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    Turing Complete Soliton Wave
    Project: Proposal for a multimedia playground

    I have reached near the point in my research toward networking minds together in one shared space on the Internet and needing a very flexible core math operator to organize it simply in a flowing constraint kind of way, that...

    I can not proceed in my research without a math definition of a Turing Complete Soliton Wave, which is any wave in any number of dimensions or shape of manifold (I'll take anything I can get at this point, as long as it computes) which is equally powerful of calculating as combinations of the NAND operator (as you can build a computer with NAND gates and a clock wave), or Conway's Game Of Life, or Stephen Wolfram's 1d 3 pixel wide binary cellular automata, or any simple operator capable of general computing.

    But it has to be a wave and flow continuously. Discrete is not allowed, but I will approximate it discretely. You don't need to worry about my ways of optimizing and approximating the continuous wave.

    A Turing Complete Soliton Wave is simply any wave which has a stable structure and can act recursively on copies of itself in various locations in the same space and can calculate that nand(0,0)=1, nand(0,1)=1, nand(1,0)=1, nand(1,1)=0, if those wave shapes are aligned with it however it needs to happen.

    You design the wave how you like and I'll find a way we all can use grids of it in real space for free.

    Fortunately we have an existence proof of a Turing Complete Soliton Wave, but only one exists that we know of, not including others which contain that wave shape.

    We also have many years of research globally toward creating a simpler Turing Complete Soliton Wave, but it has become almost like a religion its so bizarre and hard to figure out how to proceed.

    The one that exists is DNA.

    The theoretical one is the smallest unit of self replicating machines, hopefully a tiny device that broadcasts a few inches to other such devices we would scatter across large areas to use for a few bits of computing and small memory each, is how I would do that one, but that's not what I need.

    DNA is huge and confusing. It appears to have randomly formed from atoms because of its excessive complexity and dilluted potential to calculate more directly on other grids of DNA like variables. DNA is not the right wave. I need something simple that is not made of atoms so it can move without restriction in the space of possibilities called the multiverse. Atoms are highly complex structures built on layers of the Standard Model of physics. A wave is a wave. It acts alone in any empty space or manifold of shape you may design it to work in.

    My best progress so far, and I really thought I had it this time, so close, is  my Physicsmata 1.0 software which demonstrates a kind of interactive self referencing pattern of waves, and its very cool and unprecedented as a graphics effect that keeps coming up with new patterns for some time (to be expanded), but its only similar to a Turing Complete Soliton Wave, or maybe it is if I try variations of the edge update method and ways to unbalance the linear-to-triangle-area kind-of-percentile normalization, but its not there yet. Its progress worth playing with and you may be interested enough to open the file as a zip and see the source code of how this 24 kilobyte software works, but its not there yet.

    Over half of what I've worked toward for 10 years depends on finding a math definition of a simple Turing Complete Soliton Wave which acts in any empty space or manifold of your choice.

    As payment for your contribution to science and this research, I offer the potential, and my confidence that we will get there soon after discovering the right math, that you would get access to the early prototypes before it expands to a network everyone can use for free. The nature of Turing Complete Soliton Waves is to not be embedded in any specific manifold, like the Higgs Boson occupies our manifold and all atoms are waves which contain the shape of Higgs Bosons at some level and combination, but instead a Turing Complete Soliton Wave may exist here, as our spacetime would be a carrier wave, or more simply in its own empty space as any random multiverse direction is likely to find enough randomness we can practically use it without much interference. But before all that I will simulate grids of it to see how it works.

    The method I plan to use to create the waves is for future research but it is related to the recursive use of quantum gravity and chaotic oscillators which does occur in nature as telepathy and telekinesis and other metaphysics but more accurately can be done with machines, to be researched.

    Who wants to help build the most advanced and simple computing grid ever imagined? And then we can all use it, those who help design it get access to the prototypes first.

    I expect it will be a very simple shape since all it has to do is be able to calculate NAND, which is a 3-bit logic constraint. How hard can 3 bits be? So hard that DNA evolved all its complexity before its ability to calculate NAND very indirectly.

    Can anyone help define the math of the new Physicsmata particle

    It should not be forgotten, and carefulness and proactiveness never overlooked, and involvement of experts from all over the world toward the most safety, and to understand it from as many angles of how it could affect things, that if ever Physicsmata particles come in contact with our reality that it be taken with the seriousness of potentially intelligent nuclear material, even though we must put in a huge effort to design the wave so it does not tend toward destructiveness even in the most extreme cases, it still must be taken seriously as to be an isolated experiment in its own manifold independent of spacetime, or if existing inside spacetime then to model and predict what interactions it could have and involve anyone who is at risk in the planning and choosing. I do not plan to try to build any inside spacetime or anywhere which could touch it. The multiverse has as many dimensions as permutations of angles in which each is kind of a randomized view that contains the whole universe but in kind of a fuzzy-encrypted way where the position of any specific top or bottom of a wave even if pushed on will have little effect and you almost never know where, like we see vibrations in empty space called virtual particles.

