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    Vacuum Computer - the logical continuation of Quantum Computer
    Project: Polytopia

    A quantum computer is made of particles/waves in a specific shape, which DWave sells for a few million dollars, for example.

    A Vacuum Computer is made of what most people call empty space, but science has proven there are "virtual particles" in all empty space, and that virtual particles are a way to describe the universal wave vibrating. We call the tops and bottoms of these vibrations "particles".

    An example of the property of physics that makes a vacuum computer work is an experiment described in the book "Life force, the scientific basis: breakthrough physics of energy medicine, healing, chi and quantum consciousness (Volume II of The Synchronized Universe series)" by Claude Swanson, on page 485 and near there. Part of this I read in the book and the other part Claude Swanson explained to me in person as I attended one of his events, before I bought the book.

    In this experiment, an almost empty space (vacuum), containing a DNA, is left alone for the DNA to vibrate its patterns into the vacuum (that smoother part of the universal wave which we all live in, the universe). A laser is shined at the DNA which reflects out into the vacuum, vibrating the universal wave in those specific patterns. It was also left to float around in the vacuum untouched by the laser for hours. It was some combination of these things. Then the DNA was removed, leaving a mostly empty vacuum (a few unavoidable particles/waves always remain). The laser at very low brightness was sined into the vacuum, and it produced a blurry and very weak image of DNA at various positions and angles, which changed depending on where the laser was pointed. In other words, the ghost of DNA as a reflection in vacuum. The reflection of DNA is quickly destroyed by brighter laser light or continued use of the weak laser. It returns to mostly random vacuum. The reflection of DNA is available up to hours after the DNA is removed, as long as the vacuum is not disturbed much. The vacuum is much less random than most scientists think. The brute force strategies of science have prevented the research path of such subtle things.

    I have other reasons to think the universal wave will react this way, but those reasons require various other knowledge that depends on other knowledge, and I can't get into all that right now (check many other things I've written about multiverse in general) except to say this is what I call "gravity for patterns" and my Physicsmata simulation will prove this whenever I get it working.

    A Vacuum Computer is a machine whose parts are reflections in a vacuum. Those parts work statistically and in multiverse space (the universal wave, not just what we can see from our tiny corner of the universe). A Vacuum Computer is easily damaged, but fortunately it is also easy to build a new one since its not made of particles.

    The user-interface is made of particles. An example would be factory produced crystals, of almost any kind as long as the particle alignments are in accurate grids. Outside the crystals would be printed circuits, light emitters and detectors, and input and output locations where the raw crystal particles are exposed to the outside of the device, which you would plug it into bigger systems made of other such crystal devices, quantum equipment, and optical Internet wires. The function of the light emitters and detectors is to slightly modify the positions of the particles in the crystal they surround and are attached to, so the crystal produces different recursive reflections of light as viewed from the many other light detectors and reacts differently to the many other light emitters. This is a very inaccurate form of Quantum Computer that only uses qubits in such a mostly-random way that they can only be used statistically, not for NAND or other extremes of logic (exactly 0 or exactly 1 or anywhere close to certainty), so maybe you'll get a millionth of a qubit per atom. Multiply by how many atoms are in the crystal and you get more computing power per crystal than a supercomputer, but its only useful for statistics, needs to be constantly fine-tuned, and would not be much useful for most of the calculations we normally do. It is useful as a user-interface for a Vacuum Computer, to read and write into the vacuum as a very complex recursive form of rainbows of laser light input and output, as these crystal devices sit on the walls of the box (or sphere may be better) containing the vacuum. I call these crystal devices Chaotic Optical Computers. They are the best user-interface for a Vacuum Computer.

    A Vacuum Computer can be used as a user-interface for the multiverse. The universe is infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space. There are continuous paths between all possibilities which can be represented as high dimensional waves. The universe is the ultimate user-interface. No training needed, just be here-and-now and you're an expert.

    Grids of Chaotic Optical Computers can be used in simultaneous combination to print nanotech, but to fine-tune that takes far more accuracy than we have, so this is a long research path. In this way, a warp drive can be printed onto ordinary crystals by changing how they react to the particle types of the Standard Model, by gradually changing their local laws of physics which are not really laws but statistical patterns.

