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Emergent day to you. 2010-04-22 is my knowmad birthday. Think I understood the word. More to emerge.
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    No, this is not about how digital imaging has removed the photographic emulsion known as negative film from general circulation. This is along the lines of, "try not to think of a pink elephant." Done? Thank you. What did you see? Point taken? If that is difficult, start over, or read on.

    From Jon Rappoport, 2011-08-26

    A significant amount of traditional therapy, and a whole lot of pop-culture psychology, involves "getting rid of negative material." Baggage.

    The theory behind it sounds good at first. It's sort of like surgery. The doctor says, "You have this thing right here, and we're going to take it out."

    But lo and behold, as the years roll on, it doesn't seem to be turning out so well. One piece of "negative emotion" is sort of gone, and so is another piece, but other pieces, not seen before, have cropped up. Where is the end to it?

    Clue: there is no end.

    Why not?

    Because when the goal is "getting rid of problems," people dedicate themselves to it, and in that dedication they will keep finding (or inventing) negative material so THERE IS SOMETHING TO DO. Otherwise, the goal is useless.

    Therefore, the goal becomes a long freight train heading down the tracks, and it keeps going-and keeps on going...

    This was not seen clearly when modern therapy was first invented. Neurosis (in the generalized sense) was viewed more or less as a big tin can, and the negative material was inside. If you washed the can out, you were cured.

    However, it's not that simple.

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    {i}Pan~     Sun, Aug 28, 2011  Permanent link
    This is why cognitive behavioral therapy works better.

    Or DMT.....
    CoCreatr     Sun, Sep 25, 2011  Permanent link
    Yes. Or simply talking to a person you trust who listens and has the greatness of guiding you to find your own solutions. The oldest therapy we have.