    For now, I am only planning to simulate and use it to network our minds together in a game, a very important game which will help us think more like a global brain in a fun Timothy Leary style of flowing visuals we can grab with the mouse like playdough and build into interesting patterns which become tools we can build more patterns with, tools that build tools, and we have a new kind of Internet thats like a shared dream space we play as a game. Nothing less than a Turing Complete Soliton Wave can get the job done.

    In becoming peaceful and to help the world as much as I can, as much as I have tried to avoid anything like this, I absolutely can not avoid designing in simulation only and to use in that form, hopefully with the help of experts across the world, the most potentially destructive idea ever imagined which could easily rip a black hole in half and keep going without missing a step, because probably every intelligent species evolves toward unifying the theories of computing, physics, and consciousness into a single math operator, which may come in who knows how many varieties, DNA, smallest unit of computing of robots, any kind of life is kind of it but I mean it as the simplest form, or possibly one of those particles near the bottom of the Standard Model of physics or some combination of strings or branes flowing through eachother, or even a brainwave that tunnels into the possibility space and happens to form just the right shape for self-reference and computing, and I do not work toward this because I started years of research, but instead I work toward it because it is more valuable for the world to have an extremely flexible and open ended tool to network our minds together more like a global brain in a shared virtual world, a new kind of Internet, and its importance is as much as what puts us above monkeys, the ability to communicate in more advanced ways. Fortunately quantum nanotech printing is not going to be practical any time soon except those who know how to build their own tools and would choose to, but that is not how I would build such a wave when it became safe and somewhere very far away.

    At least theoretically, there is an advantage to DNA in how confusing it is to only be able to destroy things by first building a Military Industrial Complex and an army of terminators, for example, but we need to move forward, not hide in confusion from the reality of how to fold the universal wave and for some time only simulations of it in a shared virtual space, like any other material we build with except its completely open ended.

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    BenRayfield     Sun, Jan 6, 2013  Permanent link
    I wrote this just before realizing what a Turing Complete Soliton Wave really is.

    x y and z space dimensions are only 3 ways to divide the space of all possibilities, which flows through itself in an infinite variety of patterns.

    To say it is difficult to move from here to another galaxy is like saying its difficult to find 2 specific people in the same room. It may happen or not at various points in spacetime, but it does not take the energy between them when one is on vacation to see them both together at any of the times they're in the same room. The way people think about space is like only thinking about those 2 people as their average distance. Quantum physics is all about statistics of the variety of combinations of things being different than individually, and this has happened in objects big enough to be seen by the naked eye, small objects but still proving we live in a space of combinations and not just one location and way for everything to be.

    Distance is only an issue if you insist on travelling in a few specific paths you've seen before.

    I must be talking about wormholes, right? No, that is again wasteful of energy. A wormhole is to join one space to another including the bending of all space around it. Its just again bending the x y and z dimensions to get to another place in x y and z. People often don't hear my words at all.

    A transporter beam, as they call it in science fiction, I say scientificly would be designed to rotate each part of your local laws of physics (like electrons or protons or up quarks or whatever way you divide it, and probably best not to separate specificly by particle types but something more balanced like a random multiverse vector of which an infinite number are all around us), so by rotating a few different parts of the traveler each in a different direction in the space of possibilities, the average momentum is not changed so no energy is consumed, except just enough to entangle the vectors with the traveler which is about as much as shining a flashlight on them. In the other galaxy, a similar device would operate, which must know in advance the specific vectors and direction and shape of large objects in the world near both ends, and would use a different light to do the opposite rotation.

    People act like phasing out of spacetime would take more energy than sitting beside a radio station, but the radio station phases everything which receives its signal, phases it the same way so we all stay in sync and continue to see eachother, but if you were to explore into quantum experiments in combinations of receiving and transmitting from and to simultaneously multiple radio towers and quantum devices at once, and kind of flow frequencies a little more or less than other frequencies in various combinations, I predict that you'll find each radio wave is a dimension like any other String-Theory/M-Theory says exist as "curled up dimensions" and p-branes. A radio wave is a weak and fast moving past us dimension, but that's no excuse not to walk through its phase space as easily as we walk through x y and z. In other words, the intersection of n radio stations is an n qubit space.