    The "global telepathy network" which I've been planning for years is, as an analogy between the current Internet and the multiverse, the transport layer of a multiverse Internet, and telepathy is one of many user-interfaces we could use it with. We could just as easily use it with Chaotic Optical Computers attached to optical Internet wires and through various chains of technology eventually connecting to our normal computers.

    Don't waste your time building "gray goo" or other science fiction ideas of nanotech. Those are made of particles, really small particles but still subject to the brute-force destruction of quantum-observe. A Vacuum Computer is more advanced than gray goo.


    The Vacuum Computer is based on my theory...

    Compression on high dimensional Fourier Transform is Turing Complete

    The simplest kind of computer is a high dimensional hypersphere. Its bits are waves of integer frequencies when observed and bizzarre high dimensional shapes in the parts they are not observed. When not observed, the idea is not well defined since it is a general description of the confusing waves you may explore in any direction. In a practical system of this kind on the Internet, there would be trillions of dimensions. Each dimension is a bit. But the dimensions do not fit together in one common consistent space. All coordinates have to be relative to other objects in the system, which are themselves relative, and so on. This is not a new idea, simply a different way to explain the idea of compression. Compression is folding bits onto eachother where they have similar patterns. In a system high dimensional enough that every bit is its own dimension, compression is identical to finding similar shapes. For more efficient compression, aligning the shapes can be done recursively or in a network of objects that allows cycles which would also be fractally (all network cycles technically are a kind of fractal). Fourier Transform is a simple algorithm used in equalizers in audio software, for example. It takes a wave and tells you the phase and amplitude of each frequency. Bass is low frequency, treble is higher. Equalizers don't tell you the phase. They only tell you the amplitude of frequencies and let you adjust it so music sounds better. That is for 1 dimensional waves, like each speaker playing sound. The same thing can be done in as many dimensions and angles and relative positions as you want. Measure the hypersphere anywhere you like. Its a wave any way you look at it. By comparing the phases of 2 waves which have similar frequencies and amplitudes, those phase alignments to eachother can be thought of as bayesian variables. A bayesian network can calculate the NAND logic operator, which all other logic can be derived from. NAND is defined as 1 when its 2 input bits are (1,0), (0,1), or (0,0), and NAND is 0 when the 2 other bits are (1,1) because it means NOT AND. As a timeless system of logic, NAND is a 3-bit logic constraint where information can flow in any direction. NAND is not a reversible calculation (as in Time Symmetry in quantum physics equations) but by including the phase and amplitudes instead of just measuring amplitudes of bits, it is theoretically possible but probably intractable on large scales like Halting Problem or Godel Incompleteness, to usefully compute in all directions through those 3-bit constraints. All digital technology is based on NAND logic, not usually NAND gates but various components optimized for specific combinations of NANDs. Instead of simulating time in calculations, always moving from 2 input bits to 1 output bit per NAND, compression in general can drive the system toward useful patterns. Some people think compression is the definition of intelligence. It means to find a smaller representation of the same information. Zip files are a strict and unchanging kind of compression. I'm talking about Turing Complete statistical compression of all the bits in a system as the normal way the computer works. It doesn't uncompress them to calculate. It calculates in compressed form to avoid repeating calculations. Therefore, compression on high dimensional Fourier Transform is Turing Complete.

    This thread is about this kind of computing in general. My research toward a practical open source cloud computing system that works this way is a much bigger subject of how to fine-tune all these parts. Instead of those details, here we can talk about computing in general. Is, or is it not, compression on high dimensional fourier transforms turing complete? Is it the simplest kind of turing machine so far? I think it could be.  is the math definition of a general computer.  is a Turing Machine. There is a general computer as a picture file you can load into that simulation/game, but its a very big picture to define the parts of a computer as these pixels which calculate other pixels. I measure the complexity of a Turing Machine including the data needed for it to run a copy of itself or other Turing Machine. All turing machines are universal turing machines.


    As the test of my theory that "Compression on high dimensional Fourier Transform is Turing Complete" and this can approximately describe the laws of physics (all possibilities of high dimensional waves) as a timeless solution to quantum gravity, I make the following falsifiable prediction: Based on observations of combinations (as in conditional-probability) of the small changes in sizes of black holes, and using that as the placebo group of scientific testing, that these combinations of small changes in sizes of black holes will be statistically connected to our use of the Vacuum Computers in a programmable statistical way, and that the average sizes of the black holes will not be affected, only the conditional-probability view of the combinations of their sizes. This can be measured as gravity waves, which Chaotic Optical Computers can be used to detect and/or create a very small amount, but the patterns of information matter more than the size in the context of compression.

