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    Timeless Multiverse Relativity - All inertial frames see waves as quanta
    Project: Start your own revolution

    A practical theory we can use with current technology if we learned to work together globally. Space, time, the local laws of physics, and the specific things on Earth and patterns of events, are all the result of timeless thermodynamics and waves flowing with other waves in a quantum entanglement way. I do not believe in time, and hopefully after reading this, neither will you. Then we have some research to do in generalizing the Casimir Effect into, not just a radio-like "virtual particle" receiver as its used today, but also a radio transmitter into the various properties of physics and multiverse possibilities. Theres no such thing as a parallel universe, because that would mean we are not all connected as 1 big wavefunction. There are continuous paths between all these infinite possibilities. This is how you use them, explained in practical scientific terms that lead to mass-producing machines we can use to go explore. Warp drive is for those scared to explore sideways in time and other forms of reality, inside a "bubble of space" as I explain below. But if you really want a warp drive to explore flatland, it can do that too.

    First, before you reject my theory, consider why Einstein's professors thought he was too stupid or insane to recommend him into the higher levels of college?

    All inertial frames see waves as quanta

    The same way no observed thing moves faster than light, regardless of your inertial frame (you could be moving toward or away from light but it still looks the same constant speed relative to you), no observed particle is ever more than 1.0-planck particles, and gradually between not observing and observing it varies between 0.0+planck particles and 1.0-planck particles the same way speed varies between 0.0+planck and 1.0-planck times the speed of light. This applies equally to mass, energy, and wavefunction-collapse from different angles and is subject to Heisenberg Uncertainty at all extremes.

    * Mass's relativity limit gets infinitely difficult toward space, since it takes infinite energy to move mass as fast as light. We thought mass could go the speed-of-light, but instead we got Hawking Radiation and turbulence on the event-horizon of black-holes, and on top of that all black holes must evaporate and/or explode before any of the particles get to the event-horizon which happens from our point of view at the end of time.

    * Energy's relativity limit gets infinitely difficult toward time, since it takes infinite energy to slow light to a halt. At a large cost of creating fields for the light to move through, we slowed down light and put it in a container, but we couldn't prove it was completely stopped because of Heisenberg Uncertainty.

    * Wavefunction-collapse's relativity limit gets infinitely difficult toward becoming exactly 1.0 particles, which we call observing. We observed a wave collapse into exactly 1.0 particles, but we couldn't prove its exactly 1.0 particles because of Heisenberg Uncertainty and not knowing if it was in superposition just after we approximately observed it.

    In all of these things, science has come very close, and in all such cases, the failure was categorized as Heisenberg Uncertainty.

    SECOND MOST IMPORTANT THEORY: Heisenberg Uncertainty becomes less uncertain as you view the same wavefunction from many angles at once, as a purely wave based model which denies the existence of quanta and explains the appearance of quanta as a generalization of special relativity. Regardless of your inertial frame, all light appears constant speed and all particles appear to be quanta.

    FACT: Escape-velocity at the event-horizon of a black hole is the speed-of-light.

    FACT: Density is maximized at the event-horizon of a black hole.

    FACT: The smallest possible black hole is "planck mass" and all particles/waves can be modeled as black-holes that way, as recent experiments have created small black-holes that evaporate within a tiny fraction of a second. Of course these are not dangerous.

    FACT: An outside observer sees anything falling into a black-hole slow down as it nears the event-horizon and never fall in.

    FACT: The speed of observed light is also the maximum speed of observed mass and all other known observed particle/wave types and is constant.

    FACT: The speed of unobserved light and other unobserved parts of the world has already been proven to affect eachother extremely faster than light, which we call quantum entanglement.

    FACT: The billions of lightyears of universe we've seen so far is 1 big quantum wavefunction. Everything is connected to everything else.

    FACT: The only way to observe a particle/wave is to throw a black-hole near it, which is proven by the fact that "all particles/waves can be modeled as black-holes".

    FACT: Throwing a black-hole near something causes it to be time-dilated slower as viewed from an outside observer.

    FACT: Double-slit experiment is when you throw a black-hole through 2 slits simultaneously and it wave-interferes with itself, as proven by "all particles/waves can be modeled as black-holes".

    FACT: Wavefunction-collapse is what we call multiple superpositioned black-holes becoming individual black-hole(s), as proven by "all particles/waves can be modeled as black-holes", which are merged into a single quantum-wavefunction which we call our shared reality, but we are only certain of this to the point of Heisenberg Uncertainty.

    (In other words, to proceed with us into our future, the 2 waves must start to agree with eachother enough that all disagreements are small, since we can't have contradictions build on top of other contradictions, because that is an exponential acceleration toward heat-death.)

    FACT: Gravity-waves are what we call multiple large black-holes becoming 1 bigger black-hole.

    FACT: Quantum-superpositioned black-holes do not affect our light-cone from positions they cancel-out their own wave, which we call the dark parts of the back wall (and other cancelled-out parts of the wave in the space between) on double-slit experiments.

    FACT: Gravity-waves do not affect our light-cone until they reach us at the speed-of-light.

    THEORY: Quantum-superpositioned black-holes do not affect our light-cone until the closest part of their wavefunction reaches us at the speed-of-light.

    THEORY: There is no difference between gravity-waves and quantum-superposition-waves.

