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    Incompatibility War - Meetup has button adds to Google Calendar Facebook refuses
    To those who believe that businesses running our global infrastructure and ways of organizing the world can solve any simple problem, explain how you expect this problem to be solved by it...

    Events at  go straight to my Calendar in my phone when I touch the location the event says. There is good integration with many programs.  wants to operate their own calendar and Compete with that, so now anyone who receives invitations to events through Facebook has to copy their details manually, as if we were still living in the 1990s, or disorganize their life by using 2 calendars.

    Is this a good way to organize the world? We should find what causes Incompatibility Wars, the behaviors of businesses not to include buttons for their competitors Calendars or other kinds of data, and destroy or ban that thing in the world. I think its intellectual property laws, DRM controlled clouds, and generally separating people into groups designed to defeat eachother instead of working toward defeating the problems. Or what do you think is causing us to live in 1990s level of tech?

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