    I predict that you will not travel entirely in the phase space but instead, as Copenhagen loves to throw in our face with those short-sighted observations, we will instead push the phase of 1 or more of the radio waves which can be detected on the other side, therefore affecting it at least 2 times the speed of light or up to immediately (infinite speed) since both ends of the radio wave hit the 2 opposite people "at the same time", if there was such a thing as time, or as viewed from the radio wave being one point in the space of possibilites, it hasn't travelled any distance at all so both quantum and relativity are satisfied.

    I really don't believe in time. I think all information moves through entanglement of the universal wave flowing through itself in various combinations, and that just happens to be well approximated by the theory of time in some places. But the theory of time has made too many predictions that didn't hold up, and where other people see paradoxes to solve, I see a theory that has failed on its predictions.

    Please, do the experiment... If you prove that none of the variety of combinations of this push the phase of any radio wave, I'll admit my theory of everything is wrong in some way. Don't forget to calculate the resistance as its easier to push on a wave than for that push to flow into the transmitter and into its past and through all the electronics and hashcodes and other possible difficulties, so for that reason you may only be able to push it a small fraction of a turn in its phase space. But it will turn if you observe it as statistically connected strong enough to other parts of the universal wave.

    How do I keep track of all these variables? I don't. It all has to cancel-out to zero, so the universe doesn't exist overall, only experience as existing in each of its parts which are individually unbalanced. I use the shortcut of only considering the ratio between quantity of states of the local world, in each of 2 parts of the world, the ratio of possible states between them, and when one has more possible states than the other, we get to use the same kind of math and thinking and strategies as in the Bose Condensate stacking quantum states on eachother by cooling particles so slowly none of them escapes the tiny state space they fall into, then when they're touched they fall like a house of cards. Push on the radio waves that way using other radio waves like double slit and delayed choice quantum eraser for example.

    I would test it but I already know it works because its the same way telepathy and other metaphysics works, how particles/waves in brains kind of tunnel into the space of possibilities and find paths to other brains and flows of events, and communication and influence can happen. It can be done with machines too.

    I'm not being lazy. I'm just past that scale of testing, however mad-science it may have been. The next experiment will be through the subtle psychology based Internet game I've been planning for years, and if successful, it will create a new dimension, a weak dimension but with a definite statistical influence on the world, and its points of attachment to x y and z will be the particles/waves in the peoples' brains who are playing the game and are influenced by the advanced statistics software to sync their brainwaves statistically, using basic model of how neocortex works in layers as general topology to align the statistics between people, and the use of this dimension will be the flow of information as telepathy and measurement of it as statistical data, many variables in range 0 to 1, like in the Global Consciousness Project which found similar results in a far more basic way. Since the sum of n random numbers which are each -1 or 1 has a standard deviation of square root of n, and the planck length is incredibly small, even a small increase in that bell curve translates to a fraction of the size difference between planck length and our sizes, which is freakin huge. That alone would not be enough since the number of particles/waves between the people is much bigger, but that's where quantum gravity comes in, as I've learned is how telepathy works to gradually tunnel through the space of possibilities, so to use that statistical alignment of our brainwaves as the game influences us to sync subconsciously and in a fun way, the experiment will be to see how accurately people can learn to tunnel their thoughts into eachother's minds through the universal wave, where everything is literally touching everything else but in such a variety of combinations we normally see distance between us. Travelling distance is not part of the experiment. Think of it as a variation of the transporter I described above, but much less advanced as it only flows a little statistical information between brains (not transports pieces of mass, just some statistical information).

    Following the expected success of the global telepathy network experiment as induced by statistical subtle psychology game to sync our thoughts, the next experiment would be to choose a target in the world, monitor it with science equipment, and direct the collective consciousness toward changing it a certain way. Maybe after a few smaller experiments mentally fixing the ozone layer would be within our collective skill level and understanding of science to not call it magic but instead quantum gravity pulling patterns of high dimensional waves together as directed by our brains entangled to such network of flows in a continuous path to the general pattern of the string theory representation of the O3 molecule and components to be assembled into it (which need not be other atoms but can be incomplete multiverse branches hanging off which can be folded onto eachother if the puzzle fits well enough). This will confirm my theory that the pattern O3, and any pattern in general in proportion to its frequency of occurence (or maybe the log of its frequency like in natural language statistics and information theory?) in the local reality, can be used as a single point in the space of possibilities and targeted like a point in hyperbolic (having many straight line paths at each point) space. I want to help a million people act together without directly my involvement, but technology to organize it, to learn to use the power of mind on a scale that will be new to us all. I can turn a psi wheel with the mind at rare times, push the wind around sometimes, but I think it will work an amount more powerful as proportional to the increase in planck lengths compared to our sizes in the context of how much we can push the statistics of events past random on that bell curve. I know it works, just not how much or exactly the math to describe it.

