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    Nuclear Debt Theory
    Project: Start your own revolution

    The central bank system was invented long ago. It loans money to governments which then owe that amount plus interest, which we all pay in tax. It used to be backed by gold, but they found it was more profitable to use numbers in computers and printed on paper than to limit it to things that actually exist. The never-ending increase in the money supply tends to cause inflation except at times when more valuable things can be produced exponentially fast.

    This thread is not to argue for or against the central bank system. Its an analogy between money and the belief that countries have a certain amount and kind of nuclear weapons.

    Most or all of the people who have nukes are not stupid. Some of them may be short-sighted and arrogant, but they're not stupid. They're probably great game-theorists (in the science of psychology and game-theory), and based on that, they have no practical use for real nukes.

    The belief that they have nukes is equally valuable.

    They have been known to cooperate on global scale plans, often for their own benefit more than The Peoples' benefit, but still it is a kind of cooperation.

    It is bad strategy for someone whose goals are to keep or increase their huge power and money, to build actual nukes when they could agree with eachother on a Nuclear Debt System instead, to use printed nukes on paper like dollars of political power instead of real nukes that they would never use anyways.

    There is no evidence that any nukes exist on this planet. The News is not evidence any more than a hollywood movie is evidence of aliens. Reproducable experiments with scientific peer-review is evidence. Maybe they've all been disassembled for Nuclear Power Plant fuel. Maybe they have a few left just in case the religious crazies become too powerful, for closing oil holes (which they decided not to do), for blowing up asteroids, or whatever, but for most of the nukes there is no practical reason for them to exist compared to a Nuclear Debt System agreement between those in power. Have they already done this?

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    sonicport+techfolder     Sat, Dec 29, 2012  Permanent link
    sonicport+techfolder     Sat, Dec 29, 2012  Permanent link
    It felt like telepathy until the point where I realised we were all thinking the same thing.