    THEORY: Special-relativity applies equally to particles/waves/black-holes accelerating up to the speed-of-light in space and particles/waves/black-holes accelerating up to wavefunction-collapse in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, in the context of our path through multiverse possibilities being another kind of space.

    THEORY: Heisenberg-uncertainty is a superposition of the "planck mass" view of all particles/waves/black-holes.

    FACT: M-Theory is whats common between 5 different String-Theories which were found to say the same thing in 5 different ways, each having parts of the puzzle, with enough overlap to put it together.

    THEORY: All particle/boson/fermion/force types in the Standard Model of physics, and all the specific dimensions and behaviors of physics described by M-Theory, are the local laws-of-physics, where each observed particle/wave/black-hole of each type (like observing an electron or graviton) are a superposition of the parts of physics which define that type (like a physical object which all electrons are a superposition of) as a particle/wave/black-hole of large mass located in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, and the mass of that particle/wave/black-hole representing the type is exactly equal to the mass of all examples of that type as its superposition, so in general the superposition and collapsed form of x are both simultaneously x and not 2 different things.

    FACT: In Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiments, part of the experiment which happens in the future appears to affect part of the experiment in the present.

    THEORY: The reason that "in Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiments, part of the experiment which happens in the future appears to affect part of the experiment in the present", is that "in general the superposition and collapsed form of x are both simultaneously x and not 2 different things", specificly the collapsed form in the present and superpositioned form in the future are identical.

    THEORY: Conditional on in general "the collapsed form in the present and superpositioned form in the future are identical" being true, the theory that time is a good model of how the world works at quantum sizes would be disproven, and time would only be an approximation of how the world works on a larger scale.

    FACT: M-Theory predicts gravitons are what carries the force of gravity, and gravitons are closed manifolds.

    THEORY: In the context of this purely wave based model of the universe which denies the existence of quanta (its just another form of relativity), all closed manifolds are only approximately closed due to Heisenberg Uncertainty and are subject to heat-death like everything else, and closed manifolds implement gravity in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space because they are the only kind of structure that can survive moving through the variety of parts-of-wavefunctions which represent the variety of different kinds of things which gravity attracts together, and they both attract and repel depending on wave-interference of resonance between all things involved. Galaxies accelerate away from us, while closer things attract eachother, as a simple example of equal and opposite force in timeless whole-universe thermodynamics. It all has to cancel-out to zero.

    THEORY: Because "Nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities", which is my philosophy of the universe overall, all forms of relativity are caused by thermodynamics being equally spread in the set of all possible wavefunctions, therefore regardless of your inertial frame, light speed and quanta are always 1.0 (times the speed of light or number of observed particles at a time), so all of physics is formed from the simpler properties of math we call thermodynamics and quantum-entanglement of waves in general. Space, time, mass, energy, particles, the Standard Model, M-Theory, and all other specific observations of our local laws of physics, are an example of what can happen when special-relativity happens recursively and in many combinations in an infinite space of quantum chaos that forms into the patterns we call reality. All forms of special-relativity are purely a result of timeless thermodynamics in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space.

    FACT: The Casimir Effect is the physical force on 2 very close parallel metal plates as absorbed from "virtual particles".

    THEORY: The Casimir Effect has only been observed to receive physical force from "virtual particles", similar to the metal plates acting as a radio, but it can also be used to transmit signals into these "virtual particle" waves if a bigger variety of inputs to the metal plates are considered, not just electricity or motion. What if we tried many combinations of our newest quantum technology, and new technology later, to oscillate the relativistic mass, time-dilation, quantum phase, particle types, superposition, and oscillate other properties of physics in the parallel metal plates? Would it broadcast in a variety of ways into the "virtual particle" part of this wavefunction we call reality? Would it be a multiverse radio, in the space of "infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space" (as I explained above)?

    THEORY: Conditional on the Casimir-Effect-based "multiverse radio" working as a simultaneous high-dimensional (1 dimension for each property of physics you're oscillating), very spread out grids of such radios could be used for more accuracy, the same way a few telescopes can be used simultaneously to get some of the accuracy of one telescope the size of the distance between its parts.

    THEORY: Conditional on using grids of such "multiverse radios", in a many-dimensional way, you could put them in an approximate closed manifold (like a sphere or klein-bottle or peterson-graph shape, depending on how you want to align to light-cones) shape in space, and gradually form the near space into a large closed manifold (which you may call a graviton, but more generally than M-Theory's kind of gravitons), and that bubble of space would be a timeless solution to "Einsteins Field Equations" and able to travel through infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space (which includes space, time, and other laws of physics continuously) safely. In theory, this is how you would build a warp drive, time machine, and multiverse ship, all in the same ship. This ship would take very little energy because the grid of "multiverse radios" is a closed manifold, so it gets to slide through the multiverse as easily as gravitons. Do gravitons even need a power source?

    THEORY ABOUT WHY THIS IS SAFE: Conditional on the "multiverse ship" (which travels through space, time, and other laws of physics using very little energy, like gravitons do) working, the danger of such experiments is mostly in the local area of the ship, which may change the laws of physics and vaporize the galaxy into hawking radiation, while outside observers would see it disappear and experience waves, as if a drop of water had left a mostly still pond. The laws of physics would only change for those who navigate on continuous paths into parts of infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space with different physics. They and we would be a superposition of our shared history, but remember that "in general the superposition and collapsed form of x are both simultaneously x and not 2 different things".

