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    I am reading the book ECOCITIES: Rebuilding cities in balance with nature by Richard Register

    I am going to use this space to highlight text and ideas I find fascinating, a wake up call, inspiring, or if I just like it.

    Cars are the dinosaurs of our time

    As we build, so shall we live. As we live. so shall we become.

    What we build creates possibilities for, and limits on, the way we live.

    children in todays typical car dominated cities learn that cars are valued so highly that it is worth risking human life and enduring high costs and serious pollution to make way for them.

    What we are building now is what we are committing the next generation to live. Its what will and does define our jobs and life activities. We are committed to expensive and dangerous common activities.

    Paul and Annie Ehrlich: Humanity's impact (I) on the worlds environment is roughly equal to population (P) multiplied by affluence (A) multiplied by technology (T): I=PAT has now evolved to...
    Impact (I) = population (P) times land use and infrastructure (L) times affluence (A) times technology (T): I=PLAT *Might consider changing Impact (I) to Effect (E), and maybe arise Benefit (B) eventually.

    We must build a framework - the structure of the human environment, the city, to work harmoniously.

    The City is the machine, the organism. (I keep thinking of cells)

    David Engwicht: The city is an invention for maximizing exchange and minimizing travel.

    Fri, Feb 8, 2013  Permanent link

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    nagash     Sat, Feb 9, 2013  Permanent link
    just waiting for this trend to get traction... maybe I'm optimistic, but I think we're not so far :)
    syncopath     Fri, Feb 15, 2013  Permanent link
    The dinosaurs have left some traces we can learn something from.. Cars' disappearance,
    i hope, will be trackless ... :))