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    Marijuana and the efficiency of the private industry
    I was walking in front of a long line of stores and was surprised to see how easy, theoretically, it would be to get prescriptions for medical marijuana and also thought it was funny that these people in green clothes were handing out cards like salesmen and inviting people to come in for such weed-related services in front of police who were slowly driving by on this large sidewalk.

    What's the efficiency of the private industry? There are 2 different medical shops for evaluating people for marijuana prescriptions about 100 feet apart, competing with eachother.

    This was near the large cement boardwalk a little south of Venice Beach Park in California, in case anyone seeking relief for their medical condition wants to move down there where its legal. A quick search finds there are lots of locations where this is legal...  ...  I've known for years there were lots of places where its legal, but I didn't expect to find a salesman attitude about it.

    I'm not pussyfooting about medical marijuana... I support the legalization and deregulation of all drugs and medicines for adults, for recreational, medical, or any other use. Toward that goal, we should spread the word about any progress. Please get high in a safe way so you don't give the drugs a bad reputation.

    "Let us redefine progress to mean that just because we can do a thing, it does not necessarily follow that we must." —Star Trek

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