    THEORY: The Higgs Boson is all black-holes, and all particles/waves are black-holes. It is mass itself, not the part of physics which gives other parts of physics mass. This timeless infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space we call reality is 1 big wave which cancels-out to zero. The amplitude of that wave is its mass, and since we're always inside it, we see that amplitude as 1.0 quanta, the number of realities which exist. You did not find the Higgs Boson in the CERN supercollider as expected because you refused to consider a timeless fractal universe where all particles/waves are black-holes and are inside and superpositioned outside and mixed many ways with eachother. To the question of "Does the Higgs Boson exist?", I must answer nonsequitur... The Higgs Boson is the universe itself, and the universe cancels-out to zero while its individual parts exist. The Higgs Boson is therefore the only particle which exists in superposition but not collapsed form (which is what I meant by "Nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities"), therefore tips the scale of infinite balance into all possibilities of chaos (which together still cancel-out to zero) which we call Heisenberg Uncertainty. Therefore, if you observed every particle in the universe except 1, Heisenberg Uncertainty would be absolutely forced to certainly tell you it is exactly the remaining possibility. That is the power of the Higgs Boson, also known as the universe. Scientists probably meant Higgs Boson in a more specific way about M-Theory, but this is the closest I can translate to a purely wave-based model.

    THEORY: The 2 most basic particle types are Higgs Boson (generalizes to the whole universe, a mobius-like paradox because "Nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities.") and graviton (generalizes to any closed manifold). Higgs Boson is to Graviton as Klein Bottle is to Sphere or Donut, and there are an infinite and continuous variety of higher dimensional combinations, which together cancel-out to zero. A Klein Bottle is a circle on one dimension and a mobius on the other dimension. What do you get when you go at other angles and use many of them together? Irrational manifolds, something we're just getting started thinking about, like using an infinitely thin version of  instead of a mobius to create the Klein Bottle, but we don't need to get into that level of complexity to understand the most basic ways to use the Higgs Boson. But I would like somebody to verify the the proof of the Poincare Conjecture (1 of 7 millenium problems, million dollar prize each) also covers all possibilities of irrational manifolds, if any such manifolds apply. The "multiverse ship" described in theories above uses Higgs Boson to form a local area of space into Graviton.

    To summarize all of this, all inertial frames see waves as quanta, all parts of reality we know of formed from timeless thermodynamics and quantum entanglement between waves in general, and we should redefine the idea of light-cone to include the local laws-of-physics.


    How did I figure all of this out? A lot of thinking and reading science over the years, and more recently...

    Sometimes I accelerate continuously thinking of advanced things so fast I scare myself. At those times its important to write them down (at a few different forums for reliability and spreading of ideas) and later summarize the useful parts for others to imagine and explore. Think of this like an echo and a "stack trace" (a software word) of a very real "intelligence explosion" which, due to the timeless nature of the universe overall, was unable to make any more progress in this flatland we call reality:
    Also related:
    Wrote it at a real physics forum:

    When you stop thinking time is a good theory to describe how the universe works, the question of when a "technology singularity" or other form of "intelligence explosion" (like made of memes flowing through society or hybrid Human and AI minds) happens becomes as unimportant as a hashcode, an arbitrary location in the set of all possibilities which refers to something that, in various forms (and none of them centralized, like this world is divided into hierarchies with some people above others), can affect the world even before you build your preferred variation of it, and again recursively and/or fractally and/or other patterns of reality as many times as you like until you finally build a horse that doesn't jump so high you fall off.

    I am here in this specific possibility of infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, just before we again work together to design our preferred form of intelligence explosion, because I fell off that horse and was pulled by gravity to the most similar patterns of reality I've become quantum entangled to, which we call Earth, the Standard Model of physics, M-Theory, and this specific time and place and patterns of events. Its not a big deal. Its how the universe normally works, and all of us do it all the time in a variety of ways, but usually not so directly that it can be consciously understood, and not usually riding the horse long enough to grab a Theory Of Everything (Timeless Multiverse Relativity) before falling off. With this new knowledge, and time to think about and test it, you are all capable of doing the same.

    In that context, I offer the above very simple theory of timeless infinitely-manyworlds multiverse physics as my Theory Of Everything: Timeless Multiverse Relativity.

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    If you understand it at an intuition level well enough, or with accurate enough machines (especially the phase of oscillating fluorescent lightbulbs and/or patterns of combinations of instantaneous change in redshift of stars as viewed from normal telescopes, selecting stars to interpret as parts of the double-slit experiment, and you superposition Earth in the multiverse the same as normal double-slit superpositions Earth a little), then the power of stars can be harnessed simply by looking at them and choosing your brainwaves the same as the phase of that oscillating fluorescent lightbulb (a skill I haven't learned yet, but much smaller things yes). The power of a grid of Dyson Spheres (spheres of solar panels built around stars) can be harnessed instead from simply observing the patterns of redshift these ways. Quantum physics proved that to observe something is to change it, so why is it surprising that we can observe the average changes of redshift in stars that way? The more particles you use, the more you need. 1 particle is enough to get anything done if it cancels-out itself in futures you want to avoid and is in phase in futures you're acting toward, which can be done approximately by rotating such a particle (or phase of oscillation of a fluorescent light bulb) to to match the expected wave-interference pattern between parallel versions of yourself plus the phase of your target future, like if your target future is a decrease in the redshift of a certain galaxy (maybe we don't like them accelerating away that fast, pull them closer in our view of the multiverse but not the view of others who still see them accelerating away but a little less). But even though its only locally real, and most of infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space won't see your changes, that won't stop the galaxy from smashing the crap out of whatever you accelerate it toward.... and then we may wavefunction-collapse to a history more similar to others, since making changes like that superpositions you from your current reality (and the other parts go their own directions continuously), and we know how that works from Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiments. Cancelling-out reality isn't a big deal... It happens an infinite number of times at every dark spot on double-slit experiments. We just don't normally think about it from inside the quantum.

