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    Elections should be done like Reddit instead of like Facebook/Google
    Project: Start your own revolution

    Reddit allows +1 or -1 votes.

    This results in Reddit being harder to write on, harder to get your opinion out there for others to see, because it cuts through the junk and only the best is most visible. If you want a place where you can ramble on, Facebook/Google and normal Internet forums are for you, but if you want to get an argument settled once and for all, you go to Reddit. Its often unpleasant to be so restricted that only popular things will be allowed, but isnt that what democracy is made of?

    Facebook/Google only allows Like/+1.

    In elections, people often vote against what they dislike by voting for something they dislike less. Does that ever happen in clicking of Like/+1 buttons, since there is no Dislike/-1 button?

    In elections, what if -1 was allowed? If a few million vote FOR and a few million vote AGAINST each candidate, or more likely more vote AGAINST than FOR, then a variety of options would open in who could possibly win. Who should win an election is certainly among those who get more FOR votes than AGAINST votes.

    So why should we be denied the right to vote AGAINST someone when thats exactly what happens, distorting the results?

    I call for a vote to change election processes from the Facebook/Google kind to Reddit kind, and anyone who does not like it can choose to only vote FOR, but dont tell others how to vote.

    Thu, Jan 29, 2015  Permanent link
    Categories: facebook, vote, reddit
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    subloom     Tue, Feb 10, 2015  Permanent link
    I have thought about this myself and am definitely hoping to see this in action.

    One of the questions here could be, however, whether this wouldn't lead to every minority being voted away, leading to a reduction in extremes, a reduction in variety. I feel like responding to this by saying that people may be more inclined to rather vote against the major competitor to their "stream" than vote down a smaller less threatening idealism.

    Also, are you suggesting a system where every party can receive a down/up vote or just one up and one downvote per person?
    BenRayfield     Tue, Feb 24, 2015  Permanent link
    every minority being voted away, leading to a reduction in extremes, a reduction in variety

    How much more like that could it get than the same 2 parties winning nearly everything?

    Also, are you suggesting a system where every party can receive a down/up vote or just one up and one downvote per person?

    It could work either way.
    Autotelic     Wed, Mar 18, 2015  Permanent link
    Obama brought up the idea, mandatory voting would reshape the playing field. I've also got a post on here called, 'id like to vote more". Any way you slice it, voting is ripe for a change, and it should be getting easier to vote and we should also get to vote on more topics. The internet is rapidly spreading information to the public, yet we don't really get a say in the majority of the issues that come up. The public now has the availability to make informed decisions like at no previous time before. We need a way to harness this power to make democracy better, or more pure. Take away political party, take away money. All we need is the INFORMATION and a VOTE on every issue.

    Juxtapose our ideas and you get something like- a candidate running for office on the premise he will not impose his own ideas on the public, but will go to reddit and let the public vote on every issue. How many times does a guy get voted into position because of promises to act a certain way. But when that guy gets his position, he makes policy contrary to the promises that got him elected? I believe an informed public can make better decisions on the issues that affect their lives than any elected official