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    New perspective on poverty not in terms of money
    Project: Start your own revolution
    You are poor if you spend more time on other peoples projects than your own or projects you want to do.

    You may have a million dollar house but if you have to work other peoples projects to pay for it, leaving you little time to create things on your own terms, you're still poor.

    On the other hand, people who have nothing but their toothbrush and clothes and live in a monestary meditating, are doing what they wanted to do instead of other peoples projects, so they're rich, as long as something is improved by that meditation.

    I wouldnt get rid of all my stuff like that, but living cheaper than you can allows saving money to take long times off other peoples projects at 40 hour/week jobs, which is allowed in the paradigm of contract work you do a few months here and there. However you divide your time between projects, keep in mind what you're doing it for. Do you want to just survive and maintain your stuff? Or do you want to be master of your own productive creative projects, whatever they may be, as often as you work other peoples projects at their command? Dont you want to command yourself at least as often as others command you?

    What people call socializing, I call your tired hours. Businesses have figured out that people only have a little more than 40 hours productive capacity per week, and the rest of the time their minds and sometimes bodies dont work as well. This is the junk time, your tired hours, that friends fit into. It result in smalltalk and small minded plans. Rarely do friends get together and change the world or build things that lead to bigger things. Socializing has become a drain for relaxation to flow into after doing productive things on other peoples projects at their command.

    So I dont count what most people do after work and on weekends as "your own (projects) or projects you want to do". You might get in a few hours here and there, but mostly if you are working somebody elses project 40 hours a week and most weeks out of the year, you're very poor nomatter how much money you have.

    The poverty line shouldnt be defined in terms of how much money you have. I define the poverty line as spending more time on others projects commanded by them than your own or projects you want to do. Most people are extremely poor and will never produce anything of significant value, as things work today, but it doesnt have to be that way.

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