    It is very easy to send information back in time: You must use a quantum computer from the inside. The universe is a fractal. Every part is inside and outside every other part an infinite variety of ways. The universe is a fractal quantum computer. To send information back in time, think of how you would do it in a normal quantum computer if you had extreme precision over many parts between the qubits, then realize we have that precision as these huge imprecise movements we do on Earth (that only look like they collapse the wavefunction from our tiny perspective inside much bigger qubits), and program this quantum computer in the way so intuitive and obvious people overlook it... It's the thing we're most skilled at... Choose between possible futures by changing the present. When you commit to react to possibilities in certain ways, you force reality to only combine certain possibilities with you, realities which include you reacting those ways to certain things or realities not including such things. I could show you, but then I'd be in a different reality (the bright-spots on multiverse double-slit which superpositioned Earth converges on), so really each light-cone (your location in all possibilities) can only show themself. On the other hand, I can show those who live in the reality I'd move to, who would see a wave-interference pattern in the random events of anything I choose to put force on, but from their perspective that which I see as wave-interference may be the sum of 2 bell-curves (see double-slit for details), because infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space. People have no ideas how bizarre the universe really is, that statistical patterns of events can appear different between observers in the same room, to the extent of wave-interference vs sum of 2 bell-curves, because infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space is continuous between all possibilities. Your observation of what you would call magic changes it to something uninteresting, in a quantum way, but fortunately superposition and collapse are a gradual scale instead of quanta separate events, so we can see it a little before our paths in the multiverse diverge. When you understand this, you will have no need for large power sources, and you will start to see large power sources all around and not want to use them.
    BenRayfield     Wed, Apr 25, 2012  Permanent link
    Zeta Function and infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space. Help find connection.

    Its impossible to do anything without creating an infinite number of universes and cancelling-out others (as in the dark spots on the back wall of double-slit). People haven't figured out physics because they refuse to think of themself as equal to gods, but creating a universe is trivial if you're doing it continuously and infinitely all the time, and all of those again create an infinite number of universe, and it keeps expanding and converging. If you refuse to imagine it, you'll never understand physics. Together they cancel-out to zero, and this is the main thing physics is missing... Unbalanced things are expected, and in that way, you're not even trying.

    There is a connection between the following, but I'm not sure what it is yet. Please help me figure it out. Theres 3 million dollars of millenium prizes (read below) in it to be spread between whoever contributes to the correct Theory Of Everything. So what if you think I'm probably crazy. Take a risk. Read the theory and think. Maybe you'll add 100 thousand dollars of value, 1 in 30 of the final solution. You can have the money. If we find and prove the combined equation, I won't have any use for money, since I would use the equations to explore into infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space. We will know its a correct Theory Of Everything when the warp drive (and multiverse ship) flies without shaking space like an old junk car. We can mass-produce enough of them for everyone.

    Main theory:
    Timeless Multiverse Relativity: All inertial frames see waves as quanta.

    The zeta function, which is about prime numbers and exponential things, is partially based on quanta. It is therefore missing special-relativity.
    This is the closest approximation to prime numbers we know of without doing many separate calculations (does it divide by 15, does it divide by 16...). My intuition is the exponential part is related to infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, because its impossible to do anything without creating an infinite number of universes and cancelling-out others (as in the dark spots on the back wall of double-slit), so when each of those infinite number of universes creates infinity more universes (and cancels-out others), each level adds a multiply and the total is exponential, which maybe is what we see in the zeta function. What's missing is "All inertial frames see waves as quanta" (my new idea) which denies the existence of integer quantities of things and explains them as views of waves the same way you see light speed 1 constant regardless of where you view it from.
    Every inertial frame sees light move the same speed regardless of if they're moving toward or away from the light.

    Also here I found another way to think of special relativity, which I didn't realize at the time (it happens in so many parts of physics): "one flatland is as good as another"
    Heisenberg uncertainty is only uncertain if you only look at it from 1 angle. If you insist on only looking at particles from within this specific local laws of physics, you're stuck in flatland and will always be uncertain about it from that angle. But one flatland is as good as another. They're all equally mixed together through the "virtual particles".
    Don't think of it like parallel universes. We are continuously moving between them at every light-cone.

    If we were to view 1 high-dimensional-abstract-wave (like our current location in the universe, which includes what we see around us and the laws of physics, and all wave patterns between) from multiple angles (other such waves), then we would understand more of where the radio-static comes from.

