Comment on Sustainability : Information / Matter / Energy

keen Tue, Dec 22, 2009
Since synergy is the only word in our language meaning behavior of
wholes unpredicted by behavior of their parts, it is clear that society
does not think there are behaviors of whole systems unpredicted by
their separate parts. This means that society's formally-accredited
thoughts and ways of accrediting others are grossly inadequate in
comprehending the nonconceptual qualities of the scenario "universal evolution."

There is nothing about an electron alone that forecasts the proton,
nor is there anything about the Earth or the Moon that forecasts the
co-existence of the Sun. The solar system is synergetic-unpredicted
by its separate parts. But the interplay of Sun as supply ship of
Earth and the Moon's gravitationally produced tidal pulsations on
Earth all interact to produce the biosphere's chemical conditions
which permit but do not cause the regeneration of life on Spaceship
Earth. This is all synergetic. There is nothing about the gases given
off respiratorily by Earth's green vegetation that predicts that those
gases will be essential to the life support of all mammals aboard
Spaceship Earth, and nothing about the mammals that predicts that
the gases which they give off respiratorily are essential to the
support of the vegetation aboard our Spaceship Earth. Universe is
synergetic. Life is synergetic.

Buckminster Fuller - spaceship Earth