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    Physics of how to walk into a dream

    There can be no difference between any true science, religion, or metaphysics because its all 1 world. We need the science and math, how to do it with machines too, as I'll explain details of, but that makes it sound so rigid and tedious people don't see what its really about. We've tamed this planet, but its a jungle out there in the space of all possibilities. Flying through it is like dancing, music, art, a balancing act to climb to higher energy states (a physics word). Lose your balance, like by going about it in a rigid purely scientific way instead of dancing, and you fall down to the energy level Earth resonates at and think the laws of physics can only do that. If we think of every particle/wave, every tiny part of the world or bigger pattern, as its own dimension, then flying through multiverse space is literally a kind of flying even with your feet on the ground. Theres more than enough dimensions that you can stand in some and fly in the others. In this dancing, flying, balancing, there's nothing like the feeling of moving between reality and the more dream-like flows except maybe forgetting that you exist and moving from one here-and-now to the next without resistance like one moment of music passes and you hear the next. It can't fully be explained in words. You just have to try it.

    Many religions say it is possible to walk between reality and a dream as the same space. In some ways this is true and other ways not.

    First, the science. In all cases conservation laws (of energy, of momentum, of angular momentum, of entropy, equal and opposite force, etc) must be obeyed. Time machines are possible, but you still can't use them to violate conservation laws across the space of all possibilities. Perpetual motion machines are not possible. Entropy increases with time. Entropy decreases with gravity which we see as patterns sticking together. Gravity and time are inverse functions of eachother. Time is entropy. Gravity is the decrease in entropy as calculated in the opposite direction. You can never decrease entropy overall while moving forward in time because time is entropy. Evidence that time and gravity are opposite directions is that escape velocity in a black hole exceeds speed of light but gravity still gets out and affects us to accelerate toward the black hole. All these forces act recursively and in networks with cycles to emergently form the particle/wave types of the Standard Model of physics and the specific dimensions and brane shapes of String-Theory/M-Theory. The universe is a multiverse, not of parallel worlds, continuous paths between all infinite possibilities including variations in the particle/wave types and "constants" in the wave equations, but its always combinations of waves flowing through eachother.

    A core part of this theory is that gravity is the inverse function of time. For the universe to stay in thermodynamic equilibrium overall, there must be the same amount of incrase and decrease of entropy. Time is positive entropy. Gravity is negative entropy. 2 opposite directions of the same pattern. So its no surprise that at a black hole time stops and gravity is maximized. This gravity works in all sizes and variety of patterns, not just the kind easiest to see. This is how the patterns fall together like a big puzzle to make metaphysics work across distances and events that scientists normally would say can't be connected.

    There are practical uses of this possible with current technology and/or large groups of people meditating and flowing brainwaves in very specific statistical patterns, as I'll explain below after how I figured this out.

    Anyone can learn to do these things and I research toward that. I do not say this to brag but instead to explain some of what is possible without violating physics and how far into this stuff I've gone at various times, as it comes and goes, and that I am not extrapolating too far past my data points. I have more than enough data points in my experience to justify my belief in this theory I'm explaining in this thread. Like many other people, it started with my experience of metaphysical things. At times I became very skilled at a variety of metaphysics including telekinesis, telepathy, short term precognition (picking up the phone before it rings, walking toward microwave before it beeps), out of body experiences, communication across unknown distances using math as the universal language, subconscious influence over when it rains and patterns of air flow (those ancient "rain dances" aren't just superstition, but you don't need the dance), and other variety of metaphysics. You can see a video of me moving a piece of aluminum foil balanced on a knife in the "psi wheel in a clear closed box 2" youtube video here  I once had a similar psi wheel in such a clear plastic box moving continuously for 3 days which stopped when I touched it. Emitted a small amount of light from the palms of my hands for a few seconds which allowed me to see in a very dark room. With 30 other people helped build a small thoughtform location in a shared out of body experience called Astral Pulse Island (search for it) and many people have been there since and had lots of fun exploring and building their own thoughtforms onto it. But in this thread I'm going to explain it in terms of just 2 of those experiences.

