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mad-scientist and computer programmer looking for something more interesting than most people accept as their future
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    In a world of mind reading game controllers would you still accuse us of magic?
    Witches, wizards, spirits, ghosts, gods, aliens, metaphysical, the unknown, whatever you want to call it. There are parts of the world we dont much understand yet. Every area of science starts as religion. When quantum physics was first discovered, most people saw it that way. Many still do. I'm not saying those beliefs are wrong, but there is a way everything works even if we dont know what it is.

    In a world of mind reading game controllers would you still accuse us of magic?  "Emotiv Stonehenge Demo"

    I want to design a global system which thoughts and consciousness flow through, eventually expanding into many dimensions and shapes and to connect into other systems we will probably find along the way. To explore space is not enough. Space is a narrow view of the variety of shapes and patterns out there, forms of life we may not today recognize as alive. There is much to explore.

    Telekinesis, moving things with the mind, is caused by a physical force similar to Bose Condensate which in general is about pigeonholing more quantum states into a smaller space than they would normally fit in without knowing which states specificly go where so they are still superpositioned. This is accomplished by balancing the mind in a way that it will have the same reaction to if the target object, which is flowing photons into your brain on physical paths through your eyes, moves or does not move, simply because "same reaction" is 1 thing while "moves or does not move" is 2 things which define a hill of energy to fall down this uneven ratio of quantum states, so such a mental action, with much practice, causes an object you are looking at to to move. This is a property of physics and will work in machines the same way. Its the basis of much bigger theories and systems, some of which exist "out there" in the parts of the universe we don't understand well yet, and others are more theoretical to be explored.

    If you don't believe it, good, because you should neither believe or disbelieve anything when first reading it and instead go explore.

    We are only in recent years becoming capable of experimenting with the combination parapsychology and statistical AI to attempt flowing consciousness through the Internet and expanding to bigger things.

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