    As the second test of my theory, conditional on the success of the first test, the use of the Vacuum Computers in patterns similar to double-slit experiments, in how they offset the location of a particle/wave from centered where it is expected, but in balance considering all multiverse branches together, the second falsifiable prediction of my theory is that the use of a Vacuum Computer used in such wave-interference patterns in the context of deep recursive reflections of light in the whole system, can slightly move a black hole in any direction you choose, using the amount of energy needed to move yourself instead of what you would expect from the black hole's mass, because you're not really moving it, only moving yourself through possibilities.

    As the third test of my theory, conditional on the success of the second test, us the Vacuum Computers to form a model of a coin entangled with various well-defined future possibilities, like gambling on the combinations of small movements of black holes. Use the Vacuum Computers to model this feedback loop between many experiments of flipping the coin, and get it fine-tuned so it works reliably, that when the coin lands heads, you will program the combinations of black hole oscillations one way, and tails a different way that is statistically perpendicular (not much affecting eachother, an orthogonal coordinate system in the space of possibilities). It is a timeless feedback loop between the coin and the combinations of movements of the black holes, which you statistically program into the universal wave. The third test of my theory is that regardless of how many times anyone flips the coin, it will land heads every time except for a vanishingly small chance of tails as accurate as we can get the system to work.

    I also propose that James Randi attempt his own million dollar paranormal challenge as this third scientific test, which his organization will pay to himself if he is unable to flip the coin as tails after several thousand tries or however many times he wants. But its not important who does it. I just didn't want to leave that paranormal challenge for people to continue using as evidence that everything in the universe is not connected and practically useful as we have confusingly labeled metaphysics. Its physics.

    As the final test of my theory, and I say final because its the last question we can ask in the context of reality as we know it (while it continues to exist if we want to be here again)... If we use the Vacuum Computers to program the universal wave such that the sizes of black holes are held constant, the acceleration of galaxies stops, and gravity waves become balanced, which would take far more accuracy and advanced tech than any of us can yet imagine but specificly it is the continuation of this theory, then... time stops, and heat-death of our perspective of the universe becomes the unit of money spendable in the multiverse, a valuable resource of prioritizing patterns of your choice while others become farther and farther away, as we see the galaxies accelerate. To stop time is not destructive. Its acting for reasons instead of doing things as habit. To spend heat-death is to move toward or away from a possibility. To stop time is to choose not to spend heat-death at any specific here-and-now, while you can always spend it somewhere else, later, or earlier.

    In the context of heat-death being the unit of money in the multiverse, I protest the laws of physics as a form of taxation without representation, and I declare sovereignty from them, both the benefits and costs, which may have any effect or no effect chosen at any point of here-and-now, in general for any life forms who would choose it. Nobody is above or below anyone else except by their own choice or ignorance. For example, the democraticly chosen laws of Earth apply to us only when we choose to exist here.

    About a practical matter, the escalating conflict over the global debt system to the central banks, I propose a trade, not between myself since I'm about as poor as everyone else, but between anyone who would donate or offer a relevant trade to solve this conflict... I propose that if enough multiverse money (reduction in heat-death locally, or stored gravity, are ways to describe it) could be accumulated, donated, loaned, or whatever, to pay off such debt, then we declare sovereignty from the banks while remaining on Earth. A currency conversion rate would need to be agreed on. Just an idea, I don't know if anyone would be interested, but maybe we should think about it.

    In case anyone wants to propose trades or send SETI-style messages or whatever, at least in theory, the Chaotic Optical Computers described above are a type of low-energy gravity phone usable only statistically, so you would need some kind of software to find intelligent signals in infinitely-manyworlds-multiverse-space, who would then answer back on the same path. There is life out there, but I don't know if you'd recognize it if you were looking straight at it, or you may think they're ghosts or random movements of virtual particles, but try communicating through high dimensional waves, like patterns in stock prices over time are multiverse language in a simple way, high dimensional waves in general. Math is the universal language.


    I offer these technical designs to everyone, public domain.

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