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    Do You Think Ancient Civilizations Were Influenced By E.T.'s
    If you have ever heard of Eric Van Danaken and the book Chariots Of The Gods? if you haven't search this in google and see for yourself if we were influenced by E.T.'s. Leave a comment of what you think

    Also just as a quick follow up. IF we were part of a big experiment to see if a civilization could exist on earth do you think they would ever come back to see how we progressed? And if so what would be the date?

    Sun, Feb 21, 2010  Permanent link

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    Manuel Dahm     Sun, Feb 21, 2010  Permanent link
    We are the aliens in this world
    ColdBloodedKyle     Sun, Feb 21, 2010  Permanent link
    @Manuel Dahm Why do you say that? Do you think our planet is a surogate for other life forms? Explain your reasoning
    nagash     Mon, Feb 22, 2010  Permanent link
    I think Manuel is talking about Panspermia...

    and by the way, Eric Van Danaken books on ancient astronauts and stuff like that are totally BS
    but answering your question, YES I think they were, in a different way ; )
    ColdBloodedKyle     Mon, Feb 22, 2010  Permanent link
    @ nagash i agree but after reading the book (and yes it is total bs) it did open a new question for me. The book in my opionion is more of a stepping stone to other posibilites

    and please explain what is Panspermia? I am new to this pharse.
    nagash     Mon, Feb 22, 2010  Permanent link
    Panspermia is the hypothesis that "seeds" of life exist already all over the Universe, that life on Earth may have originated through these "seeds", and that they may deliver or have delivered life to other habitable bodies, according to Wikipedia - imagine spores floating around the cosmos and eventually germinating when reaching proper conditions. Isn't how life works, anyway? ; )
    Infinitas     Mon, Feb 22, 2010  Permanent link
    I do think that there was some sort of extra-terrestrial life that came to Earth. But whether or not it had any affect on humans is debatable, and unfortunately impossible to prove at this point.

    I do believe that life is an inherent property of the Universe. Under certain conditions, half of all amino acids are created in natural conditions by the laws of thermodynamics. I think that alone should provoke new ways of thinking and ideas of the Nature of the Universe. It's too absurd to think that life is unique in the Universe and that we are just a random one-time occurrence.

    I really hope we find some form of life, even just a slightly more complex compound on Titan or Europa sometime soon. The probability of life in the Universe would increase astronomically.
    TheUndying     Mon, Feb 22, 2010  Permanent link
    I think the idea is pushing the limits of pseudo-science. I saw a History Channel documentary about the Nazca Lines and it featured a little something about the possibility of those lines being influenced by extraterrestrial visits. Pretty sure Chariots of the Gods was referenced a couple times too. In my opinion it's possible that ancient human civilizations fantasized of such close encounters the same way humans still do today. I also read that it's possible some ancient civilizations looked at cosmology in a more supernatural sense, so any artwork supposedly representing extraterrestrials could really be renditions of a certain civilization's gods/demons (via anthropomorphizing celestial bodies).

    All in all it doesn't seem probable to me at all, especially given theoretical propositions such as the Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation. They all kind of imply that the universe is too young for us to have been visited by a capable alien species during the time in which Chariots of the Gods is referring to. However I do strongly believe that a relatively abundant amount of life exists out there, whether it be primitive or intelligent, but I don't think we've been visited.

    @ Nagash: I just read your comments. I've always fancied the idea of exogenesis as well (I think it's a more broad term for "Panspermia"). And by "a different way" when referring to ancient astronauts....I wonder if you're thinking what I'm thinking....