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    The practice of giving lists of things which are each 1 of valuable or dangerous
    Project: Start your own revolution
    It can be done for good reasons and fair trades of possible futures, but it can also be used in a very dangerous and powerful way, which we can all more often avoid by being aware of the paradigm and how it can be used positively or negatively.

    In the Saw movies, people find themself in a world they want to escape. They are given a list of things or places to look. Some of those things/places contain keys or other things helping them to escape. Others of those things/places lead to injury, pain, death, and ways to get the players in the sick game to turn against eachother. The question they should ask is, is it better to ignore Jigsaw's threats and instructions or to play along? Its a risk either way. Valuable and Dangerous are relative to the world around us. Escape may sound negative to those on the outside, but it has positive value to those inside compared to where they are.

    An example not meant to be negative to the people who opt in, is Google's Ingress game, which tells the players a list of places, and some of those places are where discounts or free stuff is sometimes given away (valuable to many people), but others of those places are bought by businesses who sometimes do not have enough valuable things to attract people for that alone so they pay to get added to the list of places. Its called advertising, and its near everywhere. Advertising can be valuable to all involved, but it can also be a way to pay people to go places and more often do things that they otherwise would not have been motivated enough to look into or not wanted it as much. For example, large political parties often get into power by combining their ads with other things people find valuable, the tv shows between commercials for example.

    Advertising is not the dangerous thing this is mostly about. Here's how a huge bloody war could be started...

    Someone publishes a list of things/places spread across the world and honestly says that each of them is 1 of: a place they are considering bombing or spreading poison or other dangerous things, and the other thing each could be is where they have hidden valuable items like gold diamonds papers with bitcoin addresses written on them containing lots of that currency, and there could also be maps of which of the places/things are the dangerous kind and which are the valuable kind. People go crazy, like the revolutions fueled by Twitter and Facebook in and around Egypt. They tell eachother through a variety of communication methods that the terrorist is being honest about whats at the things/places he listed, for example, that some of the places many people were killed and far more of the places valuable things were found and evidence is spread between the people, so the sick game spreads as a meme, and more people continue to knowingly go to places that terrorists have set traps or attack at random times, because people love to play "the lottery" if the jackpots are valuable enough. Conflicts escalate, more games like that pop up, and all hell breaks loose. When governments try to overpower the spread of memes and people looking for such valuable things and places, more such games are invented where the list of things/places include near government buildings and other potential vulnerabilities. There may be no stopping it if it goes too far, not just this theoretical example but a variety of possible things in the same paradigm.

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