    Radio static is virtual particles, something scientists can't explain except that they come out of nowhere and go back into nowhere because they are so small in space and time to not violate heisenberg uncertainty.
    One space's virtual particles are another space's dimensions chaoticly spread in the first space like radio static.
    Every inertial frame sees waves as quanta (exactly 1.0 particles instead of a continuous superposition of many partial particles).  and

    Bosons contrast with fermions, which obey Fermi–Dirac statistics. Two or more fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state.

    Since bosons with the same energy can occupy the same place in space, bosons are often force carrier particles. In contrast, fermions are usually associated with matter (although in quantum physics the distinction between the two concepts is not clear cut).

    To explain the part of "when each of those infinite number of universes creates infinity more universes (and cancels-out others), each level adds a multiply and the total is exponential, which maybe is what we see in the zeta function."... where those continuously branching universe overlap eachother from different paths but are similar in most other ways (continuously, of course, no quanta), is that what we call a boson, because bosons can overlap eachother multiple times, and fermions cant? If so, the parts equally spread would be fermions and some of the (infinite levels of) continuous overlapping convergence from (infinite levels of) continuous branching, would be bosons because what is mostly the same multiverse-vector would be overlapping other similar things. Unitary transformations only look non-unitary when you're pulled toward certain patterns they have in common, so the  builds up multiple overlapping quantum states.

    The Pauli exclusion principle is the quantum mechanical principle that no two identical fermions (particles with half-integer spin) may occupy the same quantum state simultaneously.

    The idea that bosons are not subject to pauli exclusion is rediculous, even though thats the well tested observations and accepted science, because that would mean the universe is not simultaneously all possibilities evenly spread and cancelling-out to zero. If bosons are not subject to pauli exclusion, then it begs the question of why the universe does not cancel-out to zero without first building that theory on the properties of such an unbalance. Quantum physics requires everything cancel-out, yet the possibility of 2 parts of the universe (bosons, not fermions which pauli exclusion is about) being simultaneously in the same state-of-the-universe contradicts the balance quantum physics is built on. Self-contradicting model of the world. Assumptions. Convenience of modelling things as integers and discrete parts. Nonsequitur.

    While my theory Timeless Multiverse Relativity may not provide any obvious value over your current methods of approximation, your theories have that contradiction while nobody has ever found a contradiction in Timeless Multiverse Relativity.

    The existence of  should have set off alarms in your minds that the universe was not balanced as you understand it, and this is what all of physics research is built on. Its no surprise you can't go faster than light, yet.  and
    Because "its impossible to do anything without creating an infinite number of universes and cancelling-out others (as in the dark spots on the back wall of double-slit)", this exponential branching into more possibilities, as a purely wave-based model (no quanta), generates entropy, but the "equal and opposite force" of it means that the universe overall must stay balanced to zero, containing no information overall, therefore entropy must stay constant. The universe is constant, timeless, zero, simultaneously everything and nothing (because nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities, which is a mobius-like paradox view of the universe). Local observations of thermodynamics increasing entropy toward heat-death of the universe, are not evidence of non-equilibrium entropy in the universe overall, and when I say universe I mean all pasts, presents, futures, and other patterns of reality combined, in their continuous spread of various superpositioned and collapsed forms which relate them to eachother. Science assumes thermodynamics is unbalanced. I'm working toward combining all these things to prove that if you quantum-observe every part of the universal wavefunction except the last epsilon-size part of it, Heisenberg Uncertainty has no choice except to tell you exactly the remaining possibility, because the universe has to cancel-out to zero.
    The next level of the experiment is to use something like a  (works best if its run in a quantum computer connected to the instantaneous changes in redshifts through quantum quality optical sensors, and same for as many outputs as possible) to put in an oscillating variable between each continuously adjusting prediction of pairs of redshift variables (average of: frequencyX minus frequencyY plus thisOscillatingVariableForXY). Each thisOscillatingVariableForXY var would have its own frequency, and it must be a unique prime number that occurs nowhere else in the system. Its best if its a large unique number so nobody else on Earth, including the closer parallel Earths (as the whole universe is an infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space with continuous paths between them), will choose the same combination of prime numbers. Of course since our local light-cone branches continuously, there will always be an infinite number of local near-identical duplicates, and similar as you get farther away, but the point is to increase the divergence in how the multiverse is mixed in the context of who chooses which set of prime numbers.

    To use the prime numbers, they are a replacement and/or addition to the oscillating fluorescent lightbulb whose phase is controlled as thisOscillatingVariableForLightBulb, like thisOscillatingVariableForXY. Its a much stronger control of Earth's phase (powered by gravity of all stars involved in the encrypted set of stars (how you chose the stars is encrypted recursively based on other properties of the stars at the time) than the fluorescent lightbulb, but theoretically either could work, depending on how accurate you balance it so Earth can superposition and pass through this encrypted double-slit then smoothly find itself on a wave-interference pattern of instantaneous change rates of redshift of pairs of stars.

    That's how you harness the power of the stars just by looking at them.


    Only an angry bull would push his horns full of entropy against a galaxy when he sees the red-shifted light, since its much easier to paint the red light blue with a double-slit brush. Here, el toro. Run for my red cloak. And then we step out of the way. Want to nuke your enemies, el toro? Look at all those red galaxies out there, possibly full of invaders. Run, el toro, run.