    My most important experience to understand that led to this... I was meditating while walking outside and the metaphysical "vibrations" (as new age people often call them, but really its a form of energy like any other in physics) I had built up and felt strongly. I decided to look for a certain kind of snake I had played with as a child, wormsnakes, but I hadn't seen one for 15 years. I looked where I used to find them and other places but found none so I gave up. Its important that I gave up on it, in some ways, in that it put me into a more balanced state of mind. I had the "vibrations" while sending the thought out there then let it go. 5 minutes later, to my surprise, a local cat picked up a wormsnake in its mouth. I knew I had done it, or it cause me to broadcast that thought, either direction of information flow it could be, or both. I took the wormsnake from the cat's mouth and let it go a few minutes later.

    In a small but very real way, I dreamed a wormsnake and walked into my dream.

    The second important experience is getting the psi wheel to move continuously (like in the video, in a clear plastic box) for 3 days, after which I touched it and it stopped. The important thing about it is that it maintained an average speed of 1 turn per 20 seconds but many times during each turn would slow down and speed up as if it was being dragged by something. Nothing visible was touching it except the point of the knife it was balanced on, and that wasn't moving. The air in the box wasn't moving either since the box was closed, except as far as the movement of the aluminum foil caused the air to move. Something else was dragging it, and my theory is that at the start of the 3 days I set some rotating thing in multiverse space in motion, which turned at a frequency of 1/20 and had enough energy to continue dragging the aluminum foil for at least 3 days against friction of the air and point of the knife. This is very important to my theory of the universe in that it, if we accept that it really happened, is clear evidence that energy can be stored in rotating forms outside the normal dimensions of this reality and connected to things in this reality and caused by mental action.

    This is the normal way the universe works, in combination with conservation laws of physics and other facts. There is no magic, just some very misunderstood ways things work.

    Anyone can learn to do all these things, but its not easy. In 2003 I started practicing metaphysics. It took me 3 weeks of 2 hours per day watching a psi wheel not moving at all and I was happy after that to see it move one millimeter. Over the next 5 months I became skilled enough to record the video linked above. That is how much determination it takes to learn the real use of metaphysics. Its there equally for everyone to learn if you want it.

    The important question is why does it work? For too long it has been left to religious speculation and faith. In recent years technology and knowledge of math have advanced far enough we can do real research to figure it out.

    After years of thinking about it, I see only 1 possible theory that explains all of it without creating more questions without answers. That theory is, continuing the basic properties of physics I wrote above...

    As scientists know, everything in the world can be described as a quantum wavefunction. Its just an unreasonably big equation for large objects so we don't normally use that kind of math, but its still valid. Fortunately I have some shortcuts to exponentially reduce the cost of using wavefunction math so tht it can be used, at a cost of statistical accuracy, on objects and patterns in the world of any size.

    The Global Consciousness Project (Noosphere) is a research of over 10 years that has found small patterns in their quantum "random" numbers generated in devices across the Earth, patterns statistically related to major world events which they mark in advance and keep records of in publicly available data. My theory explains why major world events would affect quantum number generators.

    It works because gravity is the inverse function of time, and gravity acts recursively and in networks with cycles on patterns of all sizes, patterns seen in the Standard Model of physics and in the statistics between the Global Consciousness Project's quantum number generators and major world events. The gravity pulls the patterns together like a big puzzle. If we can use artificial intelligence and/or our brains, especially in a global network with statistics of our thoughts (interactions with a flowing game-like user interface) flowing through the Internet like brainwaves of a global brain, then we can form statistical models of these recursive (and in networks with cycles) patterns as they overlap eachother like a big puzzle, and we can use such a system and advanced math to oscillate the patterns differently toward any state of the world we would prefer since the patters operate the same way at all sizes.

    we could start with a simple lab test to access, model, and oscillate the patterns of pencil graphite and gradually form it more and more into carbon crystal (diamond). I don't expect it would work much at first, but any change to the graphite at all would be scientific progress. It may be better to start with attempted changes to aluminum foil as I've found it is the easiest material I can move with my mind (at the few times I am able to do that).

    The exponential wavefunction optimization is to use wavefunctions to represent a variety of sizes, like each level being 2 times bigger than the last, and fit them together in that way, like a many-directional lazy-instantiation strategy in software that may go up or down its stack or any combination recursively. This trades accuracy for size that the equations will work at, but since empirically we do dream things into existence and walk into our dreams, even if its only small amounts, there has to be a way it can be done.