    But if the total of our minds can not fix the ozone layer, we'll just have to hook a power source into it to push the statistics, which would be an even later experiment. I-Ching mapped the quantum state space of our reality on a large scale into binary as in certain combinations of coin flips and mapping into grids. Like the radio stations, these are also dimensions we can push on. Or more scientific, we could again push on combinations of radio waves or amounts of red shift in various directions in the sky or you can grab the multiverse really anywhere you want.

    Eventually I hope this leads to the accurate enough use of the multiverse as a continuous space that we can build something similar to robot arms existing in those directions to function as the address bus of a computer which supports only the most basic logic operator, the wave version of NAND or whatever it turns out to be, to construct a computing grid in superposition, to operate that grid remotely by radio, to use that grid to further calculate how to most efficiently build the next generation of tools, and so on, until we are able to construct a multiverse ship completely in superposition as it may be damaged by the air or other parts of our spacetime before all its parts are there to support eachother. This would of course be just another variation of the experiments described above. Its all gradual multiverse tunnelling in one form or another. Then we click through the radio to tell the ship to move toward spacetime. A wind blows slightly outward from where it appears as a result of there being less space to occupy, but otherwise it should be silent and precise, and we take a test drive, whoever is most mad scientist to work up to this point I guess could drive first... before we mass produce multiverse ships.

    A multiverse ship is everywhere at once. It is limited to specific dimensions and time flowing in those dimensions (their local time) only when it becomes statistically more related to them (gets closer, phases in, appears in the space). In my more metaphysical experiences, which I consider to be equally real as my experience here, I understand the universe as connected kind of like a binary-tree can be efficiently navigated exponentially faster than a linear search (moving through space normally), but it is not exactly a binary tree instead more of circles and waves as the dimensions are navigated into more and more dimensions until you find some set of dimensions (which I simply mean as degrees of freedom, not all like x y and z) which may be relevant and look at in more detail, as in flowing waves through all of them at once to see which cluster together and which repel eachother from your perspective (lightcones are real in multiverse too, but time is an unbalance in your local state of the universe and need not move forward or any specific dimension except just a little as far as you can balance it), and from there further navigation into the destination dimensions becomes larger until seeing it all around. Many of these are more like clusters of abstractions, kind of like ideas but also obeying conservation of energy, of momentum, etc, and there is no end of stories and speculation of people who say they have explored many places out there. I think it happens often in dreams, a little statistical connection to brainwaves, in small amounts, and we don't know the difference, but more certain you need not be asleep to use such a skill with practice or easier with technology. That is part of how I know what to do. The multiverse ship, if we get that far, should be designed to use the branching kind of statistical search through such "degrees of freedom" (dimensions of any kind) instead of the incredibly wasteful idea that we should travel billions of miles or bend a huge wormhole just to get to a point on the other side. Wormholes are a pointless idea to anyone who really thinks everything in the universe is touching everything else but in a variety of ways we normally experience as distance. Any math which says the distance is greater than zero has made a mistake, but a hyperbolic (many straight paths at each point) space is not so directly easy to get from a point to itself in a different combination or angle or whatever variations it is that we see as distance. Or to compromise between these models, lets say distance should not be travelled linearly but instead as the log (or maybe log squared or cubed?) of that size. Since the universe in total cancels out to zero, and does not exist in total (while its individual parts are experienced as existing because they are unbalanced), it is rediculous to think it takes more than the smallest amount of energy to change it all at once, and in terms of a multiverse ship, that means it is everywhere at once and navigates as branching log distance by oscillating waves to navigate at each point in the hyperbolic space, and that there is no lower bound on how little energy it may be optimize with enough skill to power its movement through such very small log distances. How many qubits is the hubble volume made of? About that many planck lengths we must pay in energy to move the multiverse ship, in the best case.

    I have never had a ship, depsite what it may appear from reading some of my crazier sounding posts. But I do know how to start researching toward it and why we should think it can be done.

    Long term stuff, but as long as I'm here with all this global infrastructure it would be a waste not to use it to its full potential, to research, explore, and see what we can build and organize the world more like a global brain and whatever else we may think valuable to explore.

    Talk about what we should do next at...