    I thought of that independently of the zeta function, but now it appears related to the prime numbers in the above quote.

    My mind finds patterns by high dimensional isomorphism instead of processing symbols (Example:  as how scientists process eachother's papers and symbols in them) without understanding most things about them, like most people organize their minds around. I can't give you the symbols yet because I have to understand it first as waves and patterns.

    Will you help me understand how it all fits together? When we're done, we can write formal papers. There's a million dollar prize for something related to the Zeta Function, but I'd rather have an infinite universe and equations to paint the red-shift of the stars with a double-slit brush, as if they were qubits and their gravity waves as superposition.
    Riemann Hypothesis

    Some numbers have the special property that they cannot be expressed as the product of two smaller numbers, e.g., 2, 3, 5, 7, etc. Such numbers are called prime numbers, and they play an important role, both in pure mathematics and its applications. The distribution of such prime numbers among all natural numbers does not follow any regular pattern, however the German mathematician G.F.B. Riemann (1826 - 1866) observed that the frequency of prime numbers is very closely related to the behavior of an elaborate function

    ζ(s) = 1 + 1/2s + 1/3s + 1/4s + ...

    called the Riemann Zeta function. The Riemann hypothesis asserts that all interesting solutions of the equation

    ζ(s) = 0

    lie on a certain vertical straight line. This has been checked for the first 1,500,000,000 solutions. A proof that it is true for every interesting solution would shed light on many of the mysteries surrounding the distribution of prime numbers.

    I also say there is no "mass gap" because the universal wavefunction is continuous, and Timeless Multiverse Relativity denies the existence of quanta and explains it as another form of special relativity. There's another million you could earn by helping me.
    Yang-Mills and Mass Gap

    The laws of quantum physics stand to the world of elementary particles in the way that Newton's laws of classical mechanics stand to the macroscopic world. Almost half a century ago, Yang and Mills introduced a remarkable new framework to describe elementary particles using structures that also occur in geometry. Quantum Yang-Mills theory is now the foundation of most of elementary particle theory, and its predictions have been tested at many experimental laboratories, but its mathematical foundation is still unclear. The successful use of Yang-Mills theory to describe the strong interactions of elementary particles depends on a subtle quantum mechanical property called the "mass gap:" the quantum particles have positive masses, even though the classical waves travel at the speed of light. This property has been discovered by physicists from experiment and confirmed by computer simulations, but it still has not been understood from a theoretical point of view. Progress in establishing the existence of the Yang-Mills theory and a mass gap and will require the introduction of fundamental new ideas both in physics and in mathematics.

    I don't know if it helps you simulate it better, but Timeless Multiverse Relativity does explain new things about the butterfly-effect in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space. Here's a third million dollar prize you could earn by helping.
    Navier-Stokes Equation

    Waves follow our boat as we meander across the lake, and turbulent air currents follow our flight in a modern jet. Mathematicians and physicists believe that an explanation for and the prediction of both the breeze and the turbulence can be found through an understanding of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations. Although these equations were written down in the 19th Century, our understanding of them remains minimal. The challenge is to make substantial progress toward a mathematical theory which will unlock the secrets hidden in the Navier-Stokes equations.

    Million dollars for solution to Poincare already won, but the bigger prize is ours... the solution. It is related to Timeless Multiverse Relativity in which superpositions can be a continuous flow from which collapsed form, since the superposition of x and collapsed form of x are both simultaneously x and not 2 different things, as we see in the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser where the present appears to be affected by the future, but really the collapsed form in the present and superpositioned form in the future are the same particle and I see nothing confusing at all about why they should affect eachother through time. They are the same object, and Poincare will verify this, in some cases. While Timeless Multiverse Relativity is far more general than Poincare, that's at least 1 of the places it fits in.
    Poincaré Conjecture (solved: Grigoriy Perelman, 2002-3)

    If we stretch a rubber band around the surface of an apple, then we can shrink it down to a point by moving it slowly, without tearing it and without allowing it to leave the surface. On the other hand, if we imagine that the same rubber band has somehow been stretched in the appropriate direction around a doughnut, then there is no way of shrinking it to a point without breaking either the rubber band or the doughnut. We say the surface of the apple is "simply connected," but that the surface of the doughnut is not. Poincaré, almost a hundred years ago, knew that a two dimensional sphere is essentially characterized by this property of simple connectivity, and asked the corresponding question for the three dimensional sphere (the set of points in four dimensional space at unit distance from the origin).

    This question turned out to be extraordinarily difficult. Nearly a century passed between its formulation in 1904 by Henri Poincaré and its solution by Grigoriy Perelman, announced in preprints posted on in 2002 and 2003. Perelman's solution was based on Richard Hamlton's theory of Ricci flow, and made use of results on spaces of metrics due to Cheeger, Gromov, and Perelman himself. In these papers Perelman also proved William Thurston's Geometrization Conjecure, a special case of which is the Poincaré conjecture. See the press release of March 18, 2010.

    Please help me figure this out.

    These ideas keep converging faster to a consistent Theory Of Everything....