    After getting it to work for simple materials, the research would expand into more complex patterns. It will be most useful in combination with a database of all known diseases and chemicals and DNA patterns so a network of such wavefunction patterns can be emergently and gradually built, with places to push and pull on it slightly, so it can oscillate toward or against any pattern definable in terms of that database of physical patterns. Such a device would cure diseases at a distance, noninvasive medical tech. I don't know exactly how to build it. I just know enough to say it can be done and this research path leads to it eventually. It also leads to low power warp drive using the same networks of oscillating patterns.

    The overlapping patterns oscillating and fitting together like a big puzzle are similar to Cold Fusion except they don't explode because its overlap on a large scale, of many particles/waves at a time instead of just a few which would release energy very locally. Instead, energy spreads smoothly to other patterns as the oscillation. This can be modeled as wavefunctions overlapping eachother at many angles and variety of patterns, and the probability amplitude (as in squared magnitude of complex coefficients of ket vectors) of each wavefunction is modeled statistically by other wavefunctions and artificial intelligence.

    What physical force powers the process of walking into a dream? Its a statistical force, like quantum physics, on the space of possibilities. Brains and some machines repeatedly make exponentially unlikely things happen, like a blob of bio mass moving up stairs instead of falling and spreading out on the ground floor. What's the chance the atoms in your body would all at the same time move up those stairs or an elevator? In terms of chances of what a set of atoms would do in a wavefunction, so close to zero that scientists would normally substitute the value zero in their equations for practical reasons. That was their mistake that prevented them from understanding the power of the mind. The standard deviation (width of the bigger part of a bell curve) of the sum of n random numbers which are each -1 or 1 is the square root of n. It works similarly for any number of dimensions, and we can think of each particle/wave or group or pattern of them as its own dimension, but some dimensions (like those in String-Theory/M-Theory) have more statistical influence than others. Think of those -1 or 1, and angles of it (not just in that 1 dimension), as planck length (the smallest known size in quantum physics). Planck length is astronomically small, and the visible-so-far part of the universe is astronomically big. The smallness and bigness seen so far are near inverses of eachother. So just to explain it approximately, if we were to oscillate the patterns which apply recursively and in networks with cycles (an important part of this theory) to be just a little bigger (time) or smaller (gravity) bell curve, then the energy generated from that change (and spread across large distance, not exploding) is on the scale of the amount of change as a fraction (which will be a square root as we know from the Central Limit Theorem of statistics) times the Hubble Volume (as big as we have seen) divided by the Planck Length (as small as we have seen), times that huge number because we live in a multiverse not a single possibility so every view of the multiverse is the whole multiverse from a different pattern of angles and perspectives, but smaller than that by a very small factor of how hard it is to organize slightly more than half (the unbalance generating the force) of the particles/waves in any one area to spin/phase/etc differently than the other half (while normally its very close to half and half), so practically this means that by using the power of the mind and/or intelligent machines to organize the statistical influence on the oscillations of patterns which apply recursively and in networks with cycles in multiverse space we can mine as much energy (like a windmill mines energy from oscillations in air) as we have intelligence in the system overall. Practically this is seen as moving psi wheels with single minds, and the metaphysical energy ("vibrations" as the new age people call this kind of energy) generated will increase exponentially as more people and/or intelligent machines join the network but divided by their inaccuracy of alignment with the rest of the network. Practically this means as more people join the network, the world becomes more dream-like as we have more metaphysical energy to power the process and less metaphysical energy randomizing the process as we normally mostly cancel-out eachothers' vibrations.

    So how do you walk into a dream? In some ways its a dream and other ways not. It obeys conservation laws and other facts of physics but is not limited to the specific particle/wave types and specific dimensions we find in this part of the universe. We build a statistical system to model high dimensional waves, as accessed through our brainwaves and/or oscillating machines like neuromodulation patterns of AM radio waves, and use it. The multiverse as a continuous space with paths between all possibilities of high dimensional waves, is a fluid, and the Navier Stokes equations may be useful in combination with such a statistical system. Theres many things to explore.

    In science words this theory is categorized as the combination of Parapsychology, Fluid Dynamics, and Artificial Intelligence.

    This is the normal way the universe works, similar to a shared dream in some ways and still obeying conservation laws, equal and opposite force, and other facts of physics. It is normal to walk in a shared dream that we call reality. The infinite multiverse is all around us, not just in science labs.

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