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    i miss sailing. i miss hawaii. i miss my parents. i miss being a kid. i miss my creativity. i miss happiness. will i ever be happy? will i ever be able to become a better designer? school is so overwhelming. architecture is really hard. am i cut out for this? all we do is do things on the computer. wheres the creativity without adobe suite products? technology is great-its advancement? but its not stimulating enough and frankly sometimes it gets me down.

    i am always dwelling in my mind, the past, idealism. this is not healthy. i go through such mood swings and i wonder if anyone really likes me-if i can ever find love.

    Wed, Feb 16, 2011  Permanent link

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    ColdBloodedKyle     Mon, Apr 25, 2011  Permanent link
    kinda sounds like me, i always feel like i over-anaylze everything. I guess thats part of everyones genius; a little bit of madness