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    Statist vs Brainist - Game Theory of potential World War 3 is bigger than international politics
    Project: Start your own revolution

    Over many years, the world has become divided most strongly between Statists and Brainists, a trend accelerating toward a dangerous conflict.

    Statists act toward the world organized top down, a central authority which expands into any part of the world it does not yet control.

    Brainists act toward networking people and tech together more like a global brain.

    Neither of these groups normally calls themself that and often are not aware of the effects of their actions, thinking more about local short term effects, but sticking our heads in the dirt does not change where this all leads. Lets not focus on who to blame, instead learn what is happening and what can be done about it.

    Below are 2 incomplete lists of parts of the world strongly tending toward Statism or Brainism.

    most big political parties
    most corporations
    most governments
    Internet Kill Switch
    Military Industrial Complex, a feedback loop
    legal systems which cause paperwork (or electronic) to increase exponentially
    propaganda that voting is a practical way to get big things done
    printing money which devalues everyone else's money of that type
    monopoly strengthening laws regulating the forming of new kinds of economies
    Cyprus scandal taking money directly from bank accounts for bailout
    Owning of ideas and regulating the means of production
    Patent Trolls
    Client/Server religions where god commands those below

    social networking
    open source
    3d printing, especially of gun parts, circuits, and medical devices
    wireless mesh networks used when Internet is shut down in a country
    Freedom of sharing ideas and how to build things
    Pirate Party
    Peer To Peer religions where we each work toward becoming more like gods

    Please help complete the lists or argue for moving items from one to the other.

    Based on these 2 trends accelerating, I see no way around a conflict. One must weaken and the other strengthen. The question is what kind of conflict will it be, a smooth transition to a new way of organizing the efforts of 7 billion people toward common goals, or a global scale escalation of violence like the small example of the (attempted?) bombing of Cyprus bank responding to a new height of ways Statists take money from people, directly from their bank accounts after freezing them all in the country. Whats most dangerous about that small event is more people just observing are saying the bombing was justified, a very dangerous state of mind for a world to be in. This is not an isolated event. Its a pattern of many violent responses to advances of Statism.

    For most of Human history, Statism may have been the only practical way to organize things on a large scale, but with the Internet and many new forms of global communication and measuring and automating things, Brainists don't need Statists as much anymore and eventually will not need them at all. Statists see Brainists' lack of dependence as a threat, but no group has the right to force dependence. In USA, for example, such a conflict resulted in the Declaration Of Independence. A similar conflict is accelerating on the largest scale ever, between Statism and Brainism.

    I really believe "The pen is mightier than the sword", so when I see terrorism I think what a waste because they used a weaker weapon than they could have. Something big has to be done, but its going to take a bigger networking of minds together this time.

    I've seen this coming for years and have been working on a variety of open source tech to network minds together. Other people have been working on their own possible solutions. Its time to take this seriously, because the Game Theory of potential World War 3 is bigger than international politics, and we're all at risk and may have something to contribute toward a global solution.

    People who build tech have the power to force the issue, and we should to make sure its solved before it comes to World War 3.

    Thu, Mar 28, 2013  Permanent link
    Categories: statism, brainism
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