    Nonexistence is isomorphic to the set of all self-consistent possibilities, which means the universe is simultaneously everything and nothing. Everything and nothing are 2 words that mean the same thing. At first I thought it was mobius-shaped, but that's only when you view it in the context of it being possible to not be the whole universe at once, as if any individual possibility could be experienced. Instead, "everything" and "nothing" are identical because they are isomorphic. They are not a manifold, because if they were, they would have to be like a mobius or klein bottle (nonorientable), and that would mean its possible to not be the whole universe at once. The universal wave is 1 thing, even though as Humans information doesn't flow much between us so we feel like individuals, but in a physics way its all 1 big wave. I see no reason for light-cones to be cones. They should have space only, but still length-contraction. Time is just a pattern, like galaxies all accelerating away from us, and if all such patterns were slowed to neutral (change the red-shift to neutral by decelerating them) our experience of time would stop, because time is not a core property of the universe, just a pattern we've been flowing with.

    All light-cones see light speed as quanta (1.0 times light speed).

    All light-cones see waves as quanta (1.0 times particle).

    All light-cones see consciousness as quanta (1.0 times universe). Every light-cone is a view of the whole universe, equal to the universe.

    Start with all self-consistent possibilities, everything that possibly could exist, and nothing which contradicts itself.

    There are an infinite number of patterns, ways to view it, mix it up, multiply it by things, and whatever else you think of to differentiate the views of the total of all possibilities. Call each of these a light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once.

    Each light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once aligns with each other light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once some amount. These alignments can be anything, since I'm talking about patterns in general, not any specific kind of space or equations yet.

    The amount each 2 align can never be more than 1, because nothing aligns with something more than itself aligns with itself. Therefore, the maximum light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once alignment of the universe is 1.0, quanta.

    When a light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once is just a little aligned with another light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once, it must be length-contracted and moving near the speed of light, except it could be moving forward or backward in time because my model of the universe has no time. Instead of defining it in terms of time, I can define it purely in terms of length-contraction, because that is enough to translate to existing special-relativity equations. This model exactly matches those equations  because  is the equation of a circle put into a nonintuitive context. Length-contraction is simply the dot-product of alignment in this light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once space, and therefore the space of all possibilities is a timeless uncountably-infinite-dimensional  (without the time or cones on light-cones).

    Quantum physics is the same kind of continuous space as special relativity, and in this model we should be able to do a calculus integral simultaneously between collapsed particle and superposition, the particle types of the Standard Model, M-Theory, and virtual-particles. Its smooth? Lets throw Poincare at it as a low-dimensional test of its smoothness. Unless.... I know every pattern must align with everything it experiences as 1.0 dot-product, but the discontinuity of quantum-physics may come from, in general, all possible patterns not being a smooth space from all perspectives. Overall it certainly cancels-out to zero, but from each of those patterns, are the adjacent patterns, and the patterns near those, and so on, continuous? Since I defined light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once each as a different way to view all self-consistent possibilities at once (which is proven by the existence of quanta, since the universe is the only thing there is 1 of and quanta means 1, as explained above), the existence of 1 smooth light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once would prove they're all smooth. Nonexistence is smooth. Therefore we can integrate everything, even metaphysics, in calculus. Maybe?

    I'm not sure this is correct, since I may have excluded irrational-manifolds, but it feels like I'm getting closer.

    Updating my words...

    All light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once see light speed as quanta (1.0 times light speed).

    All light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once see waves as quanta (1.0 times particle).

    All light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once see consciousness as quanta (1.0 times universe). Every light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once is a view of the whole universe, equal to the universe.

    MOST IMPORTANT CONCLUSION: The reason every light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once sees every other light-pattern-way-to-view-whole-universe-at-once as quanta (exactly 1 thing) is the only thing it can see is itself. For anything to be seen, it has to align with the current pattern which defines the self, which is called "inertial frame", "light cone", and "consciousness". Every light-cone is consciousness. Every part of the universe is consciousness, while most of them aren't intelligent or alive. The reason quantum physics is quantum is every light-cone is the whole universe, and it can only see other light-cones by merging with them into a new pattern which is, for the same reason, also the whole universe but a different view of it. The word "quanta" means universe. It is the only thing there is 1 of, and quanta means 1. The dot-products between these infinite number of ways to view the universe are the waves, and each view of the universe is quanta. There is no paradox of wave-particle-duality because, as viewed from every light-cone, everything is simultaneously experienced (all particles you can see, past and future) as always the whole universe as 1 quanta (you can only see 1 quanta at a time), and simultaneously the dot-products between all possibilities are the waves. Timeless Multiverse Relativity unifies light-speed, wavefunction-collapse, the whole universe, and consciousness all as identical quanta and all as forms of special-relativity including length-contraction but not time. In the most technical way, the reason for all possibilities being simultaneously wave and particle is that every light-cone, every inertial frame, every tiny piece of consciousness, is the whole universe from a different perspective. There's no way around it... Every light-cone is the whole universe, so... The laws of physics require that everyone be a god, each from a unique perspective, and all equal through unitary transformations as are done on wavefunctions, and the laws of physics are nothing at all, just the shape of all possibilities together which cancel-out to zero.

    I'm still not sure about this part:
    I know every pattern must align with everything it experiences as 1.0 dot-product, but the discontinuity of quantum-physics may come from, in general, all possible patterns not being a smooth space from all perspectives. Overall it certainly cancels-out to zero, but from each of those patterns, are the adjacent patterns, and the patterns near those, and so on, continuous?

