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    Black Rock City : Experimental Earth Colony
    For about twenty years an emergent & organic experiment in social, creative & civic society has taken place in the deep void of the Nevada desert. A environ so vastly different from one's regular earthly reality, it could very well be on some distant planet. That place is Black Rock City. And the event is Burning Man.

    I've experienced BM for 5 years now... and this summer will be by 6th. And I cannot wait to 'come home'

    The visionary founder & executive director is Larry Harvey. He is 59 y/o, my father's age, and a child of the 60's. He is a sincere, imaginative, wise, and eloquent soul. And has been extremely successful in forging a bridge between some of the ethos of the 60's, with that of the contemporary emerging new consciousness.

    Larry Harvey on Black Rock City & Burning Man.

    "It's sort of a metaphysical space.. it's a perfect blank."

    "It's more nothing than you'll ever see.. in the context of absolutely nothing... whatever 'is', IS more intensely so..."

    "You can author your own reality.. there is nothing all around you as there is in your normal life to contradict that... so then it tends to make everyone an artist in some sense."

    "We take people to the threshold of religion. Our aim is to induce immediate experience that is beyond the odd, beyond the strange, and beyond the weird. It verges on the wholly other. "

    "We ask people to commune with their inner reality, and project that onto the world in an immediate way."

    "This is where civic altruism and wearing a cow costume, come together."

    "Both Burning Man and the Internet make it possible to regather the tribe of mankind, to talk to millions of dispersed individuals in the great diaspora of our mass society. Living as we do, without sustaining traditions in time and ungrounded in a shared experience of place, it is yet possible to transcend these deficiencies. We must use technology to create space stations here on planet Earth, islands of intense and living contact. It is time to come home."

    "All real communities grow out of a shared confrontation with survival. Communities are not produced by sentiment or mere goodwill. They grow out of a shared struggle. Our situation in the desert is an incubator for community."

    "It avoids a self-conscious relationship to the act. We live in the most self-conscious society in the history of mankind. There are good things in that, but there are also terrible things. The worst of it is, that we find it hard to give ourselves to the cultural process."

    excerpts taken from these vid's :

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