Comment on Bizarre Systems Thinking

BenRayfield Tue, Sep 14, 2010
What would there be that is not bizarre?

Logical patterns don't have consistency problems until they become complex in certain self-referencing ways. For example, USA's Constitution (the highest law) requires that no religious laws be made, but in North Carolina USA, its illegal to buy a certain product (which many religious people think is evil) during church hours (Sunday morning until 12:00). There was some sequence of laws created over the years that resulted in that logical contradiction, and most people are confused by the whole system so they can't see it. There are lots of bizarre systems. The systems that are not bizarre are mostly in math books and electronics and the rules of games.

It seems we both agree that reductionist science only goes so far. How about a few more steps of progress using holistic approaches as advocated by Monica Anderson and others. Are there others? Who?

The global money and power system has the effect of making money move away from anyone who does that. For example, Monica Anderson's ideas are much more advanced and useful than most others but, the last I heard, nobody is offering any money and they are using much less advanced things instead. Its similar for the things I build. Statistically only half-broken slow hard-to-use high-cost high-maintenence stuff will be bought by businesses. So I have a different strategy than searching for people doing advanced research... That would be like selling towels to people stuck in the middle of the ocean with no boat. Businesses control most research and most businesses don't care about doing anything new unless its just a little new. Instead of trying to make small improvements and sell it to them, probably the only effective way of doing the kind of research you're talking about is... plan to take it all the way to changing the world before making any money from it. Its much more long-term planning than most businesses do. If you can find me some people to help with experiments using new kinds of software and electronics and things like that, then I could make some progress in lots of areas of science that businesses would probably never get to because they are against thinking those ways.