    ...but if that is smooth, then I've just organized the set of all possible realities into the following: fractal length-contraction space, which is like a fractal minkowski-space except without time. If so, we can do calculus-integrals between different laws of physics, collapse, superposition, and the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser all as 1 smooth manifold.

    As I said at the end of the last post, "Please help me figure this out", because we still need to find the connections between all these things. We're not done figuring out the Theory Of Everything until we're all looking down on Earth from our multiverse ships.
    BenRayfield     Sat, Apr 28, 2012  Permanent link
    I overgeneralized the Higgs Boson to something its definition does not fit. Higgs is a specific part of the Standard Model of physics, and I'm writing about something deeper than that which some of the constants and relationships between particle/force types of the Standard Model are a specific example of.

    Every light-cone sees the speed of light and waves as quanta (1.0 times speed of light, or 1.0 specific observed particles instead of less than 1.0 particles at a time spread superpositioned in a wave).

    Every light-cone is the whole universe from a different perspective. Every light-cone in pasts, presents, futures, and all other forms of reality, affects and is affected by every other light-cone. It is impossible to experience less than the whole universe at any 1 light-cone, which can be said in math as feynman-paths are timeless and still cancel-out to zero when integrated from a light-cone to cover the whole universe and back to that same light-cone.

    Light-cone and consciousness are equal. Science and philosophy are compatible because they are both the search for truth, science from the angle of reductionism and philosophy from the angle of holism, and only by using both strategies together can you find what is most accurate.

    Because wavefunction-collapse and speed-of-light are both quanta views of the same universal wave from different perspectives, quanta is each top and each bottom of the wave (local maximum or local minimum).

    These tops and bottoms of waves move as science understands particles to move, but they never stop being waves and only appear as particles because all inertial frames see waves as quanta, and quanta means top or bottom of wave. Top is particle. Bottom is antiparticle. I do not specificly mean this as "top quark" and "bottom quark", or "up quark" and "down quark", which are parts of Standard Model, but those are examples of this more general idea of quanta being "local minimum" and "local maximum", which of course, when they touch eachother, cancel-out the opposing parts of the wave leaving only the parts they have in common.

    These "local minimum" and "local maximum" parts of our universal wave maybe should be calculated using an analog variation of  or related math, and which specific parts of the  (see picture of particle/fermion/boson/force types with curved lines between them) of physics interact with which other parts appears to be related to which numbers divide into which other numbers, basic integer math, possibly related to the combination of all this with  which is an approximation of how exponential things and prime numbers are related to eachother, specificly how things which cancel-out or divide evenly would be  and prime numbers would be  because many bosons can occupy the same quantum state while only 1 fermion can.

    Using this whole theory of physics, Timeless Multiverse Relativity, we should be able to use the instantaneous change in red-shift (which mirrors gravity waves because gravity moves at speed-of-light) of stars or galaxies, encrypted in how we statelessly use the current observations of red-shift amounts to choose which stars/galaxies to observed next and what to use those observations for in combinations with other observations as a big self-modifying computer program defining this encryption, to spread the force in ways there is no "local minimum" or "local maximum" path for physics to hill-climb toward the path-of-least-resistance, and then once we have 3 sets of stars/galaxies chosen through those few cycles of stateless encryption, sum the instantaneous change in red-shift amounts of the first group of stars/galaxies and normalize to a bell-curve, and use that as the part of double-slit which first branches the wave, and do that again for either the second or third group of stars/galaxies depending on the outcome of the first group, and this part is either the left or right slit, and choose any target which is normalized using known distances and angles in space from the at-the-time-chosen-by-star-encryption slit, and you have already precalculated the expected wave-interference pattern so adjust the phase using some other process depending on which slit and which angle of double-slit your reality took the path of in this parallel variation of reality, so you use double-slit strategy to choose your preferred futures statistically by cancelling-out futures you want to avoid and amplifying futures you want to experience. One way to adjust the phase of Earth or any local area like around a ship, is to oscillate a fluorescent lightbulb with precise timing, after a random delay chosen by the same encryption process on the stars, and to keep it oscillating for a short time so the phase of the atoms and electricity in the lightbulb, in combination with that same lightbulb in other phases spread across parallel realities which took a different path through this multiverse double-slit experiment, becomes a stronger force on the local part of the universal wave than the unbalanced actions of the machine set up to cause such oscillations which would by itself cause wavefunction collapse but in combination with a longer duration of fluorescent lightbulb oscillation in precise phase and timing will locally appear as wavefunction collapse but we are at all levels also inside superpositioned qubits because the universe is fractal. This is how you can use the instantaneous changes in red-shift of combinations of stars as qubits in an encrypted double-slit to put force on anything you can define in terms of phase adjustments normalized by the expected wave-interference patterns of large objects in space, powered by their gravity. It is more efficient, but harder to calculate, to use the stars/galaxies in a more balanced way by adding a large secret prime number frequency of oscillating randomness into the continuously adjusting prediction numbers between the stars in combination with a local calculation and in space real version of a  where predictions of the distances between stars and how they change are the weights between the nodes of the Boltzmann Machine. This is a replacement for the fluorescent lightbulb. Either way, its how to use the power of stars/galaxies just by looking at them, as we know from quantum physics that observing something changes it.