Comment on Elections should be done like Reddit instead of like Facebook/Google

Autotelic Wed, Mar 18, 2015
Obama brought up the idea, mandatory voting would reshape the playing field. I've also got a post on here called, 'id like to vote more". Any way you slice it, voting is ripe for a change, and it should be getting easier to vote and we should also get to vote on more topics. The internet is rapidly spreading information to the public, yet we don't really get a say in the majority of the issues that come up. The public now has the availability to make informed decisions like at no previous time before. We need a way to harness this power to make democracy better, or more pure. Take away political party, take away money. All we need is the INFORMATION and a VOTE on every issue.

Juxtapose our ideas and you get something like- a candidate running for office on the premise he will not impose his own ideas on the public, but will go to reddit and let the public vote on every issue. How many times does a guy get voted into position because of promises to act a certain way. But when that guy gets his position, he makes policy contrary to the promises that got him elected? I believe an informed public can make better decisions on the issues that affect their lives than any elected official