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    human disclaimer through visualization
    Project: Branding the Species
    Products will almost always come with instruction manuals on how to use the item properly, and without causing oneself harm. The wii instruction manual, for instance, provides interesting illustrations on how 'not' to use the wii. it cites such injuries as choking yourself, electrocuting yourself, and causing a fire. However, this does not deter people from purchasing the wii, nor any other of the plethora of products and services out there that boast warning labels.

    Keeping this in mind, we want represent humanity by providing a 'disclaimer.' That is, we do not want to simply focus on only the positive aspects of humanity, but of the negative as well. This can be likened to product instruction manuals, which provide both instructions for use, as well as warnings.

    not just this...

    but also....

    we are going to be writing a program to visualize different aspects of humanity. as of right now, we are thinking that this will be an installation. we know we want to provide both 'disclaimer' data, as well as 'how to use' data. Our goal is to create visualizations in less conventional ways. Not just your static bar graphs and bell curves. We want to represent data in unconventional and unexpected ways.

    at our core, human beings are motivated by self interest. From an evolutionary perspective, this makes sense, as in order to ensure survival of the individual amidst scare resources and environmental threats, selfishness was somewhat required.

    However, we also see in human beings a great capacity for kindness and emphathy. We look out for our friends, we make charitable donations, we send aid to countries in , etc

    How do we represent these two opposite, yet entirely human tendencies? How do we convey the good, yet also provide a disclaimer that highlights our faults and weaknesses? Is it simply a data point/counter data point relationship we need so show to convey this?

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