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Emergent day to you. 2010-04-22 is my knowmad birthday. Think I understood the word. More to emerge.
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    Bizarre Systems
    Project: Polytopia

    Monica Anderson explains.

    Reductionism is an amazingly powerful strategy for leveraging the work of scientists and for disseminating the results in the form of re-usable models of structure and causality. But for some of the "remaining hard problem domains" such as Life (biology, psychology, ecology, etc), the World (world modeling, economies, sociology), Intelligence (understanding the brain, intelligence, and creating Artificial General Intelligences - AGI) and the problem of determining the semantics of language (e.g. text) Reductionism has failed. I claim that reductionist models cannot be created in these domains (which have been named "Bizarre Domains") and that we must use Model Free (Holistic) Methods for these domains. This has important implications for AGI research strategies.

    "AI is the last holdout of pure reductionism, if you will."

    AGI: Artificial General Intelligence. In later lectures she uses AN: Artificial iNtuition.

    Slow down and enjoy the presentation. 31:22

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         Thu, Sep 16, 2010  Permanent link
    I really liked this talk, thanks a lot for sharing it!

    You want to work on AGI?

    You have no choice. In Bizarre Domains like AGI, Model Free Methods are REQUIRED.

    You need to moderate the reductionist stance you acquired in your education and add the ability to adopt a Holistic stance as needed.

    This "holistic shift" is a serious personal paradigm shift and may take months to years. Success is not certain.

    Anyone have any guesses towards fast-tracking these kind of paradigm shifts? I can think of some, I just want to have a laugh if anyone knows exactly what I'm talking about.

    "Don't expect future godlike AGI to save us humans from all our problems. It's up to us and machines a lot like us" Well said :)

    Douglas Engelbart, inventor of many of the interfaces that we're communicating through right now (Such as the mouse), meeting with Marvin Minksy back in the 60s at Stanford, who was a field AI researcher, when told by Minsky about how he was going to create intelligent machines, had this to say, and it's one of my favorite quotes right now:

    "You're going to do all that for the machines? What are you going to do for the people?"
    CoCreatr     Sun, Sep 26, 2010  Permanent link
    Thanks, dmtri. Yes, it is up to the people (hey, that's us). We are the builders.

    Added the synapse to Douglas Engelbart