profoundly insane, to think Law and War are synonyms.

    Anarchists have no Laws therefore anarchists have no Wars. Law and War are synonyms. War On Drugs. War On Piracy.

    We can't have world peace by creating or obeying Laws because Laws are Wars. They're the same word. We can only have world peace by strategicly changing words. Here's how we can do it:

    War should be illegal. Actually, since words have more power than anything else, maybe if enough of us say it... Lets have a War On War, which means to have less wars like the War On Drugs means to have less drugs.

    Many religions associate God with the highest Authority. Most people associate Government with Authority. Government makes Law against X by declaring War On X.

    Therefore in those minds, Authority is anything which declares War/Law, therefore God declares War. Kill in the name of God. Makes perfect sense where their insanity comes from.

    As an example of how language works, I'll translate the Ten Commandments to modern language (and my thoughts about them in parenthesis):

    * War on having other Authority before me (What about equal to instead of greater than?)
    * War on using your inflexible minds to try to imagine my form since you would get it wrong ( Metaphysics is hard to imagine but accuracy comes with practice, and this appears very similar to "Don't draw Mohammed" as in  )
    * War on badmouthing Authority (Meme strategy)
    * Sunday is for Authority (Is scheduling really this important? Just joking. It appears that what this is really about can be seen in the effects of global meditation events being more powerful when more people across the Earth do it at the same time, which the Global Consciousness Project demonstrated has a scientifically measurable effect on quantum random number generators. Or maybe it was just practical scheduling?)
    * Honor your parents (Sounds like another Authority to me)
    * War on War (Some things just don't translate to delusional minds which modern language formed around)
    * War on sleeping around (Sex only when 2 Authorities are joined)
    * War on stealing (you act as an Authority over the thing you take)
    * War on lieing (I would have said it as Commit Radical Acts Of Honesty, but then people probably wouldn't have accepted it)
    * War on desire (Sounds alot like Buddhism to me, and I'd merge this with War On War since war is "dont" and desire is "do", so Buddhism is the balance between them)

    To whoever wrote those, here is my response (also whats in parenthesis above): No thanks, I don't think War improves the world so I'm not going to do that, except for War On War which means to have less war, and as I tend to think like Zen Buddhism I would also do War On Desire if I had enough desire toward that (or War On War) which I don't.

    I therefore ask all people who believe in "thou shalt not kill" to use the translation to modern language which is "War On War" which means to have less war, including all things governments declare war on like War On Drugs and War On Piracy.

    "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler." —Einstein

    Ok, I'll give it a try. All governments, money, and commandments would be obsoleted if enough people chose to first do between their own thoughts then between people, Commit Radical Acts Of Honesty.

    Sun, Mar 25, 2012  Permanent link

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    syncopath     Fri, Mar 30, 2012  Permanent link
    God is the only being that does not even need to exist in order to reign.