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    the final pills

    In the end, the message here is that humans are lazy. We are creatures of convinience. The drug companies will always win, trapping us in a web of cures and counter-cures because we basically can't be bothered to take care of ourselves in ways which would prevent us from becoming ill. If we just took the time to balance ourselves through eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, most likely we would not need all these pills. But in the end it is EASIER for us to take a pill than to have to worry about eating right, exercising, not drinking, etc etc etc. We would rather take the shortcut and be better NOW, and usually NOW is found in a pill. The impact of this is that we find ourselves in a constant state of imbalance. With every chemical we choose to put in our bodies, we throw something else within ourselves out of whack (hence side effects.) This imbalance then calls for another medicine, and another and another, until we find ourselves in an endless loop of medications and counter medications.

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