Comment on universal computer language

notthisbody Sat, Jul 31, 2010
What exactly do you mean by a universal computing language? I'm not sure that I agree that we need some homogenized universal language that strips all variety and ambiguity from a statement. rather, i'd say we need to nurture all the different languages that we do have that exist and link them together.

we do need an expansion of our language - but I'm hesitant to say this is just text and speech based - I'd rather say we're looking towards developing a fully tele-synaesthetic language in which we can glean meaning from all different types of sensorial inputs.

At the moment I'm reading Robert E. Horn's book Visual Language - Global Communication for the 21st century. He defines visual language as "the integration of words, images and shapes into a single communication unit" or "the use of words and images or words and shapes to form a single communication unit."

We are just beginning to tap the possibilities of visual language and the ongoing sophistication of our use of it. Lets continue to explore and encourage diversity of expression.