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    World Psychedelic Forum
    Project: Psychedelic Society

    My dear fellow Space Collective citizens.... The World Psychedelic Forum has just posted it's full detailed program for this year, which will be held in Basel, Switzerland in March 2008. We just got our tickets, and would love to know if anyone here is planning on attending. If so, please message me, we would love to hook up while in Basel.

    This year, more than 50 experts in the field will be presenting. Including : Albert Hoffmann, Alex Grey, Stanislav Grof, Kathleen Harrison, Dennis McKenna, Rick Doblin, Ralph Metzner, Jeremy Narby, Daniel Pinchbeck, Kajuyali Tsamani, Carolyn Garcia, Peter Gasser and many more.

    Download the PDF program here

    A brief description from their website :

    The "World Psychedelic Forum" will be presenting a unique opportunity for experts, researchers, and interested persons from all around the globe, to exchange views and hear presentations of the latest research on the value of these remarkable psychedelic substances in medicine, psychology, science, religion, culture and the arts.

    More than fifty experts from all over the world will bear witness to, and shine light upon the multi-dimensional psychedelic experience with its tremendous potential for expanding consciousness and for self-awareness. We will hear of the renewal of research that foretells a promising future when psychedelic plants and their synthetic derivatives will reclaim their destined position as incomparably valuable tools for individual and collective evolution and thus supporting the needed consciousness change for humanity.

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